News: April, 2000

April 30, 2000
A new month is almost upon us! Because of this, various changes have been made around the site (such as the archives now have April and the schedule has been updated). Also the Episode Awards are now over and the Character Awards have begun! Feel free to vote again. If you want to see the episodes that won, and my own brief opinion check out this page. You may also notice that next to the episodes that won there are little trophies for the various categories.

April 29, 2000
Another split aired this morning. "Career Moves / The Bad Guy", aired this morning. As usual, you can read my review and then post your own comments in the forum. Also "The Official Site" has put up the script of "A Class Act" into their Little Theater section. It's interesting when you read it because it contains some scenes we've never heard! Go and check it out today.

April 28, 2000
A while back I posted an image of my copy of Whit's Flop (an original Odyssey USA episode), if you missed it the first time you can check it out again here! Pretty neat if I do say so myself, though it is rather dirty ;o)

April 27, 2000
Wow a pretty slow week. Not much to report, although you can expect a new AIO script to appear at "The Official Site" on Friday, and the new "Soda Shop" game will be up and running next week. I also want to remind everyone who hasn't voted yet to do so. I'm hoping to get an accurate view of people's favorite episodes and this poll will prove helpful. The polls will be closing Saturday night, so remind all your friends.

April 25, 2000
"The Official Site" has now posted some character clips on their website. Be sure to visit the "Little Theater" to find them. The quality is horrible though, but it's not that big of a download. Along with various tweaks and improvements around the site (such as organizing the archives into months), you may also notice the links are nicer looking. I didn't like the blue underlined links and I was inspired by SwitchFlood to change my ways.

April 23, 2000
Happy Easter everyone! I hope the Easter Bunny was good to you all. If you want to get into the spirit of things, try and listen to "The Imagination Station" tonight, as it is a great two-part episode dealing with Jesus' death. On a side note, on May 6 "No Boundaries" will air. Previously no information on this episode has been released, unless there has been a title change (however I don't see which title fits the description of the episode so I will assume it is new).

April 22, 2000
"Changing Rodney" aired today. You'll be able to view the review here. I also did not post a new poll for this week, since we have the big "Episode Awards" going on. Remember to vote, and check out the current results.

April 21, 2000
The Ultimate AIO Site has posted some news about this fall season. It looks like we have something to look forward too. Tomorrow "Changing Rodney" will air, let's hope it's really good :o). Also don't forget to vote for your favorite episodes!

April 19, 2000
Sorry about all the problems with the Polls, I guess I'm just lucky and never had any. I have created an alternate place to vote and you can do so here. If you voted before, the votes have been added to the new poll so no need to vote again. Enjoy!

April 17, 2000
Well I have good news! I was able to get the episode awards ready for today! Yep that's right, you can start voting for your favorite episodes here (or click on the Polls icon to the right). If you have any problems, please inform me so I can try and fix it. Be sure, to tell everyone you know to vote, so we can get a more accurate view of the episodes people like the most. The character polls are going to be put up after the episodes are done so then I won't be too overloaded with information! :o)

April 16, 2000
Odyssey Central has redesigned their site. Be sure to take a look at their new look. I'm also compiling a list of best episodes for my awards. Any episodes you think should be included? Send me a list and I'll try and add some to the awards page when it goes up later this week. Also if you visit "The Official Site" you will notice that they have added the "Printshop" and "E-cards" section to their Imagination Station page. Hey and since it's my birthday today, you could test it out and send me a birthday e-card from the site. Oh well, I thought I would at least try :o)

April 15, 2000
"Two Roads / Sticks and Stones" aired today. Overall I thought they were pretty good, but you can read my review and more about the episode here. I also would like to point out that Switchflood has posted a nice article here called "Whit: The Man / The Myth".

April 14, 2000
Well not much new news to report, although the awards I am working on for AIO episodes and characters are coming along smoothly. I think the voting will begin sometime late next week, provided I get everything up and running by then. On a final note, I see the races are heating up at the Odyssey Awards. Once the voting stops, I will post an article on how I think things went, but until then be sure to stay tuned and see who will win!

