News: November, 2002

November 30, 2002
"Live at the 25" airs today! You can check it out at Oneplace. It's the episode I was most involved with while I was down in Colorado Springs, even though I wasn't there when they recorded it live (this past July). So much stuff was cut for time that the episode barely resemebles the original (which was recorded twice over two days... then mixed together to form one episode). Some interesting things to note: "Sam Maritan" was completey cut out of the show, though it was recorded and starred Jason in the role that Eugene had in the original version (from "Over the Airwaves"). A recurring gag in which George Barclay was late for Whit's End's Anniversary was taken out, as was much of the dialogue that surrounded the skits. In the skit that takes place in the future, Jason Whittaker was completey cut out of the scene. Unless you were at the recording, you wouldn't have any idea he was even there.

Also, Nathan, Jonathan and I cut so much time out of the episode that we had to put something back in! We decided it would be nice to include Bart Rathbone's commercial (which we had cut earlier), and were able to squeeze that down from one and half minutes, to only thirty seconds. How? Well we removed the actual reason Bart was getting the free air time... he was complaining about the people who were boycotting his store. In effect, he was asking the citizens of Odyssey to boycott the boycott. It was pretty funny, but one of those "You had to have been there" moments. All in all, it's a fun episode to hear!

November 23, 2002
"Inside the Studio" is finally up! It sure is great listening to this episode, as I was actively involved in hearing bits and pieces and making suggestions early on in it's production. Just for people to note, Nathan Hoobler pretty much assembled this whole thing by himself. He went through countless dat records (recordings from within the studio) and tried to find funny moments. He then worked with Jonathan Crowe and together they tightened it up and made the episode you now hear. One other interesting note... if you hear the version where a person comes on and says "This is episode 512"... that person is production engineer Glenn Montjoy. He is the guy who gets all episodes ready for radio play (as well as Chick-Fil-A and such), and has actually done production on a couple of episodes. One final thing. You know that laugh you here near the beginning? As far as I know... it's NOT looped. Chuck Bolte has a very distinct laugh, and boy does he laugh a lot :o)!

November 22, 2002
Tomorrow's the big day we've all been waiting for! The newest Adventures in Odyssey episode "Inside the Studio", finally airs! For more information about it and next week's episode "Live at the 25", head on over to the 2002 Section of the Episode Guide. Oh, and check out Oneplace where you can listen to the new episode online!

November 20, 2002
The Official Site has now posted some of the winning material for the 12 month long "Clubhouse Ultimate Challenge". If you've been working hard for the past 12 months and would like to see what kind of prizes await you, head on over to The Official Site. Currently there isn't much there... only a printable award with your name on it (signed by John Avery Whittaker himself!)... but there's more to come in the coming weeks!

November 18, 2002
Two updates in two days? Am I crazy? :o) I just wanted to point out something of interest to Odyssey fans. If you missed this weekend's broadcast of "The Buck Starts Here", then head on over to Oneplace and take a listen. Jonathan Crowe, the production engineer on the show (and a fellow Canadian!) shares some insight into the mud war scene and how he created the sound effects. It's really interesting to listen to if you're interested in those behind the scene type commentaries :o)

November 17, 2002
I apologize for the lack of updates recently but there really hasn't been much to say in regards to Odyssey. In my personal life I'm still trying to figure things out and get on track for the year, so I've been busy looking for work and other such things. I've also been working on my Radio Theatre site and a special photographic journal of my "Adventures in Colorado Springs" (I still haven't figured out a title for it yet). Neither of these projects have a set date yet, but I hope to have the RT site running by mid December (it's going to be very large... much larger then the official Radio Theatre site and fan sites combined) with the journal probably being released sometime around there too. Please keep checking back, as you never know when something knew will pop up!

November 09, 2002
Over at AIO Mole, Jared Walczak is posting information about things that went on behind the scenes of the series :o) It's a very interesting read, if I do say so myself... especially since it reveals intimate details about things that no one knows about. It'll run right up until the "Inside the Studio" airs.

November 04, 2002
Well the Soda Fountain is back... again! It's taking a while for me to get used to the site again. I have a lot of files and templates that don't seem to really need to be here, and I sorta want to rebuild the entire site from scratch... and sorta don't :o) I am working on a new Radio Theatre section for this site that I hope fans can enjoy. When I was down in Colorado, I fell in love with the Radio Theatre stories and would love to give them some more exposure in anyway I could. Speaking of Colorado, for those who don't know, I was working with the Odyssey team over a period of a month getting ready for the new season. I got to see tons of great things happen and am proud to have been a part of the team (if only for a short period of time) that has put a smile on many people's faces. I have tons of photos, some of which I hope to share on this site, and also have some great stories to tell. The upcoming season is going to be great... a lot of new, exciting, and shocking developments will occur. I would also ask that you be as patient with me as possible. Since returning home, I have a lot of things I need to finish up and some new things I need to begin. The website probably won't be the focal point of my life, but I do intend to keep it as up to date as possible (which I have started by updating the 2002 Section with the episodes that will be airing later this month). Things may be slow right now, but I will be using as much free time as I can to keep this site running like it always has been. Thanks for sticking with me, and come back frequently.. you never know what'll pop up!


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