News: July, 2004

July 31, 2004
"Last Flight of the Dragon Lady I" can be found in the archives of Oneplace. It's the first of the final four episodes in The Last Chance Detectives summer saga. I don't know what their plans are in regards to future LCD shows, but it seems like these installments have been very successful and if you'd like to show your support for more Last Chance action, be sure to pick up some copies from Focus on the Family!

July 29, 2004
I'm not sure when it was posted (perhaps today or earlier this week), but The Official Site has the script for "It Is Well" available to download. You can get to it by clicking on the link provided on the main page of that site or by visiting the Little Theatre section on the main page.

July 28, 2004
Think on these things, as it appears all other AIO fan sites are missing in action.

The new AIO season will commence September 25... I think. ;o) That's the last date I heard, but it is subject to change. Also, the first batch of episode titles should be released during the last quarter of August. It sounds like a mystery show can be expected, with potential possibilities of more throughout the season considering the "mystery countdown" we've been experiencing this summer.

As for me, I'm currently ploughing through The Chronicles of Narnia on radio theatre. Tomorrow I start "Prince Caspian", which is one of my favorites in the series, and should be completed the seven productions by the end of the week. As much as I'd rather be working on the actor database (yeah right! ;o)), at least I'm able to work while watching a movie playing in my head.

Oh, and this morning I awoke from a rather disturbing dream... I had dreamed that Will Ryan died! In my dream I was busy preparing an obituary for the Soda Fountain, emailing the other webmasters to alert them to this horrible news, and reflecting on his last words for AIO. I was quite relieved when I woke up and discovered he was not in fact dead... though there was also the sad reality that he's no longer "with us" on AIO. At least we have the video games... and the hope he may one day make a triumphant return to the radio show.

July 24, 2004
The fourth episode of "Mystery of the Lost Voices" can be found at Oneplace today. The direct link is right here. Next week is the first episode in the final installment of The Last Chance Detectives titled "Last Flight of the Dragon Lady". So if you're enjoying these entertaining shows, there's still more to come! And if you'd really like to show your support, you can purchase these episodes directly from Focus on the Family.

Also, Dave's AIO Site is looking for some suggestions for his site while he's planning a new layout. So if you'd like to help him out, I'm sure he'd appreciate it!

July 22, 2004
It sure gets boring in the AIO world when the off-season strikes! I'm still busy working, but I now bring along an iPod chuck full of Adventures in Odyssey and Radio Theatre programs to keep me busy with over 10 days worth of solid audio (that's 240 hours of material!). Currently I'm wading through the "At Home in Mitford" Radio Theatre series, which while a bit slower pace than your average drama, is very well done. I've owned the series for a year or so, but was never able to really get into it... but now I'm glad I'm finally giving it a chance. So if you're looking for something to listen to (aside from The Last Chance Detectives) why not check out some of the Radio Theatre's at Oneplace?

And for those really desperate from some Adventures in Odyssey related material, there's always the trivia database I've created with well over 250 questions for you to try and solve! It's sure to be challenging even for the biggest of Odyssey fans.

July 17, 2004
"Mystery of the Lost Voices III" aired today which you can find in the archives of Oneplace. It should be noted that Oneplace now lists summaries for AIO and The Last Chance Detectives, which is a nice touch!

July 16, 2004
I've passed along your messages to Kathy and Sean, who want to thank all the Odyssey fans for their kind words! Kathy also wanted me to share with you that she'll be back writing for Odyssey this fall and for the time being will be enjoying her new role as a parent!

Unless I'm mistaken, she has one or two shows that will actually be airing early in the new season (which will start in September) and then won't have any new shows appearing until the winter/spring season of 2005. So stay tuned for those!

And in other news... who am I kidding? As usual, there is no other news during the off-season. Let's all go listen to some old classics or something and get ready for tomorrow's third installment of "Mystery of the Lost Voices"! :o)

July 15, 2004
Today's the last day to congratulate Kathy Wierenga on the birth of her daughter and I'll send her all the comments I receive tomorrow.

And yesterday I had a rare day off in which I devoted the day to working on my actor/character database. I spent several hours on it and made only a slight dent in the remaining work load I have laying before me. I'm still hoping to get the entire thing done as soon as possible, so continue to stay tuned.

And around the web, Frank has changed the layout of Frank's Breakfast Inn a tad which looks very nice, and The Odyssey Scoop has a rant about "The Grey Lady" from the Father Gilbert series. I just wanted to jump in and say I loved the episode and didn't find it that frightening, but very entertaining. Though definitely heed the advice Dave Arnold gives in the opening in which he says it's not intended for those under the age of 14. "The Play's the Thing" is also a terrific mystery, and anyone who enjoys Father Gilbert should pick up this third set in the series.

July 10, 2004
"Mystery of the Lost Voices II" in the The Last Chance Detectives series aired today. I'm not trying to sound like a broken record, but check out Oneplace for an archive of all the LCD shows.

A reminder as well. It's not too late to send Kathy Wierenga a comment about her new baby, which I'll be passing off to her at the end of this week. I know she'd love to hear from all the fans of AIO!

July 08, 2004
I apologize for there not being many updates in the past couple of days. Work has eaten up almost every free minute I've had and I just haven't had time for the site. See, I work at a cowboy hat factory, one of the only ones (if not the only one) in all of Canada and The Calgary Stampede (also known as: The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth) is starting up this Friday, so we've been working like dogs to fill all the orders for our hats. The Calgary Stampede is a huge 10 day event with chuck wagon races, rides, rodeos, free concerts, and just a huge party atmosphere with a Western theme. So everyone is gonna need a cowboy hat... and we're busy making sure they get one. It just takes a lot of time.

Hopefully things will slow down once the Stampede gets underway, and then I can get back to work on my actor database for you!

July 04, 2004
The votes have all been tallied and the decision is in... Paul Martin will once again be Canada's Prime Minister!

Oh wait, that's last week's news. This week's? The AIOHQ / Soda Fountain End of Season Award results have been posted! Please, enjoy, and remember to read responsibly. Then head over to the AIOHQ and read Nathan's thoughts.

And you can still send in a note to Kathy in regards to her and her husband Sean celebrating the birth of their first child, Jaslyn. I'm sure she'd love to hear from you all! I'll pass them on to Kathy on July 16. And The Last Chance Detectives mystery # 2, "Mystery of the Lost Voices" can be found on Oneplace.

July 02, 2004
On Wednesday, June 30, 2004 Kathy (Wierenga) Buchanan and her husband Sean Buchanan gave birth to a baby girl named Jaslyn Gabriella Buchanan. Kathy is well known for her Adventures in Odyssey episodes as well as her entries in the Brio Book Series for girls. From all the fans, congratulations Kathy and Sean on your baby girl!

If any of you would like to personally pass on your congratulations, I've set up a form for you to send in your own personal message to Kathy which I'll then pass on to her.

And the voting for The AIOHQ / Soda Fountain End of Season Awards has now ended, please check back this weekend for the results.


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