News: June, 2006

June 24, 2006
Re-released Radio Theatre Productions
Great news for Focus on the Family Radio Theatre fans! I don't normally update with non-AIO related news, but since I'm a big fan of Radio Theatre and wish there were more of you, I'm proud to present news that 4 previously out-of-print Radio Theatre productions are now available on CD! They are not available on the American Focus on the Family website yet, but you are able to call 1-800-A-FAMILY and specifically request these productions (of note, they are available on Canadian Focus on the Family website). The productions are Ben Hur, Les Miserables, Silas Marner and The Legend of Squanto.

Below is the cover art for these productions:

June 12, 2006
Big Update Coming Soon!
Tired of few updates since the site has been relaunched? Me too :o(. While I no longer have school, the afternoons didn't free up like I had hoped and now I'm just at work full-time now. And my sister is getting married this Friday, so we've been getting prepared for that and a few other things on the go. However, I haven't neglected my many promises and I will be launching "The Soda Fountain Service Pack 1" on July 12. Many of the features promised in my original April 1 update will finally be made available for all to see and I've come up with a few (albeit small) additions as well to make this site even better!

And since this site has always been about the fans, if there is something you would like me to include or have an idea you want to run by me to see if it is possible, please drop me a line and I'll see what I can do!

June 08, 2006
Spring 2006 Award Voting!
If you haven't visited The Town of Odyssey recently, you probably don't know that The End of Season Awards have been launched! Click on the banner below and start casting votes for which shows you feel deserve to win the Golden Dixie Awards!

Voting will take place until July 5 and the results will be revealed that day on The Town of Odyssey!


Album #50: The Best Small Town

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