News: May, 2002

May 30, 2002
This Saturday, "Box of Miracles" will air. The episode is written by Nathan Hoobler and reveals many answers to the questions we've been asking for a long, long time. In fact, the episode reveals how accurate The Soda Fountain speculation in our Andromeda Q & A section of the site and brief analyses of the "Battle Lines" summary has been. A full review along with the weekly Q & A update will be available Saturday.

May 29, 2002
The AIOHQ has an exclusive image of the upcoming Clubhouse magazine celebrating the 500th anniversary of AIO! Episode "500" will air July 13 and will contain clips, interviews, and insightful looks into the show's history. There's also an interview with Nathan Hoobler over at OdysseyRadio which, as usual, is an informative read! And the Official Site has this information up about this Saturday's show, "Box of Miracles":

Whit tries to do all he can to stop Novacomís latest developments, but they have ways of stopping him.

May 25, 2002
The episode that aired today was written by Marshal Younger and titled "Sheep's Clothing". A fairly good episode that finally begins to answer some of our questions. You can check out my full review of the episode here. Oh, and my review of "Twisting Pathway" is also up along with the updated Andromeda Q & A.

May 24, 2002
Tomorrow, "Sheep's Clothing" will air. If you stop by this site, you'll find a review for both "Twisting Pathway" and "Sheep's Clothing", as well as a regular update to the Andromeda Q & A section of this site. Oneplace will have the episode available to listen to online.

May 22, 2002
I apologize for the delay in updates... things have been getting a bit busier around these parts. And because of this, there won't be a review of "Twisting Pathway" up until next Saturday (there will be duel review release along with "Sheep's Clothing"). Sorry for the delay but I can't get squeeze any more time out of my schedule. In the meantime, the Novacom Q & A has been updated to reflect the most recent episode.

May 18, 2002
"Twisting Pathway" aired today! Oneplace is the place to head if you'd like to hear the episode. Unfortunately, due to the fact I didn't hear the episode until just recently, a full review of the episode will not be available until later today (or more then likely tomorrow). I apologize for the delay. In the meantime, the AIOHQ may be posting fan reviews later in the day.

May 17, 2002
Tomorrow is the day Odyssey fans have been waiting for! "Twisting Pathway" will finally air, the first new Odyssey episode in over a month. Be sure to head over to Oneplace during the weekend if you don't have access to a radio station that plays the episode. Oh, and check back tomorrow for a full review of the episode here at the Soda Fountain!

May 14, 2002
There's more great stuff over at the The Official Site. If you head to the Kids Radio Section and look in "Upcoming News", you'll find a teaser for both "Twisting Pathway" and "Sheep's Clothing". There's also this new information up about "Sheep's Clothing":

Monica Stone tries to get Eugene Meltsnerís disk from Jason Whittaker.

So did Eugene really send Jason the disk? Guess we'll have to wait and see... there's also a great Novacom promo available in your Wonderworld account.

May 10, 2002
Next weekend, "Twisting Pathway" will air. The information up at The Official Site has this to say:

When Mr. Charles makes demands that Kevin Colburn finds uncomfortable, his daughter Erica takes things into her own hands.

If you want more information, there's a thread at The Town Hall that contains the Discussion Questions that were taken down from the site.

May 06, 2002
A new version of the "Battle Lines" cover has been released (click on the image for a larger version). There appears to be some sort of fire going on in the background and Tom and two kids are running away from it. Most likely this is occuring on Tom's land, which would explain what looks like an outhouse sitting in the middle of nowhere (maybe that's Timmy's cabin?). I don't believe this is the final version, however we're getting closer with each new release.

May 04, 2002
Attention all "Down Gilead Lane" fans! The new season began yesterday and by visiting the site you'll find access to a total of twenty-nine episodes currently available on the net. Now, if you're not a fan of the show but still have an interest in finding out behind the scenes information, the "Down Gilead Lane" site has a great "Behind the Scenes" look at the production aspect of the series. It's not Odyssey, but it gives you a very close idea as to what would go into each and every Odyssey episode.

May 02, 2002
It's a new month! So be sure to flip the 'ol calendar and remember to pick up this month's bus pass. And while you're at it, check your "Wonderworld" email account over at "The Official Site" cause they've got an interview with writer Nathan Hoobler! He answers a couple questions regarding the behind-the-scenes Novacom stuff, including the pressing question "What is the last word of the last Novacom show". Want the answer? Head to "Wonderworld"!


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