News: April, 2004

April 30, 2004
"Nothing But the Half Truth" airs tomorrow, which is an episode starring Wooton Bassett. If you're fan of Wooton, I'm guessing this is going to be another hilarious fun-filled episode. If you're not, well, you may need to prepare yourself for an agonizing 25 minutes! :o) In any case, The Official Site has posted a clip of the episode on the main page (it's actually the entire first scene), and it will give you a good idea of the premise. Come back tomorrow for my full review!

April 29, 2004
A bit of an update on my tirade the other day. Employees of Focus on the Family met to discuss the issue yesterday, and while not all details have been finalized, they will be offering fixes on all problem albums directly through Focus. So if you have a problem, you can contact Focus on the Family (1-800-A-FAMILY) for your free replacements. The missing booklets are another issue, but it would appear that all booklets from albums 1 - 5 will be available to those who purchased albums without them included (at this point in time, that would be everyone). The process of receiving these booklets is still being ironed out, but I'll post news of it here the moment that information becomes available. And as a result of the meeting, it would appear that everyone involved in the production of future albums will be be extra diligent in their quality control.

April 28, 2004
I just thought I'd let you all know what's going on with my character lists. I've been working on them since school finished for the semester, and should have them finished by May 3. I have about 70% of it completed (while only 40% is actually uploaded), and will spend most of my weekend finishing them up. For those who aren't aware of what I've been working on, I've been adding the cast of characters to every single episode in order of their appearance. It's a long process, as you can imagine, but once it's finished I guarantee it to be the most accurate listing on the internet. I have the advantage in that while I'm adding the characters, I can glance at the AIOHQ or The Official Site and compare it with their lists. Another added bonus is that I have access to the official spelling of almost all names. These character lists will serve as the foundation for the massive actor database I'll start compiling (the first of it's kind) which I hope to launch in June. I'll keep you posted as usual.

April 26, 2004
Of the last seven new albums released, no less than five have had an error of some sort. Some have been in duplication (such as "The Pact I" missing from "Friends, Family and Countrymen") while others have been in the packaging themselves (such as every CD in "Countermoves" featuring the heading CD ONE). This is just the albums containing new episodes! All three re-mastered CD's of "The Adventure Begins", "Stormy Weather", and "Heroes" were missing the booklet that was supposed to come with them, and "Heroes" had orange foil instead of gold foil on the cover! Today, Paul Brown sends word that "In Hot Pursuit" also has an error. On the back it says:

Featuring the voice talents of:

Hal Smith
Katie Leigh
Will Ryan
Walker Edmiston

Hal Smith has been dead for a decade and Will Ryan is clearly not in the album, nor has he been in one for the last 7. What incentive do we as fans have in ordering an album as soon as it's released, if it's guaranteed to be incorrect on the first pass? Focus on the Family should be commended for providing fixed copies free of charge, but why should we be given the extra hassle in fixing something that should have been noticed in quality control? The real collector items are the corrected versions, as they are clearly a rare find. Next time an Odyssey album is released, I'm going to think twice about pre-ordering.

Also, it appears that while "The FUN-damentals", "Daring Deeds, Sinister Schemes" and "In Hot Pursuit" are available in some stores, they won't be available in some locations until May 14! I believe this includes most online orders (unless you order direct from Focus on the Family). So I'll have to wait a while still for my copies!

UPDATE: Yet ANOTHER error to report. Jacob Isom over at The Town Hall has mentioned that his copy of "The FUN-damentals" does not contain the little booklet that is promised to be inside. I would assume this also means "Daring Deeds, Sinister Schemes" does not contain the said booklet either. When will the madness end!? Just once I ask for an error-free album. Perhaps it's not too late to cancel my order...

April 25, 2004
While it's not really news, I'm curious about something. I was reading over the description of the first episode of The Last Chance Detectives and noticed this:

On his way to a secret government assignment, Jason Whittaker drives through the desert town of Ambrosia. Suddenly, his car horn honks on its own, the radio turns on by itself, and his brakes go out! He survives the crash, but later at the Last Chance Diner, the restaurant is struck by an earthquake. But is it really an earthquake?

Pretty straight forward. But what caught my eye is "a secret government assignment". Now, we know that Jason hasn't been a member of the NSA since "A Name Not a Number I & II". We also know he's currently with the missions board. However, Jason Whittaker is going to appear in the two part season finale "No Way Out" and "No Way In". Could it be that Jason is going to rejoin the NSA? From what little information we know, Whit and Jason are going to be involved in stopping something dangerous from happening. As a result, perhaps Jason realizes he should go back to the NSA... or some other government spy agency. Just something to think about... cause I'm sure excited about it!