April 12, 2000
It seems that "The Bad Guy" will live on after all! You may recall that the split was pulled earlier this year and seemed to be lost. But it is now being paired with "Career Moves" and will air April 29. Also please don't forget to vote for "The Soda Fountain" at the Odyssey awards!

April 10, 2000
It's time to vote! Go to the Odyssey Awards page and be sure to chose the site you think deserves your vote in all the categories. "The Soda Fountain" is nominated for 8 of them! The most for any AIO site, so keep that in mind :o) Also for all you Katie Leigh fans out there, be sure to check out OdysseyFan's Katie Leigh's Fan Club Page! Katie Leigh does the voice of Connie Kendall. Finally, I noticed a nice poem over at the Switchflood that you should read about the episode "The Mortal Coil".

April 08, 2000
Another AIO episode aired today! I won't talk much about it here, but you can read my review of "What Do You Think? / Idol Minds" here and check out information on the short here. Having trouble listening to the episode? Try out an alternate place to hear today's episode. I have also posted yet another poll to the right, this time I'm wondering how many times you visit the site. Please remember to vote :o)

April 06, 2000
UAIO has announced that the date has been changed for their "Who Wants to Be A Odyssey-Aire" from April 7 to April 8. The time will still be at 7:00pm EST. Also if you check out the forum, you can see a message I have posted about the categories I would like to include for my awards.

April 05, 2000
The Odyssey Awards have now been pushed back until April 10, so a little while to go. Also the Awards I've been thinking of making are still under way for the characters and episodes, and the feedback has been great! If there is any comments you'd like to add, it's never to late to send them in.

April 04, 2000
No new news to report lately, it's getting kind of boring around here :o) I've been thinking of throwing together some sort of awards thing for individual episodes and characters (for example, best AIO comedy, best AIO Drama, etc...) that you could all vote on. What do you think of that idea? Email me.

April 01, 2000
Wow this has been quite a day! So many things have happened today that it would be hard to explain in a short paragraph, so I have decided to organize this update like so:

Official Site Opens

The official site finally opened today! It is well thought out and full of information that you have to see for yourself! Character bios, episode guides, everything! This site is a must see.

"I Slap Floor" Airs

I Slap Floor aired today. It the best episode in recent memory and worth listening to. After you're finished, you can read my review. But be warned that it contains spoilers.

Odyssey Times Opens!

UAIO has expanded and added a new section called "The Odyssey Times". It has articles, trivia and a section devoted to the upcoming Adventures in Odyssey videos! Check it out.

AIOHQ's Contest Begins

AIOHQ's monthly contest for the month of April will begin soon. It looks like it will be a very fun contest so head over to the "HQ" and check out the details.

Changing Rodney Cancelled

Even though it hasn't aired yet, the episode most AIO fans have been looking forward to has been canceled! "Changing Rodney" will not air because "It deals with an issue younger fans can not relate too". I'm not sure what is meant by this, but I will try and find out. In the meantime we can pray they will come to their senses.

The Odyssey Awards

The long awaited "Odyssey Awards" website is now up! You can't vote until April 3, but you will be able to see the nominees. We all know who you want to vote for... But wouldn't you rather vote for me? Hehe I'm just kidding.

Poll Updated

Out with the old, in with the new. Today's poll asks you what you think of the Official Site. Be honest now, and don't forget to tell others to vote. The hits to the site have drastically decreased for some reason, and the poll seems to be a good indicator of how many visitors the site gets.

Passages Released

According to OdysseyFan from AIOHQ, the rest of the Passages books (4-6) have been released and if you've ordered them you shouldn't have much longer to wait! Stores should be getting them in very soon now, and it's only a matter of time before we all find ourselves going back to Marus!

Wow that was a long update! On top of all that, I have also reorganized the episode numbers because according to the Official site, the episodes go on as though "Bad Guy / Bethany's Flood" never existed. I also realized I had to throw in an April Fools day joke, and the "Changing Rodney" article is a hoax. I still believe the episode will come out as planned :o) Speaking of Hoax's, did anyone else notice that "Seven Deadly Dwarves", has been changed to "The Hoax's On You"? Anyway, once you've sorted through all this, feel free to post your opinions in the forum.


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