News: March, 2002

March 31, 2002
Happy Easter Everyone!

March 30, 2002
"Under the Influence II" aired today. That also means there is a complete review up on this site of "Under the Influence I & II". If you want to read more reviews of the episode, head over the AIOHQ.

March 24, 2002
Two AIO sites have changed their look. The Odyssey Scoop has gone and revamped their main page with a grey/white background and a new logo, while Odyssey Radio has completey redesigned. They also have posted Odyssey Radio Broadcast 20 which includes information from Nathan Hoobler, a report on Odyssey characters, an interview with the voice of Aubrey, and the second part of the Odyssey Factor... be sure to check them out!

March 23, 2002
The new season (what do we call these things now?) has begun! "Under the Influence I" has aired and you can check it out at oneplace.com. As a result, the Novacom section of the "Andromeda Questions and Answers" section has now answered another question!

Following the conclusion of the second part, a full review will be posted on this site. In the meantime you can visit the AIOHQ and read other fan reviews or join in on the discussions at The Town Hall.

March 20, 2002
Wondering about the upcoming season? Head over to the 2002 Section and get all the latest information/titles/air dates of the next several episodes. Have a question about Andromeda? Check out the "Andromeda Question and Answers" section of this site with over 100 questions that will hopefully all be answered by July of this year. And just a reminder, only 3 days left until "Under the Influence I" will air! News may be slow as we speak, but things will certainly heat up in the coming month.

March 18, 2002
The entire AIO team went out to Burbank yesterday morning to record the final 4 episodes of the Novacom/Andromeda saga. They will also be recording bits and pieces of episode 500 which will air July 13 provided the schedule stays on track from here on out. Rumor has it that just about EVERY single person who has ever been involved on Odyssey is heading to the recording session this week because the team is going to try and interview as many of them as possible for the special 500th episode. I'm not sure how they're going to fit all this into one episode, so maybe it's possible that it will be a two parter? One can only hope. Also, if you haven't seen them already, the results of the "Countermoves 2001 - 2002 Season Awards" are now in.

March 16, 2002
The "Countermoves 2001 - 2002 Season Awards" have now wrapped up. Be sure to check out the results and read what the fans had to say! Also, the Official Site's "Wonderworld" section now has this to say:

On March 23rd, don't miss the beginning of a new season of Adventures in Odyssey! It all starts when an old friend leads Aubrey down a path that pits her against her parents and their beliefs. But what Aubrey doesn't know is, this path will take her to a place where she'll never be the same again.

Is Aubrey finally going to become a Christian? It certainly looks that way. I guess we'll all find out in "Under the Influence I & II". There is also a teaser that can be found at the site.

March 11, 2002
This is huge news, and is very disappointing for many AIO fans. The new season (can I still call them that?) will commence on March 23 with "Under the Influence I". On March 30, "Under the Influence II" will air and on April 6 & 13 "The Black Veil I & II" will air respectively. However, none of this is new to anyone. What is new, is that after April 13 we will have to wait yet ANOTHER month to hear more Adventures in Odyssey episodes. For the most accurate episode information check out the 2002 Section or the Upcoming Episodes page.

March 10, 2002
The AIOHQ has put out an official request to the fans to find out what questions you would ask your favorite AIO actors over the years. You ever wanted to ask Katie Leigh what her favorite color of sock is? So have I... this is our chance! :o) So head over to the AIOHQ to find out more of the details.
Now unto something else. Unfortunately, it seems my shaw.ca server is acting up and when I upload certain pages, the server doesn't automatically update that particular page. So let's say I tell you that the Links section is updated, but when you go there you don't see anything different... you might need to hit the refresh button a few times until the server gets the picture that there is something new that needs to be displayed. It is also really too bad when the main page is updated, but no one knows because the server decides not to update the main page on it's own. I haven't figured out why it does this, nor does it seem to be related to anyone's internet cache (I've seen the page updated and then came back several hours later to see it reversed to a previous days update, and then I would refresh and get the update that was supposed to be there). Generally I think it's not that big of a problem as the server does a fairly good job of maintaining each page, but if you do think to yourself "Hey, this guy said he updated but I don't see anything new", then please hit the refresh button and hopefully your concern will prove to be unfounded. (Though, I'm not perfect and maybe the next time you see it happen I actually have forgotten to upload the page :o) ).... Anyway, sorry for wasting your time but just thought I'd let you know.

