News: August, 2002

August 31, 2002
Well one week from today, I'll be on a plane and flying into Colorado Springs, Colorado where I'll get to work with the Adventures in Odyssey team as an intern. I'm really looking forward to it, and while I won't be able to update The Soda Fountain while I'm down there, I plan to keep a journal of sorts and have a "Virtual Diary" available on this site once I return to Calgary (where I live). I'm sure I'll have plenty of stories to tell when I come back (which is October 7th). In the grand scheme of things, one month seems likes a pretty short period of time. But life itself is short, and I'm going to make the most of my time down there. In the meantime, the Soda Fountain will continue to be updated for the remainder of the week and then it's going on hold... AIO Mole in the meantime will be alive and kicking with Jared Walczak running the show and I think it's in very good hands.

August 30, 2002
The Mole Board has proven to be quiet popular once again! 22 members have signed up since it reopened, and the board has averaged 116 posts per day since it was relaunched. And it's no longer exclusive to AIO Mole, it's also open to debates, AIO, and general discussion! Since The Town Hall is still down, it appears that the Mole Board is becoming the board of choice amongst all AIO fans.

Speaking of popularity, AIO Mole is fast becoming one of the most visited AIO sites on the web. Look at it this way... AIO Mole receives more unique hits daily than The Soda Fountain. That's a lot of hits! If you haven't check out the site, then please do... we hope you'll be pleasantly surprised!

August 26, 2002
The Mole Board is officially open again! Unfortunately all registration and posts were lost in the move (this time around we will frequently be backing up the server files, so it won't happen again), so everyone needs to reregister (or you can be a guest... you don't need to register to post). In any case, since The Town Hall is still not letting people post, the Mole Board will provide fans a place to chat about AIO and not just AIO Mole.

August 25, 2002
The Town Hall and the Mole Board are both down right now... so where can fans go to talk? Well, the Mole Board should be up later this afternoon and you'll be able to chat your heart's out. Though I have no idea when The Town Hall will be functioning again. Now unto yesterday's news. You can expect these new developments on the new season of AIO, which begins... January 11, 2003 :o(

The season will begin with an episode about Mitch and Connie thinking about their future together. Mitch will also be looking for a new job.

Bernard will be used in many shows this up coming season.

Whit and Bernard go on a diet together.

Aubrey's faith will be tested.

"Live at the 25" will be a live episode that was recorded this past July.

For more information, check out the AIOHQ. And don't forget to stop by AIO Mole today... one of the contestants has been kicked out of the show by you, the fans!

August 24, 2002
Well AIO Mole needed to move... and it's found a new home over at the AIOHQ! Thanks to Nathan Hoobler, AIO Mole can now and forever (well... until the end of the AIO Mole run) be found at http://www.aiohq.com/aiomole/index.html.
Please update those bookmarks and continue to visit! The results for the first elimination are posted tomorrow!

Also at the AIOHQ this week is a TON of stuff. A lot of news on the upcoming season, as well as an article written by OdysseyFan about the 25th Anniversary. There's also info regarding the new season which I'll let you read for yourself (I'll post the news tomorrow here as well).

August 23, 2002
Well Adventures in Odyssey news is slow, but AIO Mole is going strong! The site isn't though... If you get an error claiming the site is "Forbidden" or the server is down or what not, then visit this Alternate AIO Mole location. The hits are very impressive and fans seem to really enjoy the speculation and intrigue the game is providing. If you haven't had a chance to check it out, then now's a great time!

Now some fans have been asking what I meant by the Soda Fountain being shut down for a period of a month. Well I suppose today is just as good a day as any to tell you. Several months ago I was offered an opportunity of a life time to do an internship down in Colorado with the Odyssey team. I accepted, and recently found out I will be going down for a period of a month. So from September 7 - October 7, I'll be down in Colorado Springs working alongside the Adventures in Odyssey writers and engineers! I'm not sure what kind of problems I'll encounter in terms of internet access, so for now I would like to just say the site will not be operating during that period of time. However, I DO plan to keep a journal of some kind of the events that occur, and post those entries at a later date (very simliar to Nathan Hoobler's "My Adventure in Odyssey" over at the AIOHQ). I certainly hope to get many photos taken while I'm down in the States (for those who don't know, I'm a Canadian) and share them with you on the site :o) It's definitely something I'm really looking forward to, and hopefully will be able to enlighten many fans with my stories! Also, if you have any episode ideas or thoughts you would like me to spread to the Adventures in Odyssey team, feel free to email me and I'll see what I can do! I'm sure they'd love to hear them.

August 20, 2002
The first part of the first AIO Mole challenge took place today over at AIO Mole... if you haven't checked out the site yet, please do... it's a nice way to pass the time while we're all waiting for the new season to begin!

August 19, 2002
Well the secrets are all revealed! At least the ones pertaining to The Odyssey Talk and The Soda Fountain. And if you don't know what the secret was, well it was AIO Mole of course... the sequel to AIO Survivor! I also have a personal announcement to make within the next week. It appears the Soda Fountain will be shut down for a period of a month. More information will be forth coming.

