News: March, 2000

March 31, 2000
Ready for the big day tomorrow? I will compile a list of all things AIO going up tommorow so you can easily navigate from this site between the various going ons. Among other things, the Official Odyssey Website will finally go up! Now that doesn't mean you have to stop coming to the "Fountain", it will still be here when you get tired with the new site, and still full of information!

March 30, 2000
The Ultimate AIO Site has added a new contest. It's called "Who Wants to be A Odyssey-Aire!" Grammar aside, it looks like it will be a fun game :o) Check out the details at the site.

March 28, 2000
The Odyssey schedule for April is now up. The episodes are still being numbered as though "Bad Guy / Bethany's Flood" aired just in case the numbers don't change (perhaps over at FOTF there would be too much paperwork to go through to fix the numbers for example). Besides, for the time being it is easier on myself :o) Also be sure to head over to the AIOHQ because they have a great new section full of games for you to play!

March 26, 2000
Another poll of the week has been added to the right, you can see the results of the previous poll here. This weeks poll asks you which is your favorite B-TV episode.

March 25, 2000
I have added a link to the SwitchFlood which has reviews of a lot of episodes and some articles and is run by the same guy who runs the "Town Hall". Be sure to take a look. Other than that, there is not much news to report today.

March 24, 2000
Be aware that there will not be a new episode tommorow, but there will be on the first of April. (The same day the Official site opens). Please also note that AIOHQ will be starting their "April Contest" that day as well so check back then.

March 23, 2000
Not much new news to report as of yet. Although I have added a link to the first fan site dedicated to Radio Theater. So be sure to visit "Behind the Curtain". Also I noticed that a good portion of you don't know what I mean by episode descriptions. If you click on the "Episodes" link to the left, you will find a link to every single episode ever made of AIO and get a short description about it. Take a peek :o)

March 20, 2000
We are now 3 weeks into the new season. What do you all think of the episodes so far? You can post your thoughts in the forum, or send a review or comment to me through email. I would also like to point out that "The Soda Fountain" has passed the 1000 hit mark. Thanks for you support and please help to keep this page running by telling all your friends! The more people, the more motivation I will have to add more things :o). Also if you missed yesterday's late update, you can check it out below.

March 19, 2000
Sorry that it took an extra day, but I have posted my review of B-TV: Grace which you can read here. Also, if you look to your right a bit you may notice a new poll question for the week. Last weeks question, "What would you like to see more of on this site", had "Articles" winning with 30% of the vote, followed by "Interviews" with 25%. I'll try and satisfy your wishes :o)

March 18, 2000
B-TV: Grace aired today. As you may have noticed, Broadcast's link to the new episode is not working, and many people who depend on the internet to listen to Odyssey are out of luck. I hope the episode is put unto the internet soon, so everyone can hear it.

March 17, 2000
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Wanna get into the spirit of things? Listen to "Patrick a Heart Afire", and hear the story of St. Patrick. I have also added a new item to the Misc. section. It is a complete list of all the Odyssey Shorts thus far, and the authors who wrote them. On a final note, Paul McCusker will begin work Monday on Odyssey, and we can expect some changes :o)

March 16, 2000
Please note that on March 25, "Bad Guy / Bethany's Flood" has been replaced by "Bernard and Job". No reason has been given, but I assume we won't get a chance to hear them.

March 15, 2000
As requested by Focus on the Family, the split episodes will be reviewed separately. I will make the changes as soon as possible. More details coming soon. You may have also noticed that I have taken down the ads at the bottom of the page. I didn't realize it before, but some of the material on the ads was a bit offensive so I decided it would be best to take them down.

March 12, 2000
After a long delay, the forums are finally back up! I can assure you that they will be up for good from now on, and even though they aren't the same as before, they look pretty darn close. So please check them out ;o) A side effect of losing our old server is that we no longer have the old accounts, so you must reregister (but it's fast and easy). You may also notice there are ads now at the bottom. It is just so I can get some statistics about visitors to this site and I hope to take it down in the coming months (maybe sooner if people complain). In the meantime just click if you feel like it, and don't if you don't :o)

March 11, 2000
"Lyin' Tale / Telltale Cat" aired today. To be honest I didn't like it very much and you can read why. Also be sure to join UAIO's chat today at 4 pm EST who will have Robert Skead (the author) dropping by.

March 09, 2000
AIOHQ has posted an article on split episodes that you should check out. I have also added a link to the newest Odyssey site on the web, who thinks I'm like the Ultimate Odyssey Site. I'm not, am I? :o) Anyway, please make sure you vote (this will give me an accurate number of visitors I get to the site since it only counts you once). Finally, OdysseyFan has informed me that the time of the chats held on Saturdays have now been changed to Mon., Wed., and Fri. at 7:00 pm EST.

March 08, 2000
Today I have posted a new article entitled "The Future of Odyssey". It is what I hope for the future of Odyssey, and my opinion on where AIO is headed. Please email me your comments on the article as I would love to hear from you. Also I was reading in the "comments" section of the poll that someone would like to see an AIO desktop theme. I have been working on one to be honest, but it just isn't working as I had hoped. But if I get enough feedback maybe I will get it working :o)

March 07, 2000
I have finally received "Virtual Realities", in the mail and listened to them all. You can see my new ratings for them in the 1999 section of the episode guide and the review of the album here. I have also posted a review of "Blackgaard's Revenge I & II" for you all to read. You may also notice to the right there is a poll, please take a moment to vote so I can continue to add new things to this site.

March 06, 2000
AIOHQ has also posted a bit on the upcoming compilation album "Star Spangled Stories of American History". You can visit the page here. I have also uploaded an early peak of the text only version of this site here. As you can see, it's not that great to look at, but should be faster loading. Almost everything is done on the page (except the albums).Finally as many of you may have noticed, the forums are down. I'm sorry for the inconvenience and I'm trying to get them back up. Until then you can check out the "Town Hall", or AIOHQ's general forum.

March 04, 2000
The new season began today! The season kicked off with Sunset Bowlawater / The Long Way Home and is now available for you to listen to! If you haven't heard it yet, check it out here. Once your done, you can check out my short review. Then at 4 PM EST, join AIOHQ's chat session or UAIO's chat session. I also would like to add that the "text only" version of this site will be up very soon, even though it's not as pretty to look at, it should speed things up for you :o)

March 03, 2000
The Ultimate AIO Site reopened it's doors with a new look, and you should go and check it out. The new season is almost here starting with Sunset Bowlawater / The Long Way Home which will be airing tomorrow! Be sure to tune in, and check out my review which I will post after the episode airs. Then feel free to post your opinions in the "New Episode" forum. It also seems two chats will take place tommorow, both at 4 PM EST. You can visit either AIOHQ's chat session or UAIO's chat session. You can even visit both at the same time if you wanted to!

March 01, 2000
AIOHQ has added an interview with John Beebee, one of the writers of AIO. Be sure to read it. Sorry for not really adding anything new lately. The reason is because I'm going through the Passages book series which I got in the mail the other day. I'm almost done the first one and will probably add my comments to the forum once it is done.


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