UPDATE: Also, there's a correction to make. Album 42 is titled "No Way Out", not "New Way Out" as previously reported on April 23.

April 24, 2004
It's been so long, I almost forgot there was a new episode airing this weekend! Thankfully I didn't and I hope no one else does either! "Eggshells" is available over at Oneplace and once you're finished listening, come on back to The Soda Fountain where my review is available for your reading pleasure. The picture on the right is of course an eggshell... rather obvious why (I hope!) :o).

April 23, 2004
The official title for album 42 has been leaked: It will be called "New Way Out", and features all of the episodes from "Living in the Gray I & II" to "No Way In", minus "My Girl Hallie" which is included in the album "In Hot Pursuit". Speaking of which, as of today it's available in your local Christian book stores and online, along with the CD versions of "The FUN-damentals" and "Daring Deeds, Sinister Schemes". My copies are in the mail, how about yours?

April 17, 2004
"Quotes", the last installment of "The Soda Fountain Quiz" is here! Because of the nature of quotes, this test may be a little bit more difficult for the casual fan. But everyone seemed to do very well on the previous quiz ("Behind the Scenes"), and I thought the questions were fairly difficult myself. So good luck to everyone! This brings the total questions on this website to 255! There's even a "Master Quiz" which allows you to take up to 30 questions randomly selected from all of the categories. So if you haven't tried the trivia, and don't know where to start... I would recommend there!

April 16, 2004
A fan of The Last Chance Detectives?


A fan of radio shows?

Well... then head over to The Official Site for information on Focus on the Family's upcoming summer adventure, "The Last Chance Detectives". It includes a preview clip, a teaser and website/contest info for the 12 episode arc (3 stories in 4 episodes a piece). One of the stories even has Jason Whittaker of AIO fame!

UPDATE: Also over at The Official Site is an "In Hot Pursuit" activity page! Included is an interview with Katie Leigh featuring audio clips and a Scavenger Hunt for people to play this summer with their families!!

April 14, 2004
As usual, AIO news has been very slow this off season. I hope you're all having fun taking "The Soda Fountain Quiz" and haven't found it too difficult. Again, "Quotes" will be up Saturday and then on April 24, "Eggshells" will air which centers around Connie Kendall returning home after her long road trip.

Also, Nathan Hoobler hinted over at The Town Hall that "A Name, Not a Number I & II" will be airing for the first time on the radio since it originally aired in 1994! So this May, if you haven't heard one of the best shows in AIO history... be sure to tune in!

Also, while it may only be temporary, The Town Hall (as of this posting) is not loading. I've reactivated The Soda Fountain Forum for the time being... but will likely take it down later in the day, provided The Town Hall is back on it's feet.

And an update for those who are curious... the Flames' best of seven series with the Vancouver Canucks is currently tied at 2 games a piece after a deafening 4 - 0 home win last night. It's one exciting series! For people who don't watch hockey, you're really missing out on a lot of good hard hitting fun. Go Flames Go!

UPDATE: The Town Hall is working fine now.

April 11, 2004
In case you're curious, "The Soda Fountain Quiz" has 223 questions spread over 4 categories. Pretty amazing 'huh? I apologize that there isn't 50+ in each category like I said I had hoped to do earlier, (there's 100 in "Characters", 40 in "Locations", 45 in "Episode Titles" and 38 in "Behind the Scenes"). Next week I'll launch "Quotes", which will be the last trivia addition for a while with "Eggshells" airing the following week. However, if you have a trivia question (or many!) that you'd like to share with me, I'd love to add them to any of the categories. Most of the 223 I came up with myself, and eventually my brain just reaches a point where I can't think of any more for a category. But they certainly are out there... so if you have any you'd like me to add to my database, just pass me an email and I'll add them ASAP.

Btw... my Guestbook is getting kind of lonely. Anyone else wanna sign it? Or should I just hide the book, and pretend people like my site? ;o)

April 10, 2004
Time to go "Behind the Scenes" with this week's installment of "The Soda Fountain Quiz". Coming up with questions was much more difficult this time around, and I was only able to think up 30... so far. I'll try and add several more later in the day, once I get some rest :o) Good luck! This batch is very difficult if you don't know your Odyssey trivia.

UPDATE: I have since added 8 more questions, bringing the total up to 38.

April 07, 2004
First up, The Official Site has officially unveiled the new title for album 07's remake. It will be called "On Thin Ice", formerly "Courageous Characters, Fabulous Friends". I've updated the entire site accordingly. I'm still waiting on the new name for "Terrific Tales, Mysterious Missions" and will hopefully be able to reveal that title by the end of the week. The cover art for "On Thin Ice" is as follows:

The picture features a scene from "Ice Fishing" with Eugene successfully catching (as he would say) a veritable mountain of fish while Whit, Monty, and Tom are huddling together nearby with their teeth chattering catching no fish at all.

