News: August, 2006

August 29, 2006
New Artwork at The Odyssey Scoop
The Odyssey Scoop has updated today with several beautiful pieces of art hand-drawn by Camacho. Be sure to check it out!

Oh, and if you submitted some Episode Notes within the last few days and haven't seen it posted, could you please email me. There seems to have been a glitch and no usernames were attached to any of the entries :(.

Finally, while I still have a lot of work left ahead of me in regards to "The Soda Fountain Service Pack 2", things are coming together quite nicely. My goal is to launch it on September 7, which is next Wednesday! So definitely come back on that date for a ton of new content!

August 21, 2006
Working on Soda Fountain Updates
I spent the entire weekend working on soon-to-be-released updates for the Soda Fountain. The number of updates will surpass "The Soda Fountain Service Pack 1" that was released last month and this update will definitely be deserving of the title "The Soda Fountain Service Pack 2."

I'm really going to attempt to get it posted before September, but I can't make any promises just yet. Since I'll be really busy once school starts up again, I want to add as many features as I possibly can so that I won't need to add anything (feature-wise) during the school year. And yes, there will be a search feature finally implemented (though of all things, it is the one feature I haven't put a lot of effort into thus far). But there's definitely a lot to look forward to in the next few weeks!

August 11, 2006
Album 47 Title Released
Yes, it really is another update! The Soda Fountain is proud to announce that "Into the Light" will be the name of the next Adventures in Odyssey album. The only episode title that has been publicly released so far is "Cover of Darkness", but more titles are expected to be released very soon.

This will be the 47th Adventures in Odyssey album and my assumption is that it will be available in April or May of 2007. More details will be released (such as full episode listing, cover art, and bonus features) once they become available.

August 10, 2006
The Lost Episode Cover Art
VideosForFamily has released the cover art for "The Lost Episodes", which of course is an album featuring 17 episodes that have not been released before in any of the mainstream albums!

I'll post the cover art at a later date, but in the meantime, head over to VideosForFamily and check it out! (Click "Exciting AIO News" on the main page)

August 09, 2006
Note Contributions Added
Thanks to noname's whopping 78 submissions yesterday for the Episode Notes section, I've decided to add a list to the right hand side of that page indicating how many submissions I've received from each individual. Thanks to everyone who's contributed to The Soda Fountain so far and I look forward to all future submissions! You're all helping to make this site the most complete Adventures in Odyssey website on the web and I wouldn't be able to do it without you!

I'd also like to implement the ability to sort by most recent submissions. Unfortunately, I didn't have the foresight to record the timestamp of when submissions were made when I launched that section, though it is set up to record that information from now on. I'm going to try and approximate dates for the entries that already exist, and I'll give you the ability to sort that page in a variety of ways to make your lives easier.

And don't forget I'll be making adding a bunch of old content (with some new content mixed in) before the summer is over (before mid-September). As usual, if you have any ideas of things you'd like to see me add, let me know!

August 05, 2006
Fan Site News
It's pretty slow this summer for Adventures in Odyssey news, though the Town of Odyssey is thriving and elections are just around the corner! It's a great place to meet fellow Christians have some fun while you're doing it!

And if you're interested in checking out some other Odyssey related websites, Videos For Family has several audio interviews up with Adventures in Odyssey actors and is run by Aaron Pacentine, an Odyssey fan who recently completed an internship with the Odyssey team!

Also, The Odyssey Scoop has recently been revitalized with frequent updates all throughout the summer! If you haven't visited the site in recent months, now's the time to catch up on the popular Adventures in Odyssey website!


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