News: December, 2002

December 25, 2002
Merry Christmas everyone! Be good to your families and remember the real reason we celebrate the season. Also, I promised you all a special surprise today. Well it's small... but it's neat:

Click here!

What did you think? ;o) From left to right we have Nathan Hoobler, Shadowpaw, Rob Jorgensen, Kathy Wierenga, Marshal Younger, Dave Arnold, Jonathan Crowe and John Fornof (aka John Beebee). I've got plenty more pics where that came from... and it's about time I finally post one of them. I'm slowly but surely working on getting them all onto the site (I have been so busy with work that I'm taking baby steps with everything else... eventually I'll get there!). In any case, Merry Christmas!!!!!!

December 24, 2002
Christmas is tomorrow! Yay! Hehe, anyway, I have gone and posted information about album #39 - "Friends, Family and Countrymen" in the Albums section. So far, 10 of the 12 titles have been released to the public. Just for your own information, the titles you see listed in the album may or may not really be included. It's only my own speculation but I assume all of the ones that are listed currently will in fact be apart of the next album. Episodes such as "500", "Inside the Studio", and "Live at the 25!" will not be included in the album and it's yet to be seen if they will ever be part of a collection. Also of note is that 3 of those 10 episodes we've already heard. They are: "BTV: Obedience", "Relatively Annoying", and "The Popsicle Kid". At least that was the way the album looked when I left the States... I'm guessing it hasn't changed much though.

Speaking of which, I looked at the title of the album (which is just tentative right now... nothing confirmed) and am really baffled. The only aspect of the title that sets it apart from other albums is the term "Countrymen"... which took me awhile to figure out what they were even referring to. Titles of albums are vitally important... and "Friends, Family and Countrymen" sounds more like a collection of previously released episodes rather than an album filled with episodes created for 2003. Personally I think something like "Forks in the Road" (which applies to many of the storylines that will occur in the season, based on the collapse of Novacom), "Daybreak" (which kinda refers to the end of Novacom, and the beginning of a new Odyssey), or "Whit's Underpants" (which has nothing to do with the season, but at least it's specific... not general like the title they currently have) would work better. But if they must go with something along the lines of what they already have, why not "Family, Friends and Freedom"? A little alliteration never hurt anyone ;o)!

One final thing is that the Official Site has posted a tidbit on what to expect this season (to find it for yourself, check out your mailbox in Wonderworld):

Odyssey residents are dealing with the aftermath of the Novacom conspiracy in many ways. Connie and Mitch are trying to get back to their normal life, but Mitch is faced with new opportunities and new hardships. Whit is trying to figure out what to do with Whit's End Connellsville and working on a secret project. Aubrey's newfound Christianity is put to some real tests. How will it all turn out?

I wish I could tell everyone what the secret project Whit is working on is all about... but I can't. Why? Because honestly... it's the first time I've heard of it :o) When I was down in Colorado, there was no talk of a secret project of Whit's. It's either A) A misleading comment about something not so important, or at least something obvious enough that it won't come as a surprise to anyone B) A new twist on an upcoming storyline that the writer's felt would increase suspense or C) They decided to create the secret project storyline after I left. I tend to believe it's "A", but nonetheless it should still be interesting. Now everyone, come back tomorrow for a special surprise on this site!

December 16, 2002
The AIOHQ has finally posted an exclusive list of the first four episodes of the upcoming season! What are they called? Well here you go:

"Between You and Me" - Kathy Wierenga - January 11
"Aubrey's Bathrobe" - Bob Hoose - January 18
"The Toy Man" - Marshal Younger - January 25
"For Trying Out Loud" - Kathy Wierenga - February 2

Exciting titles 'eh? Hehe.. ok the titles, in my opinion, are not that great. However, they do relate to the episodes quite perfectly. Like "The Toy Man" really does involve a guy... and some toys. Wooton decides to proclaim himself "The Toy Man" because he realizes "The Mail Man" isn't a very cool name if he's going to be teaming up with Powerboy to thwart evil in our world.

Then in "Aubrey's Bathrobe", Aubrey is given a very special bathrobe from her father. But it makes Bethany jealous because she feels her father is playing favorites. Think "Joseph and his Technicolor Dreamcoat", minus the eleven brothers, prophetic dreams and a couple of sheep.

"For Trying Out Loud" is about Tom. I mean it just sounds like something he'd say... doesn't it?

Finally we've got the season premiere, "Between You and Me". It's actually the very first fan interactive Odyssey episode that has ever aired. Connie tells a big secret on the air, and it's up to the fans to see how long they can keep it a secret. The person who keeps the secret the longest, wins a prize. It's actually inspired by the AIO Reality shows the Soda Fountain is so famous for :o)

Well there you have it! Spoilers a plenty on the upcoming season. It's going to be great!

Oh and a disclaimer: Please don't hit me when the new season begins and it's proven I lied.... er "was wrong" about what to expect this upcoming season. I will say this though, and I only say it because it boosts my self image: I've read drafts and/or heard final products of each of the above mentioned episodes when I was down in Colorado working on Odyssey. If everything turns out the way the Odyssey Team hopes, then this is going to be an exciting season for many.

December 07, 2002
Today there was a chat held over at the AIOHQ that talked with Torry Martin, the writer who created the character of Wooton Bassett. Later in the week you can expect a transcript of the chat and read some interesting information about the upcoming season.

Also of note, "A Member of the Family I" aired today on the weekly broadcast. Why is that so special? Because it's the first time the episode has aired since March of 1988! It's the only episode of Adventures in Odyssey that I've never heard before, and it sure brings back memories of the way the show used to be done. It's part of the "Best of Whit's Family" series that will be airing over the next several weeks, and includes a revamped introduction that was not part of the original show. So, if you get a chance, definitely coast on over to Oneplace and listen to the show... and check back next week for the conclusion!


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