News: September, 2005

September 27, 2005
Finally an Odyssey related update! The Official Site has been updated with a preview clip for "Back to Abnormal" and a voting page for Eugene Sings artwork! Not only that, but the rest of the titles for the upcoming season have been revealed:

"Back to Abnormal"
"Prisoners of Fear I"
"Prisoners of Fear II"
"Prisoners of Fear III"
"The Business of Busyness"
"All-Star Witness"
"Tales of a Small-Town Thug"
"A Christmas Conundrum"
"Silent Night"

Unless the titles deceive me, it appears we are going to get two Christmas episodes this year! That would make up for the many years we went without a nice holiday show, so I sure hope that is the case. Here's hoping for a wonderful season ahead!

September 18, 2005
So did you want to see some pictures of the trip Nathan and I took this summer? Well here are several I have selected. There was four of us (including Nathan's brother and his brother's friend), so if you see some people that don't look like Nathan or myself, you're probably looking at one of them :o). The first four photos were taken in Banff National Park and the last five were in Mount Assiniboine National Park. You can click on the images for a larger view. Enjoy!

September 14, 2005
Just a bit of a status update on my life, so you don't think I've died! I started my third year of Computer Science this week so I'm going to be busy with a lot of school related activities for the next little bit. However, I'm also still working at my summer job (an Information Technologies position with a local company), where I work a few hours every morning before I go to school... so these days, when I get home, I'm pretty drained ;o). Once the new season (which begins October 1) gets underway, you can expect updates more frequently, but until real news comes out from Focus on the Family, I'm going to have a hard time finding some filler material to post for you.

However, with that said, I will be posting several photos of the trip I took with Nathan Hoobler this weekend. So that should be something of a treat! See you then!

September 06, 2005
News on the Adventures in Odyssey front is pretty slim these days, though I see "The Great Escape" is now in stores. I currently have no desire to pick it up (especially not for the suggested Canadian price of $40.00!!), so you probably won't be reading a review on this site any time soon. I gave the other two a shot, but I just don't know if the games are worth my time or yours. However, if someone has played the game, please let me know and maybe you can convince me it's worth it ;o).

Also, The Town of Odyssey celebrated the 100,000 post yesterday! What an amazing feat, considering I expected the board to bring in 20 - 30 devoted fans who clung to the novelty. But in just over 5 months, we have accomplished so much on the board that has touched so many lives! It has brought so many people together, both digitally and physically, and continues to play a role in several dozen people's daily routine. If you haven't checked out the Town of Odyssey yet, you might want to see what you've been missing and make a new friend or two! :o)


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