News: May, 2000

May 31, 2000
I have updated the schedule as to what I know so far. Not all the episodes are up, but as I find them out I will put the new episodes up here. I am still continuing work on the "Character/Voice Lists" that I am making and when I said summer time I didn't realize how much work it will take. You can probably expect it during the summer, but not before July.

May 29, 2000
I have big new regarding next season! Actually, I don't but I figure that's as good a line as any to get your attention. I have started work on a character/voice list for the site and I hope to get it up by the summer time. It should be somewhat similar to that of the AIOHQ, but hopefully with more information provided about each character and the voices who bring them to us.

May 27, 2000
Sorry for the lack of updates, there just hasn't been anything interesting worth posting! Oh well, now that the 2000 season has come to a close, the AIOHQ and The Soda Fountain are hosting the End of Season Awards. Please be sure to vote on your favorite parts of this season and stay tuned for when the results are posted. Oh and if you are interested in the final episode of the season "Mandy's Debut", please read my review or go here and listen to the episode first.

May 20, 2000
Another Saturday, another episode. Today's "Potlucks & Poetry" is another one of those rare good ones this season that come few and far between. If you missed it on the radio or don't get it in your area, click on the listen button to the left and follow the instructions :o) Now, if you check out the UAIO later today, you will find their introduction up for "Monarch's Tribulation" along with various updates.

May 16, 2000
The introduction of UAIO's "Monarch's Tribulation", a fan based continuation of the "Passages" series, will be available May 18. The rest of the chapters will soon follow. Oh and please stop by and fill out the latest poll.

May 14, 2000
If you weren't there yesterday, I became the 3rd Odyssey-Aire, following in the foot steps of Andy Harvey and Paul Martin. I didn't use any life lines until the end, when I was stumped with a really hard one dealing with freckles on someone's face. Anyway, thanks to the UAIO for hosting the contest and be sure to stop by their site. Now unto "The Character Awards", where nearly 40 people voted on their favorite characters. You can check out the results here along with some little opinions on the categories. Finally, if you visit the polls page, you will find this weeks poll!

May 13, 2000
A Matter of Manners / The Seven Deadly Dwarves hit the radio today. I don't want to say much about it here, but feel free to read my opinion and then post your comments in the forum. Oh yeah, and be sure to stop by "Who Wants to Be An Odyssey-Aire" and watch me try and become the 3rd Odyssey-Aire! The show starts at 4:00pm EST and is hosted by the UAIO. Oh and one final thing, according to the official site "Mandy's Debut" will be airing on May 28. I'm not going to update the rest of the pages until it is official (since there is no description up yet, it leads me to believe it's not for sure).

May 12, 2000
Do you know what fan fiction is? Well a lot of popular programs/games/books begin to develop huge followings, and people begin to write stories involving the characters. Recently AIO seems to be following suit with SwitchFlood Reviews and their great fanfic "The Never-ending Story". Then on May 30, UAIO will kick off their first chapter of their new Passages Book "Monarch's Tribulation". Both look pretty promising!

May 11, 2000
The "Soda Shop" game debuted at "The Official Site". It's a pretty fun game, although it gets kinda monotonous after awhile. Just head on over to the Imagination Station section, and click on "Soda Shop Game". Also, the UAIO claim they have some info about the Eugene and Katrina ordeal... I didn't see anything new, but maybe it's just hiding.

May 09, 2000
Pretty slow time for AIO news. Only interesting things that have happened is that I've added a link to another AIO site, and have fixed various things around the site. "The Official Site" also claims the "Soda Shop" game will be up this Thursday, so that's something to look forward to. Finally, if you haven't voted, please do so as I will put up the results within the next few days.

May 06, 2000
Oh it was a long day yesterday. I had very little time to whip up this weeks review, but I hope you like it. "No Boundaries" is the episode that aired today, and it's a pretty good one if you like these kind of episodes. Aside from that, please remember to vote and have a good day :o) Oh, almost forgot, "Potluck & Poetry" will air May 20. You may remember this episode was previously titled "Embarrassing Parents", but the team decided on this new name.

May 04, 2000
AIOHQ has posted a notice about two new activity packs available now. "Connie Goes to Camp" and "Aloha 'Oy!" will be featured there, and you can visit the site for more details.

May 02, 2000
A Matter of Manners / The Seven Deadly Dwarves will be airing May 13. I noticed Bethany learns a lesson as... Snow DeWhite. Jared anyone? Perhaps I'm just being hopeful, but it does make you wonder.

May 01, 2000
The Odyssey Awards are now over. The official results can be found on that page. Feel free to read my new article here on how I feel things went down. Also just a reminder to vote for your favorite characters :o).


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