News: April, 2005

April 23, 2005
"Two Friends and a Truck", Nathan Hoobler's latest episode, is scheduled for today! You can hear it on Oneplace or your local radio station. I would have liked to have had my review ready for today, but I have a final in the evening and chose to spend my time studying rather than writing it. But I will have that for you sometime this week! Sorry for all the delays recently... it's not that I'm neglecting the Soda Fountain, I'm simply re-prioritizing everything as I finish up my schooling for the semester.

The Official Site has also posted their interview with Jess Harnell in the Along for the Ride section. It's an audio interview in Real Audio, so for those who can't listen to real audio shows, I have uploaded an mp3 here. I sure hope the staff do more interviews like this. Enjoy :o)!

April 22, 2005
Now that the Focus on the Family magazine is available and the episode titles have been officially released, here are the final three episodes of the season:

"The Invisible Dog"
"For Better or For Worse I"
"For Better or For Worse II"

The two-parter is the wedding between Eugene and Katrina. And while "The Invisible Dog" sounds awfully close to "The Coolest Dog", I don't think they are related. I will give a teaser though... a character who was introduced last year will make an appearance!

April 21, 2005
Sorry for the delay in my review. I had an unfortunate mishap Monday night and had to rewrite most of it. As I had finals these past couple of days, I was unable to redo it until now... so (though I'm sure most of you have moved on from the episode now), may I present my review for "A Most... I, II, III"!

I would also like to mention that if you've checked out EugeneReturns.com recently, you'll discover that this July, Focus on the Family is hoping to put together a Eugene Sings! Concert! Will Ryan will be in attendance and perform songs from his new album and there will be a Q&A session with both Will Ryan and the writers. There may also be a demonstration of some sound design aspects. The date hasn't been set, and nothing is engraved in stone, but it's something to look forward to this summer if you can make it to Colorado Springs!

There's also a revelation that the season finale will, in fact, feature a wedding between Eugene Meltsner and Katrina Shanks! But they are already married you say? Well they are, but as neither actor was present for that original wedding and none of their friends were able to attend, it seems appropriate that they get a proper ceremony. So that's a two-parter to look forward to for all you hopeless romantics!

April 16, 2005
"A Most Extraordinary Conclusion", the final part of the "Something Big" saga airs today! If you haven't heard it yet, you can find the episode on Oneplace or tune into your local radio station at the appropriate time. Due to time constraints, I probably won't be able to post my full review until Tuesday. Sorry about the inconvenience, but my school schedule has been pretty hectic.

April 15, 2005
As was announced at EugeneReturns.com, Focus on the Family is launching a new series of products called "Eugene Sings!" which feature songs written and performed by Will Ryan as Eugene Meltsner. The first album is due to be released this July. Below is the front and back cover art.

(Click for a larger version)

"A Most Extraordinary Conclusion" airs tomorrow and at that time I'll post my review of all three parts!

April 13, 2005
As some of you know, last Saturday, Focus on the Family had an event where they aired both "A Most Surprising Answer" and "A Most Extraordinary Conclusion" for fans who came to the welcome centre. There was also a Q&A session where it was revealed that a special episode of AIO will be airing in July that isn't part of the regular "season" format (sort of like how "Live at the 25!" and "Inside the Studio" aired in between seasons). Also, sometime in the future, Focus on the Family is trying to put together a live event that will feature Will Ryan! However, this is not set in stone, but we can dream right? ;)

Anyway, this Friday at the Focus Welcome Center there is another event planned. You'll get to talk with the writers (Marshal Younger and Nathan Hoobler), see a special AIO Art presentation of upcoming covers, enjoy free snacks, and partake in a scavenger hunt! Some of the prizes include a "Eugene Sampler" (with "Poor Loser" and "Last in a Long Line") and there's no age limit according to what I've heard. Click the flyer below for more information.

The event will be held in the Welcome Centre of Focus on the Family at 12:30pm. However, fans are also invited to join Chapel at 10:30am in the Administrations building before continuing on to the festivities. Focus on the Family is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado and directions can be found at this link. I hope you can make it!

April 12, 2005
I have some Gold Audio album news for you today. The re-mastered CD collection of "Amazing Antics, Dynamic Discoveries" will be called "Just in Time". It will be the last of the Gold Audio albums to be renamed. It will be released October 2005 along with the re-mastered collections "Other Times, Other Places" and "It's Another Fine Day...". The remaining 4 albums are scheduled to debut in 2006, with "It All Started When..." and "At Home and Abroad" due out in March and the final two, "Meanwhile in Another Part of Town" and "A Place of Wonder", expected to arrive in September. Keep in mind these dates are subject to change, but they should be fairly close.

