News: October, 2005

October 23, 2005
Here is the cover art for "Lost and Found" (album 45). It's very similar to the rough sketch I posted back on August 29:

Also, for fans of the Passages book series (or AIO fans who are looking for more information), here are the back covers for the last batch of novels:

(Click for a larger image)

October 22, 2005
The conclusion of the epic adventure "Prisoners of Fear I, II, III" airs today! If you haven't listened to today's episode, then don't read my review. However, if you have, then have a look and see what I thought!

October 16, 2005
I hope everyone is enjoying "Prisoners of Fear II" which is airing this weekend. If you don't have a radio station that carry's the show, Oneplace is a good place to tune in online.

Now, I've got some new information about the upcoming Gold Audio albums which is quite significant. If you look closely at the episodes that are in album 13 ("At Home and Abroad") and compare them to the episodes found in album 12 ("It All Started When..."), you'll notice something very peculiar. What is it? Every single episode in album 13 aired before album 12. With the impending re-mastered versions of these albums, Focus on the Family will be taking the opportunity to rectify this oddity and will be switching the albums. Therefore, as of March 2006, album 12 will become "At Home and Abroad" and album 13 will transform into "It All Started When...". Although this will cause some confusion (and a bit of a headache as I re-organize my album section), this change makes perfect sense and I don't think it will be that big of an issue.

October 13, 2005
While we don't learn anything new from it (aside from "Odditions" being the title of Album 45b), here is the back of "The Mystery of the Lost Village" album!

The official title for the complete collection of album 45 is "Lost and Found" and will be available in March, 2006.

October 12, 2005
I've updated the Release Dates section with the cover art and descriptions for the next three Passages book series. These titles will be available in January, 2006.

More information about the Passages book series can be found at the Passages Official website!

October 07, 2005
As most of you may recall, back in August, an awful looking cover art was revealed for "The Mystery of the Lost Village" (album 45a) . Well, since "Prisoners of Fear I" airs tomorrow, I thought we could celebrate the occasion with the release of the final cover art today. So here you are... the final art for "The Mystery of the Lost Village" (it is quite the improvement)!

October 05, 2005
Today's update isn't entirely Adventures in Odyssey related, but I wanted to post the cover art and description for Father Gilbert IV.

In The Silver Cord, Father Gilbert races to his mother's hospital bed where she lies delirious after a stroke. But she isn't at peace, and her panicked words compel Father Gilbert to seek out a total stranger in a bizarre life-and death struggle.

The second mystery, In Memoriam, brings forgotten memories to the surface. Old photographs. Clandestine meetings. An old flame returns. And, soon, Father Gilbert is haunted by the spectors of his family's past, and secrets that cannot be contained any longer. Father Gilbert investigates - but cannot know that, this time, the investigation will lead him to the darkest parts of his own heart.

The album will be available this coming January and I'm looking forward to it!

October 03, 2005
The Official Site has now posted a preview for "Prisoners of Fear I" which you can listen to here. It sounds very interesting and makes me think "The Cross of Cortes I & II". I can't wait!

I also received a package in the mail today from Amazon.ca... its contents? "Just in Time", "Other Times, Other Places", "It's Another Fine Day...", Eugene Sings! Christmas and "Eugene Returns!". I'm very impressed with the packaging for "Eugene Returns!" and I'm glad there are no longer any little pegs that can break free from the jewel case (which was especially noticeable when all other albums I received today came with broken clasps). The packaging is also slimmer and will take up less room on my shelf, but the best feature is the full color CDs. I understand they won't be releasing future albums with the full color CD artwork, but it sure looks sharp!

For those who would like to combine the split tracks (as each episode is now divided into three) into one full .mp3, here is a great program to help you do that. It's called (appropriately enough) Direct mp3 Joiner and the shareware version gives you a 30 day trial. Try it out and see how it works!

October 01, 2005
Wow it's been too long. A new season of Adventures in Odyssey starts today with an episode called "Back to Abnormal". It's a story about Eugene trying to decide what to do now that he's returned to town.

My review will be available later this week, but in the meantime, post or read the reviews of others at The Town of Odyssey!

On a related note, OdysseyFan has sent word that KatieLeigh.com has officially opened up! If I understand correctly, the website was designed by her son, Adam Pavlakovich, who of course played Cal Jordan on Adventures in Odyssey. Check it out for more information on the actress who plays Connie Kendall!


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