News: September, 2006

September 30, 2006
"Out of Our Hands" Airs!
The next episode in the Straussberg family struggle is available today on Oneplace as well as your local Christian radio station. The Soda Fountain has also been updated with the character/actor list for today's episode: "Out of Our Hands".

September 26, 2006
New AIO Site / New AIO Titles
Agent3xq has pointed out that The Official Site has added the following episode titles:

602: Mum's the Word
603: The Family Next Door
604: Like Father, Like Wooton
605: The Chosen One I
606: The Chosen One II
607: The Undeniable Truth

As a result, they have all been added to the Soda Fountain as well! Thanks agent3xq!

There's also another big announcement today: New Adventures in Odyssey websites haven't cropped up in quite some time, despite the dozens that were on the web back in the early 2000's. However, that fact changed this weekend and I am proud to announce a huge addition to the AIO fansite community. The website is called "The Odyssey Library" and contains extensive information about Adventures in Odyssey, such as cast, character, episode, and scripture information, just to name a few things! But rather than me explain everything, have a look for yourself and join me in welcoming "The Odyssey Library" into our community!

September 23, 2006
"Cover of Darkness" Airs!
Today, a "Cover of Darkness" is available to listen on radio stations throughout North America or on Oneplace! Tune in to find out the latest on Eugene's search for his father! Episode description and characters will be available soon.

September 20, 2006
First AIO Podcast!
The Official Site has announced that they will begin a series of regular podcasts, starting today! The first podcast is already available for download and features interviews with Marshal Younger and Courtney Brown and a preview of the upcoming season! Check it out and support this great new addition to the AIO community!

And, speaking of the upcoming season, don't forget that "Cover of Darkness" airs this Saturday! It will continue the story directly after the conclusion of "A Time for Action II", which should be interesting!

September 06, 2006
Soda Fountain Service Pack 2
Welcome to the release of "The Soda Fountain Service Pack 2", which is just one more step towards the website I originally envisioned many years ago! I've added a great deal of content, so here's a brief overview to get you started:

Detailed Album Guide

Like the previously released "Detailed Episode Guide", I have now given the Albums Section a similar treatment. There is now a single page devoted to every single album along with a detailed episode list of each episode contained in that album. I've also added both CD artwork (front and back) and tape artwork (front and back) for all albums I was able to get my hands on. Every album features the CD artwork, thanks to the good folks at Focus on the Family who provided it for me, and nearly all albums have the tape artwork scanned from my own collection. Each album features a small, medium, and large version of the album art so you'll be able to view everything at a glance! This also provides alternative cover art for all of the Gold Audio albums where most of the artwork was originally created by Bruce Day.

Features Section

I have re-added a Features Section to The Soda Fountain! So far, I have been able to bring over The Odyssey Scrapbook, The Bruce Day Art Gallery, and AIO Survivor. There will be more additions to come, such as all the old "End of Season Awards" that the AIOHQ and that Soda Fountain have held and the Andromeda Q and A section. However, do to the size and volume of the Andromeda Q and A, not to mention the complexity, that will require a lot more time to rebuild from the ground up. I've also placed the Statistics Page inside the Features Section, and added three new statistic categories: the average "Shadowpaw" rating for all episodes written, directed, or sound designed by each member of the team.

Updated Cast and Crew Photos

Thanks to Cowboy of Texas of The Town of Odyssey, we've begun updating all of the photos in the Cast & Crew section of The Soda Fountain. I've added nearly 40 more cast and crew photos, replaced nearly all existing images, and increased the image size so that you can get a better look at everyone's faces. We're going to try to add more many faces though and feel free to send me any that you come across!

Improved Episode Notes

I never expected the Episode Notes section to take off as quickly as it did, so I've revamped and fine tuned that section. Each note category now has a specific page, allowing users to sort each page by episode number, the date it was added, or the user who submitted it. I've also added an indictator to every episode in the Episode Guide showing, at a glance, how many notes of each category have been submitted for that episode. I hope this helps make it easier to find your way around!

Old Episode Reviews Added

I've now brought over the episode reviews that were featured on the Old Soda Fountain. Currently they reside in the detailed episode page for whichever episode you want to view, though that may change (it makes the pages a bit more lengthy to scroll, unfortunately). However, for those who missed the reviews, they are now available for everyone once again!

News Titles

In an effort to make things easier to find, I've added titles for all news entries since the site was re-launched. Now you'll be able to find specific news at a glance and also making it easier to see when an update has been made! :o)

I hope you enjoy all the changes! And, as usual, I will continue to try and add more content when I get the opportunity :o). With school starting up again, I can't promise any major additions (except the "Search"), but I do have plans for a lot of neat little things that will continue to make this website an exhaustive companion that no Adventures in Odyssey fan will want to do without!

September 05, 2006
New Episode Titles Added!
Thanks to the AIOHQ, I have added the following episodes:

598: My Favorite Things
599: Blood, Sweat, and Fears
600: The Nudge
601: Bernard and Jeremiah

The titles sound pretty decent, so I hope the shows are as well! Oh, and due to the chaos going on at the Town of - er, Regisville, I haven't had time to finish up my handy dandy search feature that I wanted to add in tomorrow's "The Soda Fountain Service Pack 2" update :o(. However, since every other feature is one hundred percent completed, I will still go ahead and update the site tomorrow sans the search. I realize how important the search capabilities are though, especially for a site like this, and it will definitely be next on my agenda. Sorry!


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