News: June, 2000

June 30, 2000
Looks like The Official Site has updated many of the episode descriptions on their site, with full length details on episodes of this season. Some of the earlier episodes this season have not been updated, and episodes (such as "Potlucks and Poetry") still have no description. They also state that the next album will come out in September of 2000, instead of Mid-August as previously reported. Finally, it says that the book series "Passages" was originally titled both "Corridors" and "Tesseracts". I think "Passages" is a better title either way.

June 29, 2000
I have finally added a guestbook onto this page. Please take a moment or two to fill it out, and leave a message on the site :o)

June 28, 2000
The Official Site has updated their site with a little bit of information on "Passages I & II" it's rather interesting to read, so be sure to visit the site and click on the yellow sparkling thingy at the bottom of the page. They also promise some sort of "Odyssey Scrapbook" (coming soon). Not sure what's that is all about, perhaps pictures of the actors? Just as a note, I have compiled many actor/actress photos for my upcoming Character Lists. Be sure to check it out once it is finished. :o)

June 26, 2000
AIOHQ reports that Bob Luttrell, the production engineer of nearly 200 AIO episodes, will be returning to work on AIO as a free-lancer. Check out the AIOHQ for more information.

June 24, 2000
This is big news everybody! If you've been waiting to break out champagne for a special occasion this is it. UAIO has finally updated their website! It's been nearly a month and a half but there finally is some new stuff on the main page. Let's hope this is a sign of more good things to come ;o)

June 23, 2000
Looks like the AIOHQ has scooped me again! :o) Hehe, they have posted teaser previews for what we can expect from the upcoming season. They also have a new article up about "Background Dialogue". Be sure to check both out. I also have added a transcript of another of Harley's scenes. You can read that right here, which is a scene that was redone from "Doing Unto Others". Finally, if you take a look in the "Albums" section, you will notice a new side bar. It probably is not the final product, but it's getting there.

June 22, 2000
Just a tiny update today. Sorry for no new news being posted, but there isn't any breaking news stories! :o) I am hard at work on those Character Lists and I hope to get them out sometime during the summer.

June 17, 2000
"SwitchFlood Reviews" has now opened up their own URL at www.switchflood.com. Be sure to visit them at their new location. Also "The Town Hall" has been given a complete overhaul... all the messages have now been removed and it looks like SwitchFlood is cleaning everything up for the summer.

June 16, 2000
It's been quite a while since I've posted an actual article here. I've decided to upload my article on "Harley" today, since there isn't any other news to post. I wrote it a while back and lost it amongst some other files, but it is now safe and on the net. It contains some rare transcripts of some of his scenes that you will find nowhere else! Be sure to check it out.

June 14, 2000
Wondering why I haven't been posting much news lately? Well aside from the fact I've been rather busy as of late with exams and all, there really hasn't been any big news to post. Although I will say that I have learned a lot more about this upcoming Fall season and it sounds like it's going to be very, very enjoyable. It's definitely something to look forward to.

June 11, 2000
Well the "End of Season Awards" ended yesterday. Today we have the results for you. So if you wander on over to the "Articles" section, or click right here, you can find out who won.

June 08, 2000
Just a reminder that the "End of Season Awards" will be wrapping up this coming Saturday. The results will be posted shortly afterwards, and I will probably write up some sort of article for ya'll to read.

June 06, 2000
Start crossing out the days on your calendar because I was just cruising around the "Official Site", and it says that the Fall season will begin in 116 more days, or on September 30 if you wanna get technical about it. From what I've heard about this next season, you won't wanna miss it!

June 04, 2000
And then it was yellow. If you look up you may have noticed that the words "Adventures in" on the logo have now been changed to a shade of yellow. I figured that since all of the most recent albums are using this color scheme, I should adapt to it. I also have updated the rest of this month's schedule thanks to the AIOHQ. If you're looking for something to do, why not head over the the forums and join in on some of the discussions! Finally, Paul Brown has sent me an early review of the newest album which you can check out here.

June 02, 2000
There has been a last minute change to the schedule. "Passages I & II", which was originally reported to air over the next 2 weeks have been replaced by "For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll I, II & III". Passages will now air during the first two weeks of July. There have also been updates around the site regarding the newest album "In Your Wildest Dreams". Enjoy!


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