News: February, 2007

February 27, 2007
Submit Questions for David Griffin!
Life's been too hectic to record (or even prepare for) part 2 of my David Griffin interview, so Trent DeWhite and JesusFreak777 are taking over the job and are looking for your questions! You can post your questions over on The Town of Odyssey and look forward to the interview on a feature episode of The Unofficial Odyssey Podcast!

February 22, 2007
Walker Edmiston Passes Away

February 15, 2007

It saddens me to update The Soda Fountain today with news Walker Edmiston has passed away. Having been with the series since the beginning, Walker Edmiston is best known for his roles on Adventures in Odyssey as Tom Riley and Bart Rathbone, two of the series most popular characters. He leaves an impressive list of acting credits in a career that spans longer than 50 years. The Soda Fountain would like to express condolences to his family and would like you to know that your family is in our prayers.

Walker Edmiston will most definitely be missed and he leaves behind a void on Adventures in Odyssey that can never be filled.

February 16, 2007
The Soda Fountain Search Engine!
Last month, AIOSF.com became AIOSODA.com and even though AIOSF.com works once again, I was adamant that I was going to stick with AIOSODA.com for the foreseeable future. One of the primary reasons I cited was that Google continually refused to index The Soda Fountain. Well, in recent weeks, Google has happily indexed my site as I would have liked and I can finally present to you The Soda Fountain Search Engine! Being able to search the Soda Fountain has been the most requested feature since I launched the newly revamped website and not being able to rely on Google put me in a bit of a bind, as I didnít have the time to code a proper (and robust) search engine. But that is no longer an issue and the massive amount of information available on the site is now ready to be found!

I have also added a handy Search Button to the navigation bar above. As I'm quite new to this feature, there may be a few kinks that need to be worked out, so please email me if you encounter any problems or have some issues. Otherwise, enjoy this long overdue feature!

February 12, 2007
The Results Are In...
The results for the End of Season Awards are now available, so be sure to check out the winners!

Also, in case you missed it, "Prequels of Love" aired over the weekend... a tale about how Bernard met Maude! You can listen to the episode right now over on Oneplace.

February 04, 2007
Unofficial Odyssey Podcast #2
"Run-of-the-Mill Miracle" aired this weekend and you can check it out on Oneplace if you haven't already done so. I will be posting episode and character descriptions later this week!

I'd also like to bring your attention to "The Unofficial Odyssey Podcast"*... a new feature that can be found over on The Town of Odyssey. It's a great show for fans hosted by popular Town of Odyssey residents Trent DeWhite and JesusFreak777. This is the second episode of the series thus far, and I hope you all enjoy it. If you do, be sure to let them know you appreciate their efforts over on thetoo.com!

And don't you forget, time is running out on The Fall 2006 Awards! There's not much time left to vote and we need all the help we can get. So spread the word!

* Please note you'll need to sign up for the KYDS faction before you'll be able to see the thread. :o(


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