News: October, 2004

October 31, 2004
If you celebrate Halloween in your household, have a safe evening and enjoy the night! If you don't, why not sit down and listen to some classic AIO while having some pumpkin pie? Tonight's a perfect night to listen to an old classic like "The Mysterious Stranger"!

October 30, 2004
It seems every night I'm scrambling to finish up some homework, prepare things for work, get stuff ready for the site, or write a review. So the theme of "Sunday Morning Scramble" is not a foreign concept to me! Though it's still a typical Saturday, so the show is up at Oneplace and my review is up on this site.

October 27, 2004
Are you a fan of Radio Theatre? Or would you like to become a fan? Well there's a great opportunity for you to get started. Currently Christianbook.com have "A Christmas Carol" (CD version) listed on their website for $4.97 USD... an unbelievable price for this classic production. It would make a great stocking stuffer this Christmas for someone you know... or a nice gift to yourself! If you haven't checked out a Radio Theatre production in the past, you owe it yourself to pick up this bargain and give it a listen.

October 26, 2004
Well, I received 11 Talk to the Paw questions... so I've more than doubled the number of answers that were available as of yesterday. They cover a wide range of topics, so check them out if you're interested. I've also delved deeper into the issue about Whit's life, including dates and updated information where necessary. There's also a couple of questions in the que that I'll try and have answers for once I contact the right people.

And did you know it's been 2 years since AIO Mole was wrapping up? Jared and I were preparing for the finale at this time in 2002. In honor of the anniversary, I re-did much of the AIO Mole website so that people who missed all the fun can read it like it was brand new. As for those who followed it, well, it might be good for the nostalgic feelings!

October 24, 2004
I've now heard "Stars in Our Eyes" and have written my review. Nothing fancy, like the show, but it will suffice.

By the way, I haven't received any Talk to the Paw submissions recently, so if there's something you want to know about anything Odyssey related, head to that section. I find it hard to believe I've answered every question, so feel free to keep them coming! ;o)

October 23, 2004
Oneplace has posted one piece of "Stars in Our Eyes". 9 minutes and 55 seconds of the show to be exact. Considering I rely heavily on Oneplace, I unfortunately don't have a review of the show available for you! My local station doesn't air it till tomorrow at 6:00pm, but I'll try and find a live stream for later tonight (I'll be working during the day). In the meantime, a list was compiled by JoyElectric over a year ago with links to many AIO live streams... so check those out if you want to tune in!

UPDATE: There's now a link to the episode on The Official Site. Click "Listen to the show now!" at the bottom center of the page.

October 22, 2004
I've got a couple of things for you today. First, my "Fairy Tal-e-vision" review is available for your viewing pleasure (or punishment, depending on how you feel about my writing!) and I've added review submission pages for both the "Treasure of the Incas" and "Sword of the Spirit" video games. Once you've finished playing through those bad boys, go to their respective pages and fire off a review! I'll post them here along with other fan reviews to help those unsure about getting them know what to expect.

And there's even a "Stars in Our Eyes" clip up at The Official Site featuring a scene from tomorrow's show. So come back then for my review.

October 21, 2004
I've received this news the other day from someone in the know:

If you tried to order the Radio Theatre drama 'Anne of Green Gables' from Focus lately, you may have noticed an Availability notice saying that it won't ship until October 29. Apparently, the original package didn't have a required copyright notice from the Estate of L.M. Montgomery. (Observant fans will also note that our own AIO composer, John Campbell, did the music for 'Anne' -- not Jared Despasquale as the original package said.) They are trying to get the 'Anne' revisions out ASAP... and maybe that original 'Anne' package is now a collector's item.

So, as if you haven't received your copy of Anne yet (I know I haven't!) you'll have to wait before you get to travel the red colored roads of Avonlea. I've been waiting for over two years.. I guess two more weeks won't hurt.

For those curious minds, I've answered two Talk to the Paw questions (both from TttP alumni) and my review for "Fairy Tal-e-vision" will be uploaded later tonight.

October 20, 2004
I'm back, but I have some tests/assignments due in school that are slowing me down :o). I'll try and have a few more Talk to the Paw answers posted tomorrow along with my review for "Fairy Tal-e-vision". In the meantime, Eugene Forever has posted several great interviews with Paul McCusker, Nathan Hoobler and Steve Harris. They're definitely worth your time to check out. Enjoy!

And DForry has let me know that both of the AIO video games contain audio bonuses. "Sword of the Spirit" includes the episodes "No Way Out / In", while "Treasure of the Incas" includes "The Cross of Cortes I & II".

October 16, 2004
There won't be a review of "Fairy Tal-e-vision" up this weekend (I'm sorry!). I actually had to finish up a rather lengthy computer programming assignment last night and will be flying out to Vancouver today. I won't be back until Monday, so expect the review sometime after that.

