News: July, 2006

July 29, 2006
Plans for the Future
I've begun planning out the next Soda Fountain update that will be launched sometime before the summer is over. Currently the plan is to bring back a lot of older Soda Fountain features that were dropped, such as "The Bruce Day Art Gallery", "The Odyssey Scrapbook", "The Soda Fountain Trivia", "AIO Survivor" and "Talk to the Paw." I've also got a few other improvements in mind (the Album page will be given the same treatment I gave the Episode Guide earlier this month) and the old Episode reviews will definitely be brought over. If there's anything else you'd like to see here, let me know!

July 20, 2006
Spring 2006 Dixie Cup Photos
Remember The End of Season Awards? Well every season the Odyssey team at Focus on the Family awards "Dixie Cups" to the winners of the awards that you have voted on! Below are two of the photos taken at last week's big event!

Glenn Montjoy, Kathy Buchanan, Nathan Hoobler, Marshal Younger, Jonathan Crowe

Glenn Montjoy, Kathy Buchanan, Nathan Hoobler, Marshal Younger, Jonathan Crowe

They are, from left: Glenn Montjoy, Kathy Buchanan, Nathan Hoobler, Marshal Younger, and Jonathan Crowe.

Thanks to everyone who voted!

July 13, 2006
Joe Cook and Alan Young
The new features have been well received so far! In just over a day, I received 50+ Episode Note submissions and I've seen a generous spike in traffic. I hope to continue to provide even better things in the months to come and I'm shooting for an even larger update before the summer is through!

In the meantime, The Joe Cook Program will be performing an interview with none other than Alan Young!!! That's right, Jack Allen himself. You don't have to wait long for the interview to be available either, it will be streamed live across the internet at 4:00EST this Friday afternoon (tomorrow) and you can find the link to the live broadcast on Joe Cook's Website. If you're not going to be available at that time, an archive will be posted soon afterward that you can download and listen to for yourself! I'm looking forward to it!

And speaking of interviews, the recently revived Odyssey Scoop did an interview with David Griffin earlier this week. It's a nice companion piece to my audio interview and it would be great if you could check it out!

July 12, 2006
Soda Fountain Service Pack 1
Today is the launch of "The Soda Fountain Service Pack 1" and it adds a great deal of enhancements to the existing site. There is certainly plenty more things I would like to add, but now that I've got some of the largest hurdles out of the way, I'll be able to spend more time porting over more of the content from the old layout. As a quick overview of today's update, we have:

Detailed Episode Guide

Every single episode now has a page devoted entirely to itself! What this means is when you click on any episode link (for example: "A Time for Action II"), you are taken to a page featuring more information about the episode, such as the appearance number for the characters involved, a quick actor list, photos of the crew and an image of the album where the episode can be found. Oh, and you can also view any trivia, goofs, allusions or quotes that fans have submitted for that particular episode! Which brings me to the next feature:

Semi-Wiki-Style Episode Guides

With over 600 episodes in the Adventures in Odyssey series, it is impossible for me to maintain information for every single show. That's where you come in! The Soda Fountain now features an easy to use submission system where you can submit trivia, goofs, allusions, or quotes for any and all episodes! You just find the episode you would like to add information for and click the "Add >>" button next to the particular category you are interested in submitting. I'll then be alerted that something has been submitted, where I'll review it (to ensure it's correct and appropriate) and then turn it visible for everyone to see. A master list of the Episode Notes is also available for a quick overview of all notes at the same time.

And as a way to entice people to start using this new system, for the forseeable future, every note that is approved will earn you 25 ToO Dollars on The Town of Odyssey! If you don't have an account there, that's fine, I would still love to get your submissions, this is just a way I hope to encourage as many people as possible to help make The Soda Fountain the most useful, informative, and detailed Adventures in Odyssey website available on the internet!

Album Ratings Added

The album section has been given some new functionality! There is now a star ranking for each album which is actually an average of the star ratings I have given to the episodes within that album. Because of this added feature, you can now sort by rating in addition to sorting the albums by title or number. I was a little surprised when I viewed the results for the first time as they seemed very close to how I actually feel about the albums, which means my rating scheme may be working! :o)

Archived News

Finally, I have added every news posting I have made in the past 6 years (over 660)! Many of these updates haven't been available for 3+ years and have been sitting on my computer just waiting to be re-released. I should note that the archives are still a work in progress, as I had to strip all the links and most of the images because they no longer work with the new site. Though, for the most part, I don't think it will be a big deal and I will eventually try to incorporate the original links (at least ones that are still active) at a later date!

So there you have it! I hope you enjoy exploring some of the new features and I look forward to providing even more in the near future!

July 09, 2006
Spring 2006 Results Revealed!
The End of Season Award results are now available for all to see! Feel free to discuss the results with fellow fans over on The Town of Odyssey!

And don't forget, this Wednesday I will be uploading "The Soda Fountain Service Pack 1." It will add several more features to the existing site and should be a great asset for the Adventures in Odyssey online community!

July 03, 2006
Last Chance to Vote for Awards
Don't forget! The End of Season Awards is wrapping up soon and you don't have much time left to vote on your favorite episodes! More people are needed to help decide who shall win the "Golden Dixie Cup Awards" at Focus on the Family, so please vote before it's too late!


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