August 18, 2002
So unless you missed yesterday's unveiling of the secret, than you know AIO Mole has been officially announced. You may recall last month I mentioned wanting to do a new game show based on a show on ABC... well The Mole was the show I had in mind and after talking it over with Jared Walczak of The Odyssey Talk, we came to the conclusion we would run AIO Mole as a partnership. So there you have it! AIO Mole is up and running and I hope it can entertain you as much as AIO Survivor did (and much, much more).

August 17, 2002
You may be asking yourself "What was with all those foolish posts these past several days?" Obviously they have nothing to do with anything... or do they? The Odyssey Talk and The Soda Fountain are finally ready to unveil the secret! It's been weeks in the making and both sites have remained very tight lipped. However, critical preparation has certainly paid off and we are ready to reveal to the world what the project is!

Do you remember AIO Survivor? The hit of two summers ago that spawned not one, not two, not even three... but FOUR sequels. Two of them never got off the ground mind you, and the other two were quickly dissolved once their creators realized how difficult it was to keep up with the updates. However, I'm fully aware of the responsibility it takes to run a game show like AIO Survivor (since I was the one responsible for it), and put off creating an official sequel to the point I felt it was never going to happen. However it HAS. AIO Survivor II is NOT the game show however... what is the game show? Well that's what The Odyssey Talk and The Soda Fountain have been hinting at for weeks. It's going to be fun, A LOT of fun, and I think fans everyone will enjoy playing the game. Well what are you waiting for? A game this big needs an entire website devoted to it... so turn on your speakers and follow the very simple directions below:

Click Here!

August 16, 2002
Eugene stared at the tiny scrap of paper he held in his hand. "Meet me, McAlister Park, 10:30 PM, Saturday. Signed, a friend." The small note had been slipped under his door in the night. He dropped into the chair in the corner of the room. No one knew where he was, or so he thought. So how…?

August 15, 2002
Robert Mitchell sat at his computer typing up a resume. He was going to have to find some work now that the FBI didn't need him anymore and being an employee of what remained of Novacom was certainly out of the question. Suddenly, Mitch's heart skipped a beat. He heard a familiar sound emanating from his computer and he looked in the corner of the screen… it was an instant message from someone claiming to be AREM! Curious and confused as to why someone would impersonate him, Mitch chose to accept the message and was greeted by a strange voice. "Hello Mitch", the computer said as Mitch straightened up in his chair, "Looking to make some money?"

"Who are you and what do you want from me?" Mitch entered into the keyboard, hoping the mysterious user would identify himself.

"Go to McAlister Park this Saturday. There, all your questions will be answered." Mitch drummed his fingers on his computer desk and thought about how he would respond. With a deep breath he began to type.

"What time do I need to be there?"

August 14, 2002
The mayor's assistant approached the desk of Margaret Faye clutching a letter in her hands. "Ms. Faye, this is for you", the assistant said as she handed the envelope to the mayor. "Thank you my dear", Margaret replied as she took the letter from her hands and looked it over. It was a simple envelope with no return address to be found. The Mayor tore it open and examined the letter that was found within. "Cancel my appointments this Saturday", Margaret exclaimed as she scanned the sheet of paper, "I want to get to the bottom of this."

August 13, 2002
Barry Muntz looked around the room: it was empty.. Completely empty. Just one week ago this room used to belong to the Chairman of the Board of Andromeda, and now it was only a haunting reminder of the failure of Operation Thinktank. Barry had been under orders from the Chairman himself to oversee the cleanup of the Andromeda Headquarters in Chicago and Barry took his job very seriously. He, like everyone else under the employment of the mysterious Andromeda corporation, wanted to impress the mysterious man they all called boss. It was an honor for Barry to serve as The Chairman's right hand man, especially after his failure to retrieve the complete Imagination Station plans. Barry took one last look at the illustrious room where so many important decisions had been made, turned, and closed the door behind him. It was then that it finally sunk in for Barry: Andromeda was finished.

Muntz climbed into the elevator located at the end of the long hallway and pressed the button for the ground floor. Moments later the doors opened and Barry walked out into the extravagant lobby where a handful of former employees were scrambling about with boxes and personal belongings. Barry walked past them without so much as an acknowledgment; no one knew how vitally important Barry was to the company and he planned on keeping it that way. He approached the former receptionist's desk and reached into the cubby hole labeled "Quinton" where he retrieved a week's worth of mail. Harry Quinton was just one of many aliases Barry used when around other people, but it was the name in which Barry had been hired on to Andromeda. He glanced at the stack of envelopes in his hand and something caught his attention. There was a folder with his name written across it and a holographic image of a park that he didn't recognize. He looked around the lobby and when sure no one was looking, tore open the folder and pulled out a piece of paper. It began "Saturday evening, McAlister park...". "What is this?" Barry thought out loud, and then continued to read.

August 12, 2002
"Connie, a letter arrived for you in the mail today," June Kendall told her daughter as she walked in the door. "Really?" asked Connie as she snatched up the letter from her mother's hands. June laughed. "Of course really! You're holding it, aren't you?" Connie sprawled out on the living room couch and tore open the envelope. "Miss Connie Kendall," it began...

