News: December, 2006

December 18, 2006
First Titles of 2007!
Hey everyone!

Thanks to The Official Site, I've been able to add the first six shows of 2007. They are as follows:

608: Run-of-the-Mill Miracle
609: Prequels of Love
610: Hear Me, Hear Me
611: The Top Floor I
612: The Top Floor II
613: The Top Floor III

Sounds like they could be interesting (especially the three-parter!). I've also added the description and characters for "The Chosen One II".

I've also corrected a couple of things around the site, so thanks to blipadouzi and Rio for bringing them to my attention :). If anyone else sees anything that doesn't look right, let me know!

December 11, 2006
Getting Caught Up
No update for over a month!?! Sorry everyone, life's just been crazy busy! Anyway, with classes finished this past Friday, I set aside this weekend to get caught up on a few Soda Fountain related tasks. I have updated the episodes, including characters and descriptions for:

Mum's the Word
The Family Next Door
Like Father, Like Wooton
The Chosen One I

I have also added the album artwork for "Into the Light":

Into the Light Front Cover Into the Light Back Cover

Oh, and don't forget that Focus on the Family is producing a bi-weekly Adventures in Odyssey Podcast. This month you can download the entire episode of "Peace on Earth"!

Now, aside from the new episode updates, I don't have any plans for adding any new features to the Soda Fountain like I usually do during my time off from school. I am doing a monthly radio show on The Town of Odyssey though, with plans to incorporate plenty of Odyssey related content that might spill over onto this site as well.

Finally, I'm still hoping to record a second interview with David Griffin as soon as possible, so check back very soon for more details on that! :o)


Album #50: The Best Small Town

Available Now!

Previous New Episode:
642: The Imagination Station, Revisted II
Coming soon...

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