News: December, 2000

December 31, 2000
It's the last day of the year 2000! I hope everyone has had a great year, and will have many more to come. Just a reminder, the "End of Fall Season 2000" awards are wrapping up soon, so be sure to cast your vote before it's too late. Have a great New Years Eve celebration, and I'll see you in the new year!

December 29, 2000
Focus on the Family has now released the first 6 titles for the upcoming season that will begin on February 3. The titles can all be found by heading over to the "2001" section of this site. And if you go over to the AIOHQ, they have some information about the next upcoming classics album titled "Drive Time". It will include some of the best episodes that involved places outside of Odyssey! You may also have noticed I removed the "AIO Survivor" link from the side to make room for the new classics album. If you would still like to browse through the results of "AIO Survivor", head over to the "Misc" section of this site.

December 27, 2000
I'm not sure how long it was there, but I just noticed it now. Over at The Official Site, there is a bit of information on the upcoming album The Big Picture as well as new mock up art for the cover. Also, there is some information on the next AIO video. It's called "Game Over", and it's basically the same storyline as "Gloobers" was, but this time the game is called "Insectoids".

December 25, 2000
Merry Christmas everyone! Don't you just love this time of the year? Don't forget about the true meaning of Christmas, and wish Jesus a happy birthday. You might also want to check out episodes such as "It's a Pokenberry Christmas I & II", "The Visitors", "Peace on Earth", "Monty's Christmas", and "Back to Bethlehem I, II & III" . These are just some of the many wonderful Christmas episodes AIO has in store. If you head to Lightsource or ICRN, you can check out the archives for a few of these all ready. Merry Christmas!

December 23, 2000
The AIOHQ has added an article that explains the links between The Odyssey Times articles and AIO episodes. There's a few interesting facts hidden in there as well, and it's worth your time to take a look. Also, please don't forget to head over to the "Polls" page and cast a vote for the "End of Fall Season 2000" awards!

December 19, 2000
Ladies and Gentlemen, the AIOHQ, the UAIO and the Soda Fountain are proud to present the "End of Fall Season 2000" awards! That's right, follow the link and vote on your favorite aspects of the season gone by. It's sure to be a close race, and the poll will be up until January 1, 2001.

December 18, 2000
It seems that the "End of Fall Season 2000" awards will be postponed for a brief period of time. The AIOHQ is having server troubles and until the problem is resolved or we find an alternate way of doing things, we will have to postpone the awards. Sorry, but we hope the problem will be resolved shortly.

December 16, 2000
Today, the last episode of the season aired. "Slumber Party" was the final episode of the Fall 2000 season, and no new episodes will air until February. My review of the episode can be found here and starting on Monday, this site along with the AIOHQ, and the UAIO will be hosting our "End of Fall Season 2000" awards. Don't forget to come by and cast your votes.

December 14, 2000
This Monday, the AIOHQ, the UAIO and The Soda Fountain will begin our "End of Fall Season 2000" awards. This is where we give the fans a chance to vote on their favorite aspects of the season gone by. This season's awards should be much more competitive then last, with a whole lot of episodes worthy of being everyone's favorite. Check back on Monday for more details.

December 12, 2000
The Official Site has now added a few articles to "The Odyssey Times" section of their site. Article links in red are new articles, and include stories about Candid Conversations with Connie, a new college security system, and the official Daniel Boone Day among other things.

December 11, 2000
Another rather large update today. I have went and added the "2001" section to the site, and updated all other pages accordingly. So far, there is only one episode listed for the 2001 season, but that will change as I receive more information.

December 10, 2000
Finally some news to talk about. Focus on the Family has unveiled the title for album 35... "The Big Picture". The cover of the album features Whit looking down at a map of Tom Riley's farm, with Arthur Dent pointing at the piece of land he would like to purchase. While the cover is only preliminary and the actual cover will look much more professional, this gives us a good idea of what to expect. The album will contain every episode from this season, as well as "Nova Rising" which will air February 3, 2001.

December 09, 2000
Today's episode, "Red Herring", is my second favorite episode of the season. It's full of mystery and suspense, and it's sure to be setting us up for more of the ever growing story arc. Don't forget that you can check it out by heading to the Listen section, and clicking on one of the broadcast links. Again, sorry for the lack of updates but there hasn't been a whole lot to report. But when there's any big news, be sure to find it here.

December 03, 2000
I have now posted the review for "Opportunity Knocks", as well as archived all of November's news. You can even check out the Listen section for an updated schedule for the month of December.


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