I've also added yet another poll to the right, this time asking the question "Which is your favorite early album?". And according to last week's question, the Soda Fountain's Episode Guide is the most popular aspect of this site. "The Odyssey Scrapbook", "AIO Survivor", "AIO Mole", and "The Soda Fountain Quiz" all finished quite high as well.

And just the usual reminder, I'll be adding "Behind the Scenes" to "The Soda Fountain Quiz" on Saturday. Also, I know of I haven't updated the characters to the Episode Guide in recent weeks, as with school being so busy I just haven't had the time. But I will make the effort with school wrapping up soon, and hopefully have every character added to every episode by the end of April. The actor database I'd like to compile will then be a spring project, which (provided work doesn't work me too hard), I should have finished by the end of May.

April 04, 2004
What's that in the top left corner? Well, my hometown team (the Calgary Flames) of whom I've been a fan all my life, have finally gotten themselves back into the NHL playoffs after seven disappointing seasons. Since I'm a loyal fan and support them whole heartedly, I intend to place that logo up there until the Flames are eliminated from the playoffs (or better yet, they take home the Stanley Cup). What does this have to do with Adventures in Odyssey you ask?

Hockey was mentioned in "Easy Money". I think that is enough justification for my actions. Thank you. :o)

And in case you missed it, "Episode Titles" is the newest addition to "The Soda Fountain Quiz". Good luck!

April 03, 2004
It's time for "Episode Titles" to be added to "The Soda Fountain Quiz". Did you think the last couple of quizzes were too difficult? Well, this batch is extremely easy. That's not to say there aren't a few challenging questions thrown in for good measure, but for the most part, I focused on simple questions to appease those who have found the tests too hard.

Next Saturday will be "Behind the Scenes", with questions related to things behind the scenes of Odyssey (go figure!), such as actors, writers, crew, and well known (and not so well known) tidbits. The following week I'm thinking of launching a "Quotes" quiz, where you must link a character to a particular quote in some way. So keep coming back for the latest quizzes!

April 02, 2004
Still excited about the possibility of seeing McGee on the radio? Well, then I'm afraid you're going to be disappointed. As many of you figured out (I hope!), "McGee and Me!" isn't going to be turned into a radio drama anytime soon. The concept of turning a show with a cartoon character as it's certain of appeal into a radio show was absurd enough that I decided to do it as my April Fools joke. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused ;o) But you can come back tomorrow for "Episode Titles" in the trivia section.

April 01, 2004
Well this isn't really AIO related news today, but it is related to the Odyssey staff. As many of you may be aware, "The Last Chance Detectives" is going to be airing this summer in AIO's time slot (on stations that permit it; they can either air it or a re-run of Odyssey). Based on early playbacks of the new batch of "Last Chance Detective" radio dramas, the Odyssey Staff are pleased with what they hear and have decided to convert yet another popular video series of Focus on the Family to radio... "McGee and Me!".

From what I've heard, the show will star the son of Jamie Martin. For those who may not recall, Jamie is the sister of Nicholas, the main character from the show's earlier incarnation. Anyway, Jamie's son is a boy named Brent who is somewhat of a loner in school. The basic concept of the show is that Brent learns of this "McGee" character from his uncle Nicholas, and desperate for a friend attempts to bring his own creation to life. Eventually it works, and McGee is born.

The original voice of McGee is reportedly going to return and he'll help Brent make some friends and stand up to the bullies who pick on him. But that's not even the most interesting part... Derrick, the bully from the original series, is going to be a teacher at Brent's school! I'm curious how that happened. :o)

That's really all the information I have about the new series, and I'm not sure if it's going to be a 12 episode arc like "The Last Chance Detectives" or a full fledged production like AIO. I guess we just have to wait and see, but I'd like to see how they're going to pull this off.

In other news, I've removed "Odyssey Digest" from "Links" as it hasn't been updated in 3 months, and archived all the news from March. Be sure to come back Saturday for "Episode Titles" to be added to "The Soda Fountain Quiz".

Speaking of "The Soda Fountain Quiz", I had to change an answer to the question regarding Tasha Forbes' call sign. According to the Complete Guide, her number is 2632... but according to "A Name, Not a Number I & II" that isn't the case. Both Nick and Chris pointed this out to me yesterday, within the span of an hour... very strange considering it's been up for more than a week and no one noticed! Well thanks to Nick and Chris for pointing it out, and I've since gone and corrected the number.


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