"Hey mom," Connie yelled from the living room. "I got a letter asking me to be at McAlister Park on Saturday evening. Okay if I go?"

August 11, 2002
Wooton walked down the street whistling. He had just delivered the Barton family's mail - and sang a song for old Mrs. Barton, one of three generations who lived in the small home - and next stop was his own home. Now what he did was not protocol, but Wooton was not a protocol type of guy. He sat down on the sidewalk and tore open his mail. He rummaged through the letters he received, once shouting for the benefit of anyone listening that those crooks were trying to charge him twice for his new PowerBoy collectable set. Then he saw the postcard. It wasn't a traditional postcard, but was instead printed up on a computer. The front showed a digital photograph of McAlister Park and read "Wish You Were Here." He flipped it to the other side. It read simply: "Place: McAlister Park; Day: Saturday; Time: 10:30 PM. Be there."

August 10, 2002
The Odyssey Scoop has a ton of updates today, including an interview with both Corey Burton and Adam Pavlakovich. There's also a few new articles and other stuff that you will definitely want to check out :o)

In other news, the "500" cover you saw on Thursday's update is not the final version of the image. The final version looks entirely different, and that's definitely a good thing. You wouldn't even be able to compare the two, except they both include the words "Adventures in Odyssey", have "500" somewhere on it, and includes Connie and Whit on the cover (other radio kids are on there as well.. Dylan and family are nowhere to be seen).

I also apologize about the dead links for the "Battle Lines 2002 Awards" and "Battle Lines 2002 Comments" a couple of days ago. They are fixed now, so be sure to check out the Novacom comments!

And get ready for the launch of my new project pretty soon... it should be great!

August 08, 2002
A while back this image was released for "500" which will be released on a special CD in October. When I first saw it, it reminded me of the very first design I did for the Soda fountain. Yesterday I read this over at the Odyssey Scoop:

I don't particularly like that puke-green color that looks like a bad attempt at a website navigation bar.

While I'm not sure the quote was meant to reflect the way this site was going to look like.. it can accurately be applied to this site. Here is a small version of what the site was going to look like (this is a resized image of the original design. This bar would have ran across the top of the page and then down the left hand column):

Ugly no? I'm so glad I decided to not go with that design and minutes later I decided "Why have a column anyway?" and dropped it all together. Just another one of those "Did you know?" facts ;o) Also you can check out the comments section of the "Battle Lines 2002 Awards". These are comments fans sent in about the Novacom story arc.

August 07, 2002
Well it's no big secret that I've put my character lists/bios on hold... the new project that will be going live next week has been eating up most of my free time. I don't want to throw out a date when the character lists will be ready, but I will be working on them every chance I get. So slowly but surely, they will be completed. In the meantime, feel free to visit the Episode Guide the way it is now (everything except writer, director, production engineer, and characters listed).

Each name will link to another page with the episodes those people are involved with, a short bio for every character (no matter the size of the role), as well as the actor who plays the part. As you can tell it's a huge undertaking that will still take some time. Thank your for your patience :o).

August 06, 2002
What's that to the right? "It's Coming."? Hmmmm... :o) What is coming? I guess we'll find out in a week. It's definitely something to look forward to (I certainly am). Want an interesting tidbit of information? Listen to "Go Ye Therefore" and listen to Connie's friend Robert. Sound familiar? hehe... he should. Robert, her good friend in the episode, is voiced by Steve Burns... the same guy who would eventually play her boyfriend Robert Mitchell. ;o)

August 03, 2002
Little to say today. I worked a lot more on my secret project last night, getting the largest chunk of it out of the way... it's definitely going to be ready for release in a couple of weeks and I hope everyone enjoys it.

What's that up there? Well it's the first release version of "Whit's Flop". I tend to post that image when news gets really slow around the Adventures in Odyssey world :o) Thankfully with this project I'm working on, the fans of Odyssey should be keeping themselves busy for a couple more months.

August 02, 2002
Not much progress has been made on my character lists/bios for the past couple of days, but my other project is definitely taking shape and I may have to put my character lists/bios on hold for a tiny bit (However, I think the fans will be more then happy with the new project anyway, so it's not too big of a deal). It's funny, it seems Odyssey Talk also has some sort of top secret project opening up in a couple weeks... around the same time mine will be launched. I'm afraid I'm not sure what kind of conclusions can be drawn from that however. Maybe that Jared Walczak and myself are both secretive? :o) I guess we'll find out what both of our projects around the same period of time. Perhaps even the same day! Wouldn't it be funny if we discover we've been working on exactly the same thing?

August 01, 2002
Well not much news today other then some archival stuff. July 2002 has been archived and you can access it from the bottom of the page (just like all other months from the past). Also you may have noticed the poll has been shut down to the right... the reason I did this is because I find the results to be very misleading. Some people have found a way to vote multiple times and the results just aren't fair to any of the sites involved. I'll continue to work and find a way to get a more secure polling system in place.


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