News: September, 2000

September 30, 2000
The winner of "AIO Survivor" has been revealed! Finally, it's all over, and I'm going to have some free time on my hands. And in even bigger news, the new season began today! The episode that aired is "The Big Deal I", which is the first of two two-parters this season. You can listen to the episode over at Lightsource or ICRN if you don't have access to a radio. My review will be posted next Saturday since it is a two-parter episode.

September 29, 2000
Two great things are happening tomorrow. First, and foremost is the start of the new season! It's certainly something to look forward to after an endless summer of boredom. Just a reminder however, I will not be posting a review of tomorrow's episode since it is a two-parter. I'll be waiting till next Saturday to put up a complete review (however, the summary will still be available). Another good thing coming up tomorrow is the finale of "AIO Survivor". That's right, the winner will finally be revealed and I couldn't be happier once it's all over.

September 28, 2000
"AIO Survivor" has now been narrowed down to the 'Final Two'! That's right guys, you can now vote on the person you would like to see win "AIO Survivor". Only two more days before the end is upon us. Also if you check out The Official Site, they have a few new things added plus a look at a new merchandise item called "Devotions". Check out their site for more details.

September 26, 2000
And then there were 3 castaways left. All the details can be found over at "AIO Survivor", and you can also cast your vote for the next person to be sent home. Also, I'm not sure how many people know about this but throughout the entire contest you have been able to view the castaways final words. If you click on any of the castaways picture from the main page, it leads to the castaway page with all the luxury items, quotes, and final words for all castaways. The reason I mention this now is because the person who was voted off this time around has some very interesting things to say.

September 25, 2000
There's a 4 minute preview over at The Official Site from "The Big Deal I", which will premiere this week. It's sound like it will be interesting... I guess we'll find out how interesting later this week.

September 24, 2000
The 'Final Four' has been decided, and all the details can be found over at "AIO Survivor". Now, you'll also be able to cast a vote for the next person you want to see sent home. Here is how the remainder of the week will work. On Tuesday, the results of the voting will be published, and the challenge for the final 3 will take place. On Thursday, the results of that vote will be uploaded, and the final 2 will be decided. Then, you will vote on who you want to win and the results will be posted on the 30th of this month, not the 29th like had been previously reported. If you're still a bit confused, you'll probably be able understand what I'm talking about in the next couple of days.

September 21, 2000
The challenge is up at "AIO Survivor", and the voting has begun. Please cast your vote on who you would like to see voted off the island, and check back on the 24th for the results.

September 20, 2000
Reactions are finally up, but as usual on days like this, there isn't anything ground breaking. Check tomorrow for the challenge on "AIO Survivor", which will decide which of the current five will be guaranteed a spot in the final four.

September 19, 2000
Day 60, and one more person has been sent home. Just think, only ten more days of "AIO Survivor"! It sure won't be the same without it, but I think we'll get use to it. By the way, I would like to thank everyone who voted this week. This was by far the most votes I've received since it started, and it means a lot

September 17, 2000
"AIO Survivor" is now up, and it includes all the details of today's challenge. After you're finished reading, please go and cast a vote for who you think should be the next to go.

September 15, 2000
Eugene was kicked off yesterday, and reactions are now up at "AIO Survivor". In other news, it's been a slow news day. If I find anything, I'll post word of it here.

September 14, 2000
Someone else has been sent home at "AIO Survivor", and the details can be found here. I also would like to point out that "Odyssey Central" is alive and well, with a brand new look (including some nifty flash) and a bunch of new content! I suggest everyone heads over there and takes a look, it's worth it.

September 13, 2000
Hmmm, either Whit's End made a mistake by posting some news earlier... or Focus has decided to release some more information. Warning, this should be considered a spoiler, (although nothing major, but I'm sure some people would rather be kept in total dark about the upcoming season) so you will have to highlight the text below to read it:
If you look at the answers for the Trivia at the bottom of the "Soda Shop" page, the last answer says: "Jason will appear in "Missionary Impossible" in which he inspires Alex to go to Africa." Therefore, we can now safely assume that the phrase: "An old friend returns to Odyssey bringing Alex to a life-changing decision", refers to Jason as the "old friend" and "moving to Africa" as the life changing decision. I suppose that if you go and gather all the information you can about this upcoming season, you can probably figure out ahead of time whether or not Alex will decide to move. But in the end, this news is really nothing major.

I've also went and updated the "Upcoming Episodes" section of this site with confirmed episodes for the new season along with a brief opinion on what I'm expecting. See ya guys (and gals) later!

September 11, 2000
The next batch of nominees are up and you can cast your vote. You can also check out all the details from today's events at "AIO Survivor". Oh, and it seems the UAIO has tried to organize some sort of block voting against a particular castaway. However, I think I have doused a little water onto that scheme ...at least for the time being :o)

September 10, 2000
Reactions are up about Katrina Shanks being voted off the island at "AIO Survivor". That's about all the news there is for today, at least so far.

September 09, 2000
Day 50, and the next person to be voted off the island has been sent home. All the details can be found by heading over to the "AIO Survivor" page. Also, if you check out Whit's End, they have a bit more information about this upcoming season in their "Soda Shop" section. The two most interesting things I found were: "Opportunity knocks when Tom isn't sure if an offer from a new business is an answered prayer or something mysterious." and "Detention, a fat lip and a missing book report are just the start of the worst day Mandy ever has. Can things get any worse? They sure can."

September 07, 2000
"AIO Survivor" day 47 is up, though a tiny bit late. After you're done reading through the challenge, please go ahead and cast a vote.

September 06, 2000
Nominations for this week will be up later, I'm thinking I might move the nominations over one day each week. It gives me some time to rest, and it's a big task. Sorry guys, just trying to rack my brain for ideas.

September 05, 2000
Reactions are now up on "AIO Survivor" about Connie Kendall being voted off the island. And if you head over to the AIOHQ, there's on article up about writing episodes for children, and it's worth checking out.

September 04, 2000
Day 45 on the island over at "AIO Survivor". Pretty surprising if you ask me, but I guess that's why these final weeks are gonna be so exciting: unpredictability. Check back tomorrow for reactions. And if you head over to your local Christian Bookstore, "In Your Wildest Dreams" is available to purchase!

September 03, 2000
I've updated the "2000" section to include the names of the next 5 episodes (actually 7 different ones), as well as their airdates. Also, if you head over to the AIOHQ, you'll find an abridged version of yesterday's transcript with Marshal Younger, and the schedule for October episodes.

September 02, 2000
New month, archived news. "AIO Survivor" day 42 is up, wow it's been that long already? Anyway, you can cast your vote as usual, for the person you want voted off the island. Then, stop by AIOHQ's chat room today at around 1 PM EST where a chat with Marshal Younger from Focus on the Family will take place. Also, I've updated the "Listen" section, with this months schedule. Remember that on the 30th, "The Big Deal I" will be airing which is the newest AIO episode to date. Finally, notice anything different about the top of the page? Nah, either did I. :o)


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