News: March, 2006

March 24, 2006
The Official Site has updated their AIO Resource Listing and it's a big deal this time! If you scroll down, you'll see the title for album 46 has been released: "A Date with Dad (and Other Calamities)"... an astute individual would also notice 46A and 46B are nowhere in site. The reason? The A/B formats have been officially discontinued. This change might a be a little frustrating for fans who collected the A/B (the few who exist), but I think it's for the best... this is a cheaper route for Focus on the Family to go and the formats were never very popular with fans (at least internet fans) from the start. As we learned with split episodes.... fans are quite content with tradition :o).

March 23, 2006
It's getting down to the wire with my super secret unveiling! It's hard to really describe the progress without spoiling some of the juicy details... but I'll say that pieces of the project will be released in a couple of waves. I'm not prepared to release everything I have planned on April 1, but the core will exist and the project will continue to grow as I continue to add enhancements. It is something I'm very excited about and the project should greatly appeal to both diehard Adventures in Odyssey fans and the casual market out there. In a week's time, all will be revealed and I'm hoping you'll be as excited about the possibilities as I am!

March 17, 2006
I've got some real Adventures in Odyssey news to talk about today... the remaining episode titles for this season! New shows will begin airing April 15 and they are as follows:

April 15: "Three O'Clock Call" (Bob Hoose)
April 22: "Switch" (John Fornof)
April 29: "Now More Than Ever" (Kathy Buchanan & John Fornof)
May 6: "Around the Block" (Nathan Hoobler)
May 13: "A Time for Action I" (Nathan Hoobler)
May 20: "A Time for Action II" (Nathan Hoobler)

Think you know what some episodes this season might be about? Speculate with others at The Town of Odyssey! :o) I don't know about you, but I'm really excited that the season finale is going to be another two-parter.

March 11, 2006
"The Impossible" is the last new Adventures in Odyssey episode for a while, so if you've missed any episodes this season, check out Oneplace's archives and get caught up! Broadcast has submitted his review to The Soda Fountain and fans just like yourself are also posting their own reviews at The Town of Odyssey. Let's hope the wait till the next episode is a short one!

March 09, 2006
Have you ever wanted to purchase Adventures in Odyssey over the web? Well, now you can! SongTouch.com is the first of many venues in which Focus on the Family hopes to distribute digital files of Adventures in Odyssey programs. You can buy entire albums for $17.99 or individual shows for $1.99 and there are several compilation albums to choose from (currently available in .wma). This news isn't even official yet (Focus on the Family won't officially announce this for another couple of weeks), but the episodes can already be purchased and more albums are expected to go online in the coming weeks and months. Let's hope this is a success, as this is could be a great opportunity to attract new listeners who are interested in sampling the shows for a small fee (tell all your friends!).

Oh, and as a small treat (ok, really small), I'm going to post a tiny screen shot of some of my homework that is directly related to the April 1 unveiling. Maybe it will help you figure out what it will be? Or at least, part of what it will be? Let me know if you have some ideas!

Best wishes figuring it out!

March 06, 2006
Broadcast has submitted his review for "Broken Armed and Dangerous". What did he think of the show? Well, I guess there's only one way to find out (and it's not to "turn over the tape and keep listening!") ;o).

And for the semi-regular progress report on my project, it's still on schedule to be finished by the time the clock ticks down (which is good news). The actual assignment isn't due till the middle of April, so I'm trying to make up the lost time, and I think I'm ahead of the game on this one. However, that's not to say I don't have a great deal of work ahead of me before now and the end of the month, but things are looking good so far and I can't wait to unveil it!

March 03, 2006
As many of you know, I'm a big video gamer and I was browsing one of my regular haunts today when I saw a review for Adventures in Odyssey: The Treasures of the Incas. Now, most of you know my feelings regarding that game (if you don't, please check out my review here), so it was nice to have somebody else's take on the series. This also wasn't the first time I've read a review of the series on another video game website as Just Adventure also has a review of the games that was posted last year. Both reviews are interesting to read if you're still trying to determine whether or not these video games are for you.

And don't forget that "Broken Armed and Dangerous" airs tomorrow! A clip of the show can be found at The Official Site.


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