News: June, 2002

June 30, 2002
Less then 6 days before "Exit" airs! Today, in the "Exit Countdown", the Soda Fountain presents a clip from "Plan B, IV: Resistance" and the AIOHQ has a clip from "Plan B, III: Cross-fire".

June 29, 2002
More important then the "Exit Countdown" is the release of the newest Odyssey episode "Exactly as Planned". If you missed it on the radio, you can listen at Oneplace. Definitely tune into the episode as many questions are answered about the Novacom story arc. Back to the "Exit Countdown", today's Soda Fountain clip is from "Plan B, II: Collision Course". The AIOHQ's clip is from "Plan B, I: Missing in Action". Also the Andromeda Q & A has been updated.

June 28, 2002
It's day 5 of the "Exit Countdown"! The clip here today is from "Grand Opening I" and the clip at the AIOHQ is from "Grand Opening II". But of even more importance is the fact the second last episode in the Novacom saga will air tomorrow! It's called "Exactly as Planned" and contains MANY important revelations so be sure to tune in.

June 27, 2002
8 clips down, 16 clips to go! Day 4 of the "Exit Countdown" features a clip from the episode "Strange Boy in a Strange Land". Meanwhile, our partner the AIOHQ is hosting a clip from "Breaking Point". Both clips are very critical in the Novacom story arc, as they provided crucial revelations about Andromeda and the Imagination Station plans.

June 26, 2002
It's now the third day of "Exit Countdown" and things are just beginning to heat up. The Soda Fountain's clip is from the episode "Green Eyes and Yellow Tulips" and the AIOHQ's clip is from "Chains II". Remember, each site will be home to a different clip of the arc each day until "Exit" airs... July 6, so keep on visiting! On another note, "Wonderworld" has a clip up of an interview with Walker Edmiston. It's in preparation for the episode "500" which will air the weekend after "Exit". The AIOHQ also has information up on the right hand column about an Odyssey marathon that will air the week of July 13, so head on over to get more details!

June 25, 2002
It's the second day of the "Exit Countdown". Today's clip, like yesterday's, is also from "Red Herring" while the AIOHQ's clip is from the episode "The W.E.". Also of interest is this description placed at The Official Site for "Exactly as Planned":

With Tom on trial, Whit and Alex investigate evidence to prove his innocence. Everyone finds that the plot is still even bigger than they thought.

June 24, 2002
What's that in the top right corner of the screen? Why it's The Soda Fountain and AIOHQ's "Exit Countdown"! Every day, starting today, the AIOHQ and The Soda Fountain will each post a clip from the Novacom story arc. We want to highlight key moments in the arc that will lead up to the dramatic conclusion that takes place in the episode "Exit", which will air in just under two weeks. Stop by each and every day to listen to the new clips, as well as read a brief description of what makes the moment so important. What are you waiting for? Check out the "Exit Countdown"!

June 22, 2002
"Expect the Worst" aired earlier today. This is probably one of my favorite episodes of the past several months, due in no small part to the fact that all the writers had a hand in it. (Just to note, the 2002 Section has also been updated... don't visit if you haven't heard all the episodes yet). I've also updated the Andromeda Q & A to reflect everything that has happened up until now (including speculation about the events that occured in today's episode). If you have a question that hasn't been asked, or think you have an answer for a question I haven't answered, then please feel free to let me know.

June 20, 2002
Well, it looks like the reviews won't be ready for this Saturday. I apologize again for the delay but I just haven't had time to work on them. However, the Andromeda Q & A is ready for this Saturday so you can at least check that out. I have also updated the Andromeda Wallpaper for people to use as their background. It contains all the new words/names related to the Andromeda arc. Finally, the "Odyssey Scoop" has moved to it's own domain! You can find it and it's redesign at www.odysseyscoop.com. Check it out!:o)

June 18, 2002
Sorry for the delay (again), things are just beginning to stabilize and the reviews for "Box of Miracles", "The Unraveling", "Exceptional Circumstances", and "Expect the Worst" will all likely be available on Saturday. That update will also include the Andromeda Q & A update as well as minor tweaks around the site. Notice a new side bar too? I felt it was finally time to remove the "Counter Moves" box art with the "Battle Lines" cover. And in other news, The Official Site has posted this information about "Expect the Worst", airing this weekend:

Using Connie's information, Mitch makes a critical connection in proving what Novacom is doing, but events in Odyssey completely change everyone's plans. Should they be expecting the worst?

Be warned... if you want to hear this weekend's trailer at The Official Site, expect the worst trailer for an AIO episode ever! :o)

June 11, 2002
Where are the updates? I apologize once again... things are getting hectic this time of year for me and I'm trying to get everything sorted into it's proper priority. Unfortunately, The Soda Fountain is one of the lower priorities at the moment and I need to focus on other things. I'll keep you posted on when the site will be functioning at full force once again: hopefully in the coming weeks... so please keep checking back for more!

June 01, 2002
I know I promised "Box of Miracles" would air this weekend... well it did! You can listen over at Oneplace and check out this great new episode. Now, I also promised my review would be up today along with the Andromeda Q & A update... unfortunately I have just recently realized my weekend is going to be quite jam packed. I can't find time to fit in the writing of the review until later on. I apologize for yet another delay, but my hands are tied :o(


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