March 09, 2002
Just like every Saturday, the newest Odyssey Radio is online. The show ends with a never before aired "Odyssey Factor" starring Josh Lewis and Jeff Cunningham (remember UAIO?) . The rest of OR has the usual web site update (hey Jared, I didn't mean it to be insulting :o)... it just seems everyone forgets this site has an Episode Guide), and a discussion of the pros and cons of listening to Odyssey using either radio, tape, cd, or internet. I have also updated the Forum page of this site to include the new Town Hall logo and address. Be sure to check it out! Also to note, the AIOHQ recently added a list of the musical composers for every individual show. John Campbell sure is a busy guy :o)!

March 08, 2002
Just a correction to the other days post... "Under the Influence I & II" will air on March 23 & 30, not May 23 & 30... sorry for the confusion and thanks to Jared from Odyssey Radio for pointing out my typo. In other news, please continue to vote in the "Countermoves 2001 - 2002 Season Awards" which is fast approaching completion! The AIOHQ and the Soda Fountain will have all results posted on Saturday, March 16.

March 06, 2002
The AIOHQ has released this new information about the upcoming episodes:

"Under the Influence I & II" - May 23 & 30
When a friend of Aubrey's moves to Odyssey, Aubrey is overjoyed, but her parents aren't as thrilled.

"The Black Veil I & II" - April 6 & 13

Jason Whittaker's stop in Alaska reveals strange problems affecting the members of the church. Meanwhile in Odyssey, Whit tries to figure out several unusual events.

Both sound like they aren't soley Novacom related, therefore it's safe to assume that not all the episodes airing in the coming months will be like the "Plan B" series. However, all episodes will still be related to the arc at least in some form.

March 04, 2002
A new question had been posted in the Foreshadowing category of the "Andromeda Questions and Answers" section. Thanks to Michael Zoradi for sending it in! And contrary to what Odyssey Radio claims, the "Andromeda Questions and Answers" is not the largest section of this site. That title belongs to the Episode Guide, with the most up to date air dates, descriptions, ratings and album information of any Adventures in Odyssey website.

March 03, 2002
Here's a blast from the past. Below is an image of the first version of The Soda Fountain and an image of the infamous text only version! Why am I posting this now? Well... news is slow and I think it's a nice way to introduce new visitors by connecting them with the past. Now at the time the image on the left would be from, the site actually didn't have a name. It wasn't called "Untitled" or anything like that, but was just simply referred to as the AIO Site. (I can't even remember and not many sites ever mentioned us... so it wasn't like we needed a real name.) It's amazing how little the format has changed over the years; the only real difference would be the change in logo, the color of the links, the removal of the counter, and the numerous changes to the bar on the left.

Now the image on the right is taken from the last day of updates the text only version went through. Because of the graphics involved with this webpage, I decided to make an alternate version for those with slower connections. It turned out to be a big waste of time and no one wanted to look at it. You can click on the images for larger versions.

March 02, 2002
What is this? No updates for the past week? Yes... that is true. Though (and I'll place the blame on myself for this one) in recent months many AIO sites have been popping up that have promised daily updates. For those who visited the site back in it's heyday, you'd know that while the Soda Fountain was the most frequently updated site... we only updated when there was actually something to post :o) So instead of wasting both your time and my own, this site will not ever become a daily update site (though that will often appear to be the case when news is running wild). Sorry for any confusion.

Unto some actual updates for today! It is a new month, and so all the February news has been archived and the Listen schedule has been updated. Also, the "Countermoves 2001 - 2002 Season Awards" is still ongoing. Please be sure to vote and you'll get a full rundown of what other AIO fans around North America have to say when the results are posted on March 16!


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