And to clear up some confusion, the albums I announced on Sunday will not all be out at the same time. "A Most Surprising Return" will be released this July, "A Most Amazing Event" in September, and "Eugene Returns!" will come out this October (along with the aforementioned Gold Audio albums).

April 10, 2005

(Click for a larger version)

So there's the art of the upcoming albums! And while I've briefly explained the new marketing campaign in the past, I think it would be best to refresh people's memories:

For each new release, there will be three albums. The complete album and then two smaller sized albums (dubbed "A" and "B") that each contain half of the episodes in the complete album. This is meant to accommodate people who are on a smaller budget and can't afford to be picking up every new album that comes along.

Album #44a will be called "A Most Surprising Return" and album #44b will be called "A Most Amazing Event". If you don't want to purchase the albums separately, then you'll want to go with the complete album called "Eugene Returns!". Both #44a and #44b contain 6 episodes each, while "Eugene Returns!" has the usual 12. The complete collection should retail for the usual price ($25.00 through Focus on the Family) while the smaller sets will likely be sold for $15.00.

Also, EugeneReturns.com has been launched by Focus on the Family! There you will find plenty of Eugene related content, including an interesting revelation about a new series of merchandise called "Eugene Sings!", an audio CD featuring songs performed by Eugene and his ukulele! In fact, if you check out September 2, 2004's update here at the Soda Fountain... you'll see I was hinting at it months ago :o). There's also a clip of Eugene explaining his thoughts on Novacom, a one minute clip from next week's episode "A Most Extraordinary Conclusion", and a quiz that will unlock outtakes from the recording studio! Enjoy :o)!

April 09, 2005
What a week it's been! Eugene appears to have returned to Odyssey (but for how long?), The Town Of Odyssey averages 1000 posts a day, and I'm too busy with school to enjoy any of it :o)! Well today, "A Most Surprising Answer" aired and you can check out the full show on Oneplace. It's an interesting show... and will shed a lot of light on what Whit is doing with the Imagination Station and why Eugene and Katrina have come back to Odyssey. Next week the conclusion of this three part episode airs, which I feel is going to be one of those shows that fans remember for a long, long time :o). Check back tomorrow for the title of "Album #44", exclusive album cover art (from all three collections!), and information on how the A/B format will work from this point forward.

April 02, 2005
Wow! "A Most Intriguing Question" was a most incredible episode! Not only was the show extremely well produced and suspenseful, but the "Something Big" promotion totally delivered on all of the hype (in my humble opinion). It's been a long, long time since we last heard Eugene utter anything... and the end of this episode was a real shocker! But it leads to so many questions! Is it really Eugene? And if so, why did he come back? Where has he been? Who is he with? Is he going to stick around, or is this the real last days of Eugene Meltsner? And what does all of this have to do with the imagination station? Why did Bernard and Connie see mirror images of their past? I could go on forever... but in one week we will have most of the answers. Regardless, I imagine I speak for everyone when I saw it's a relief to finally know what this "Something Big" has been all about. Please note that since this is the first of three parts, my review will not be available until April 16.

However, if you would like to share your thoughts, why not sign up and post a review at the Town of Odyssey? During yesterday's grand opening, there was 1500 posts made! You read that right. Not too shabby at all :o). So if you missed the festivities, don't fret. It's never too late to move into the town and start living in the Town of Odyssey!

April 01, 2005

For two months I have been counting down to this moment, and the time has come for me to launch my latest project: The Town of Odyssey! What is it? Well, it's interactive message board that allows registered members to apply for Odyssey related jobs, purchase Odyssey related products, and join Odyssey related factions! Want to join the Bones of Wrath? You can! Want to buy the Cross of Cortes? Why not?! You can even run for mayor and be an administrator of the Town of Odyssey for 4 months! You can even open you own shop and sell user created items over the board (such as avatars or artwork you would like to share and earn some ToO money on the side). That's not all though... Whit, Connie, Tom, Bart, and the rest of the gang are roaming around the town and may even interact with you! Stories will pop off from time to time that get you, the new citizens of the Town of Odyssey, involved! Maybe a mystery has struck town and the characters provide you with the clues needed to crack the case, or interactive stories play out that evolve as the members evolve.

It's so much more than just another message board. The Town of Odyssey is an interactive game that rewards people for participating. You get out of it what you put in, and I hope everyone has a dandy of a time participating in this exciting new era for Adventures in Odyssey!


Album #50: The Best Small Town

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