News: December, 2005

December 25, 2005
Merry Christmas everybody :o). I hope everyone has a wonderful day and that you take time to remember the reason for the season!

I'm also working on a short article that will be posted early this week about what I would like to see in a new Complete Guide to Adventures in Odyssey. So check back for that, but in the meantime... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

December 17, 2005
There is a real treat in store for Adventures in Odyssey fans this weekend. "Silent Night" is the second Christmas episode of this year and features a look back on Whit's Christmas past. It's a holiday treat that I think both long-term fans and those who are new to the series will truly enjoy! Check it out on Oneplace as soon as you get the chance!

December 13, 2005
The BC has started a thread at The Town of Odyssey about the upcoming episode list that can now be found on The Official Site. Here is the information below:

Tune in for all new shows starting January 28. We'll hear more about Connie's secret book project, Wooton's secret about the Powerboy comic, Whit's secret new invention, and Eugene's search for his missing father. Be sure to tune in January 28 as the stories continue!

January 28: "The Champ of the Camp"
February 4: "Dead Ends"
February 11: "The Poor Rich Guy"
February 18: "A Cheater Cheated"
February 25: "Bringing Up Dads"
March 4: "Broken-Armed and Dangerous"
March 11: "The Impossible"

Join in on the discussion and post your theories about what to expect! I haven't updated my episode guide yet (I need to reorganize the section a bit and make room for "2006"), but I will do that soon!

December 12, 2005
"A Christmas Conundrum" aired this past weekend, I wasn't able to mention it as I was on a company Christmas trip up in the mountains. But with all the holiday cheer going around right now, it would be a nice time to listen to it! But don't get too comfortable... yet another Christmas show airs this weekend ("Silent Night").

Also, I'd like to post the back covers for "At Home and Abroad" and "It All Started When...". Clicking on the images will enlarge them and let you have a look at the special features to be included. These albums will be available March, 2006.

December 05, 2005
Well with the holiday spirit all around us, it seems appropriate The Official Site has given us an early present in the form of descriptions for the upcoming Christmas episodes:

"A Christmas Conundrum": It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Odyssey... especially with all the mixed-up wish lists going around! Everyone is unsure on which presents to get their friends meaning everyone's in for a surprise when the gifts are opened!

"Silent Night": At home by himself on Christmas Eve, Whit remembers holidays past that were often difficult -- but still treasured family memories.

The episodes air this weekend and next, respectively. Considering the drought we've been in when it comes to Christmas episodes on Adventures in Odyssey, having two is a wonderful surprise!

December 03, 2005
"Tales of a Small Town Thug" is the latest Adventures in Odyssey episode to air. If you can't tune in on your radio, Oneplace is a safe bet ;o). Sorry again for the lack of updates, I'm really looking forward to Christmas break from school... and I may even take a few days off of work!


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