And for those who don't care about my reviews, you can still listen to the episode at Oneplace this weekend. I've also added another question to Talk to the Paw, answering: Is the reference to a white button in the Imagination Station a goof? Well, is it? Take a look!

October 15, 2004
Tomorrow "Fairy Tal-e-vision" will air. There's a clip over at The Official Site which you might want to check out if you can't wait the suspense!

And aside from answering three more Talk to the Paw questions, I've also uploaded a video from Zach Newsom. It is fan made, so don't necessarily trust the date given at the end (especially since it's a Wednesday)... but it's cool to watch if you're an AIO fan! So check that out here. And if you have anything you'd like to see here on the site, send it in... I'm thinking about opening a fan section for readers to post their creations and with enough interest it will happen!

October 14, 2004
DForry sends word that "Treasure of the Incas" and "Sword of the Spirit" are both shipping to people who have placed an order. I hope to receive my copies sometime next week and will post my reviews shortly after, but I'd also encourage those who have played the game to send in their opinions as well. I'll have a page set up for you to do that next week.

Talk to the Paw has also been updated with two more questions (one of which is quite interesting), so take a look!

October 13, 2004
I've answered two questions so far in the new feature Talk to the Paw which I intend to update on a fairly regular basis (as long as I have questions to answer). So if there's something you've always wanted to know... or have an idea you'd like to run past me, then send your questions!

October 12, 2004
Hope everyone in Canada enjoyed their turkey yesterday! Also, you may have noticed that I launched Talk to the Paw. You'll be able to access that section of the site by clicking on the paw in the upper left corner of the screen (if you don't see it, hold control and press refresh), and from there you'll be able to submit questions and read my responses. So if there's anything you want to know about AIO, then that's the place to go to get your answers!

October 11, 2004
Happy Thanksgiving all my fellow Canadians! :o)

October 10, 2004
The Official Site has now posted the "No Way Out" activity page. It features a quiz, behind the scenes information, interviews with all the writers, and album information. So spin over and take a look!

And later this week I'm going to launch Talk to the Paw... a place for you to submit questions related to anything AIO and read my responses to them. This is similar to "Talk to the Producer" over at The Official Site and the old Q and A page from The Odyssey Scoop.

October 09, 2004
That "No Way Out" activity page I mentioned on Wednesday still hasn't materialized, but it should be up sometime this weekend. So keep checking out The Official Site!

However, the big news today is that "Think on These Things" has aired. The drill is the same as usual. After hearing it on your local radio station or tuning into Oneplace, come on back and read my review. You can also share your thoughts on The Town Hall or submit reviews to the AIOHQ.

October 07, 2004
At the end of the month will be Halloween. Focus on the Family has put together a package containing 20 cassette tapes of "My Girl Hallie" and "Hindsight" for you (or your parents) to drop in 'trick or treat' bags as an alternative to candy. What better way to use the controversial celebration than to turn some unsuspecting kid into a fan of Adventures in Odyssey!? The set currently retails for $20 each and is available now.

October 06, 2004
In case you weren't aware, the weekly schedule is currently playing "Pastor's Appreciation Week" with a new episode every day featuring an episode that deals with pastors. The episodes that have aired (and will be airing) are as follows:

Monday: "A Prayer for George Barclay"
Tuesday: "George Under Pressure"
Wednesday: "A Call for Reverend Jimmy"
Thursday: "Pokenberry Falls, R.F.D. I"
Friday: "Pokenberry Falls, R.F.D. II"

Sorry for the late announcement, but I typically don't follow the weekly schedule. As well, check out The Official Site this Friday. They will be launching a section about "No Way Out" (the album), including outtakes and games for you to play with!

October 03, 2004
Today I uploaded the writers/directors/production engineers for all the shows we've been given titles for. So if you're curious when your favorite crew member has a show coming up, then check out the 2004 or 2005 pages!

I've also added another webpage called (I believe) AIO Radio to the Links section. Take a look at this latest addition to the web world of AIO!

October 02, 2004
I wish they released a new episode every day of the week. But for some reason, the staff just can't write or produce shows fast enough (get it together guys!) so we'll have to live with hearing them on a weekly basis. And so, to kick things off, "Sounds Like a Mystery" struts it's stuff on radios across North America and Oneplace, the official internet provider of Christian entertainment! There's also my review to read if you have the time, so don't waste another second and tune in!

And once you're done reading mine, check out Frank's Breakfast Inn or Eugene Forever for their thoughts as well as the many opinions from The Town Hall. You can also submit your own at the AIOHQ!

Also, for Radio Theatre fans out there, a preview clip is up for Anne of Green Gables. For the longest time it was a clip of Les Miserables, but they've finally uploaded the proper sample.

October 01, 2004
Unless you've been living under a rock (in which case you likely don't have internet either), you already know that "Sounds Like a Mystery" airs tomorrow, which of course is the AIO season premiere! My review will be up tomorrow and hopefully other AIO sites around the net will have there's up this weekend as well. So until then...


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