News: June, 2005

June 30, 2005
As promised a few days ago, I have a new feature to unveil today! Though the contents of this new feature are not considered new at all... they are considered classics! What is it? An art gallery featuring many original Bruce Day paintings! For those who are unfamiliar with the name, you are most certainly familiar with his craft. He was the man behind the artwork featured so prominently in Clubhouse Magazine during the late 80's and is also responsible for drawing the first nine Adventures in Odyssey album covers. His artwork is a real treasure and I encourage everyone to check out the new gallery, made possible by Bruce Day himself. And be on the look out for some artwork that you've never seen before, including one of the town's most popular characters: Eugene Meltsner!

June 27, 2005
Thanks to everyone who has so far voted in "A Most Amazing Season"... the awards for the past several months of AIO! I just took a quick tally tonight and we've already had well over 100 votes cast... and the voting doesn't close for another week! So if you haven't voted yet, be sure to do so as soon as possible!

Also, I have some rather unfortunate news (for myself, not necessarily those reading this ;o) ) that I will not be in attendance at the Eugene Sings! event in Colorado Springs on July 11. I was literally a day away from purchasing my plane ticket when I got a phone call that I had been hired for a job. A company in Calgary wants me to do some computer work for them (for the duration of the summer) and since this is the first opportunity I've ever had in my field of study, I can't possibly pass it up. However, I hope everyone who does attend the event has a great time and I look forward to hearing your stories and seeing your pictures!

And to keep you busy while you wait, I will have a special feature posted on the 30th of June... so check back that date for something neat :o)!

June 24, 2005
The final round of Eugene song samples are now available at EugeneReturns. Here they are in mp3 format:

"A Very Short Song"

"Pulchra Nympha Tu!"

"O-D-Y-Double S-E-Y!"

"The Rose of Antelope Valley"

Next week an interview will be posted!

June 20, 2005
It is that time of year again... where you, the fans, are asked to vote on a variety of different categories regarding the season gone by. Voting will commence today and end the weekend of July 9. Only one vote per person please, and remember, the first half of the voting is over on the AIOHQ where upon completion you will be prompted to come back here to finish up. Thank you for your time and check back in the middle of July for the results! :o)

June 17, 2005
The third batch of Eugene samples are now up at EugeneReturns. Next week, another set will be available. Below are the mp3 versions:

"The Only Thing Missing is You"

"Lift Up Your Heads"

"Play Me a Ukulele Tune"

June 15, 2005
Over at Eugene Forever you can find some information about the upcoming Eugene Live! event in Colorado Springs. According to the site, there will be giveaways of Odyssey stuff, exclusive live songs from both the Eugene Sings! and Eugene Sings! Christmas albums, an autograph session with Will Ryan, and a "meet the team" opportunity with writers Marshal Younger, Nathan Hoobler and more! The doors will open at 2:30pm and the event will take place between 3:00 - 4:30pm.

It is still uncertain whether or not I'll be in attendance, but I'm certainly going to make the effort. If you are planning on attending, let me know in advance, and perhaps we can meet up after the show!

June 10, 2005
EugeneReturns has posted another set of three 30 second clips of the upcoming Eugene Sings! album. You can check them out on the site, or listen to the mp3 versions here:

"Love One Another"

"The Moonlight, a Tuba, and You"

"I'll Never Sneeze Again"

There will be even more clips available June 17 :o)!

June 04, 2005
With the motion picture release of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe this fall, The Chronicles of Narnia will be a household name like never before. To meet the demand for Narnia materials, all seven stories by C.S. Lewis will be ready for the airwaves this summer, and only from Focus on the Family Radio Theatre. These award-winning audio dramas feature cinema-quality sound design, original orchestration and a cast of more than 100 actors. Itís an epic that radio rarely sees.

EnterNarnia.com has posted a guide to help you find these "Summer of Narnia" shows (along with a list of when the shows will air). However, if you're like me and can't wait, you can purchase the entire collection at Christianbook.com for $39.99! That's 22 hours of high quality radio dramas for the price of two Adventures in Odyssey albums. It is a limited time offer (wow, I sound like I'm on an infomercial), but a deal you surely won't find again (the same collection is currently priced at $80.00 on Focus on the Family's resource site). Truthfully, when building my collection, I spent far more than $80.00... but even that price was still worth it :o).

June 03, 2005
EugeneReturns has posted three 30 second clips of the upcoming Eugene Sings! album. The format is currently in realaudio, but I have converted them to mp3 for those who are not able to hear them:

"Have You Ever Been to Odyssey?"

"My Dog Has Fleas"

"I Just Met a Girl Named Katrina"

More clips will be available a week from today and the album itself should be available July 1.

June 02, 2005
The AIOHQ and the Soda Fountain will be launching our annual End of Season Awards soon... it should be an interesting event! Also, I am currently holding an Ultimate AIO Fan Contest at The Town of Odyssey where you can win some ToO money! So if you have a collection you'd like to show off to the rest of the AIO internet community, check the contest thread for details! :o)


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