News: May, 2005

May 28, 2005
As has been mentioned at EugeneReturns.com, Focus on the Family will be holding a Eugene Sings! concert in July to promote Eugene's new musical compilations. However, what hasn't been revealed is the date. Drum roll please... July 11, 2005! So if you're going on vacation, live near by, or want to visit the Springs this summer... that's the time you want to be in the area. Depending on work, I may or may not be in attendance, but this is an event I most certainly do not want to miss and neither should you! :o)

May 25, 2005
The Official Site has finally added a section devoted to the AIO Video Games. There's some video previews, links to order the games, and a behind the scenes interview with one of the artists. So check that out of if you're interested as well as my own review from way back in November.

Also, it has been announced that "Odyssey Sings!" is a special that will air on July 9th and the new season will commence October 1, 2005.

Finally, a bit of sad news. On Saturday, May 21, Howard Morris passed away. Many of you are probably not familiar with the name, but Morris played the role of Ellis Birch in "Pokenberry Falls R.F.D I & II" as well as "It's a Pokenberry Christmas I & II". Morris had a very distinct voice and was probably best known for his role of Ernest T. Bass in "The Andy Griffith Show" where he worked alongside Hal Smith. He will most certainly be missed :o(.

May 23, 2005
I'm not sure how many people are sitting on the fence about picking up the new Gold Audio albums (especially as most of you probably own the tape albums) but I've sat down with all of them and wanted to share my thoughts. While having the classic episodes re-mastered for the CD albums is nice (they sound terrific and bring back lots of great memories) the bonus features are superb and really do make purchasing these albums (which are less expensive then newer albums) worth it. The three most recent releases, "Mission: Accomplished", "On Thin Ice", and "Beyond Expectations" are undoubtedly the best albums I have bought in years and I don't hesitate in recommending them to anyone. Here are some of the great extras you'll get:

"Mission: Accomplished"
Never before released episode: "But, You Promised!"
The FotF production of "House Guest" starring Chuck Bolte (George Barclay), Hal Smith (John Whittaker), and D.J. Harner (Jana Whittaker-Dowd) on mp3.
The FotF production of "Spare Tire" starring Chuck Bolte and D.J. Harner on mp3.

"On Thin Ice"
Never before released AIO episode: "Thanksgiving at Home".
Never before released AIO episode: "One Bad Apple".

"Beyond Expectations"
Never before released AIO episode: "The Adventure of the Adventure" on mp3.
Incorporates "An Act of Mercy" which is no longer available on Gold Audio #1.
Scene from "Backwoods Jacobs", an episode that was never completed!

Also, many of the episodes feature the original Chris skits where time permits, which are not available in the original tape releases. So if you're unsure about picking up these albums, I highly recommend them!

May 21, 2005
While it seems like forever, Eugene and Katrina will finally get their long awaited ceremony today! "For Better or For Worse II" is up on Oneplace and will also air at some point in time on your local Christian radio station. My review will be available later this week!

Haha, actually I just said that because it seems like force of habit these past couple of months. But no, my review is available now :o). And you can look forward to two or three new features I would like to put up within the next few weeks. One of them is quite cool and long term fans of Adventures in Odyssey will surely get some enjoyment out of it! So keep coming back!

May 14, 2005
Dum dum dum dum... dum dum dum dum. Now, you probably don't have a clue what I was typing... so I'll spell it out for you: Wedding music! That's right, today is the day we've been waiting for, for nearly a decade! They may already be married, but the citizens of Odyssey (as well as we the listeners) were cheated out of an elaborate ceremony for Eugene and Katrina. "For Better or For Worse I" attempts to change this and we will finally get our wish (at least the first part of it!). So tune into Oneplace (or your local radio station) and listen to the big wedding of the series! As this is a two-parter, my full review will be available one week from today.

May 12, 2005
Focus on the Family is releasing a series of "life lessons". These are albums containing episodes that pertain to specific themes and are available on CD. There are eight in total:

Life Lesson #1: Courage

"Someone to Watch Over Me"
"Real Time"
"Hidden in My Heart"

Life Lesson #2: Humility

"Over the Airwaves"
"Family Values"

Life Lesson #3: Compassion

"B-TV: Compassion"
"Broken Window"
"Called on in Class"

Life Lesson #4: Diligence

"Two Sides to Every Story"
"A License to Drive"
"It Happened at Four Corners"

Life Lesson #5: Peer Pressure

"With a Little Help from my Friends"
"Blind Justice"
"The Last Great Adventure of the Summer"

Life Lesson #6: Perseverance

"Do or Diet"
"Snow Day"
"By Dawn's Early Light"

Life Lesson #7: Honesty

"The Tangled Web"
"By Any Other Name"
"Sounds Like a Mystery"

Life Lesson #8: Friendship

"Room Mates"
"The Good, the Bad, & Butch"
"It is Well"

May 10, 2005
And now it's time for my review of "The Invisible Dog"! I'm glad things are back on track here and I'm all caught up. I have an article I'm working on which I would like to post this month, as well as that infamous database which is becoming more a legend than a reality (though really, it does exist and is so close to being complete I can see the finish line!) so I've got plenty to keep me busy over the next several months. You can also expect a batch of Talk to the Paw responses within the next couple of weeks (so get in those questions as soon as possible!).

May 09, 2005
Two and a half weeks without an update? I do apologize. Aside from a new job where I've been working 10 hour days, I had all of my finals these past two weeks and the rest of my free time has been devoted to The Town of Odyssey. However, regular updates will once again commence from now on. Starting with two reviews today! I am posting both the long awaited (cough) reviews for "Two Friends and a Truck" and "The Power of One". Check back tomorrow for my review of "The Invisible Dog"!

Also, later this week, I will be posting the episode lists for the new Focus on the Family compilation packs, so check back on Thursday for those!


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