News: April, 2002

April 29, 2002
Is Odyssey Radio shutting it's doors? It appears that way, at least for the duration of the season. A thread started at The Town Hall has more information on the matter.

April 27, 2002
"The Official Site" now has a trailer up for the "The Caves of Qumran". If you're into the Odyssey videos, then definitely take a look. (The video is now available). In other news, it doesn't appear broadcast 25 will be available at Odyssey Radio for the next couple of days.

April 23, 2002
Wow, no updates in a week! Sorry everyone... it just seems there isn't any new information to post right now. "The Town Hall" is dying and reviving moment to moment and AIOHQ has updated their weekly feature (and, I just noticed I was mentioned for helping... sorry Nathan, you did all the work ;o) ). Lastly, there is now information up at the Official Site about "The Caves of Qumran". It is the latest video in the series, and yes, it does include Eugene. Looks like it's based around "Indiana Jones" and actually was partially inspired by The Treasure of Le Monde!.

April 16, 2002
Ahhh, it looks look "The Soda Fountain" didn't get the scoop we intended. The real final four titles in the Novacom saga (which I've been waiting to post for probably close to a month), have officially been released at The Official Site. They are as follows:

496: Exceptional Circumstances
497: Expect the Worst
498: Exactly as Planned
499: Exit

And the final episode of the season will simply be titled "500". The 2002 Section of this site as well as the album listing for "Battle Lines" have been updated accordingly.

April 14, 2002
I apologize for the delay in the posting of "The Black Veil I & II" review. Thanks to James Brunskill's counter suggestion, I went and updated every single page on this site with a new counter that doesn't ask you to "Play Casino" (that's 173 pages!) . So now that's all out of the way, the review is up and so is the "Andromeda Questions and Answers" section. The pages about Novacom and RWS Research have been updated, with the most recent questions found near the bottom of the pages.

April 13, 2002
"The Black Veil II" aired today! Check out Oneplace if you haven't already heard it. A review and update of the "Andromeda Questions and Answers" section will be posted later in the day.

April 12, 2002
OdysseyRadio released a special mid-week broadcast titled: "Odyssey Sci-fi: Looking into the Black Veil". It is of course about the episode "The Black Veil I", which will be continued this Saturday (in the episode oddly titled: "The Black Veil II"). I realize it's old news, but I wasn't able to update in the past couple of days ;o)... Also note that the real final four titles in the Novacom saga will be revealed in the coming week.

April 07, 2002
Tommy Nelson has added this information onto their site, including a an image from the upcoming album cover (to avoid spoiling plot, the album cover below is only about 1/4 the actual size and is still in the rough stages):

Kids can’t get enough of Adventures in Odyssey®—and neither can their parents! In Battle Lines, the thirty-eighth release in the Odyssey series, you’ll find even more of what’s made this long-running radio drama (currently airing on more than 1,100 stations) so popular—excellent production, intriguing storylines, and valuable lessons that build biblical morals and character into children. Battle Lines, a six-episode set, brings us the explosive conclusion of the Novacom saga. Strange things are happening everywhere—from Alaska to Odyssey—including miraculous healings and unexplainable violence. Whit and Jason suspect that the black boxes distributed by Novacom are emitting signals that are controlling people’s minds. Can Whit stop the evil corporation before it takes over Odyssey? Mystery and excitement abound as kids consider the question: “Is manipulation ever OK—even if good is accomplished?”

Miraculous healings? We haven't heard anything about that on the show yet, but maybe "Box of Miracles" will introduce the concept? And what's with the final quote in the summary? Is Novacom actually trying to do good things with their RWS Research? I guess we'll have to wait and find out!

April 06, 2002
"The Black Veil I" aired today. Fan opinion is being split down the middle as some think it's too sci-fi for Adventures in Odyssey, while others think it's just a great episode. What do I think? You'll have to wait and hear my review next week following the conclusion of the two part episode. Also, the "Andromeda Questions and Answers" page has not been updated for this episode. Not because I didn't have time or because there was no new questions/answers posed... but because a lot of the stuff is only assumed and we'll have much more info to go on following "The Black Veil II". Oh and Odyssey Radio Broadcast 22 is up, so be sure to give it a listen as usual.

April 05, 2002
"The Black Veil I" airs tomorrow on radio stations throughout North America. However, some fans have kidnapped a copy of the episode and are releasing it early! Check out Jared Walczak's Odyssey Radio Column for more information on how you can listen early too. :o)

April 02, 2002
Even bigger news today than yesterday: April Fools! The final 4 titles have not yet been released and the ones you saw posted here were just made up. I have since gone and removed all pages that reflected the so called change (such as 2002 and Album 38), and I apologize to anyone who believed it was true :o) I guess I didn't want to do one of those lame April Fools jokes where nothing is logical or believable, so I made one as realistic as possible... and I apologize for any inconvenience.

In other news, many of you have probably already noticed the "Play Casino" ad to the right. Please don't click on it, you don't have to... the only reason it is there is because it is my counter. It keeps track of all the visitor information to this site and gives me an accurate look at what pages are most popular and what not. Again, there is no need for anyone ever to click on it. I tend to forget it's even there since I'm so used to it, and I apologize to anyone who was confused as to what it was.

April 01, 2002
Some rather big news today in which the final 4 titles in the Novacom series have been released. They are as follows:

496: Broken Bones
497: A Dent in the Plan
498: The Book of the Unwanted
499: Stand-off

Could "A Dent in the Plan" be a clever play on the name "Arthur Dent"? Maybe he returns and either A) Gets back at Novacom or B) Turns on Whit and the gang? I guess we'll have to wait and see. In other news, March news has now been archived and a very incomplete list of the shows airing this April has been put up. Head to the Listen section to find out more. Also, you can still check out my review of "Under the Influence I & II" and in the coming days I may even add a section to this site about the webmaster.


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