News: February, 2006

February 28, 2006
There's a special treat for Odyssey fans today! Nathan Hoobler, a writer for Adventures in Odyssey, has posted an episode commentary for "Two Friends and a Truck" over on the Town of Odyssey. If you are interested in hearing some behind the scenes information about this episode (and Odyssey in general), go download the show and have a listen. It runs for 25 minutes long and is well worth your time!

February 25, 2006
Oneplace has "Bringing Up Dads" and we have Broadcast's review! And as usual, you can provide your own reviews over at The Town of Odyssey!

And for a status report on my project, it's coming along nicely and I'm very excited about it. I'm still contemplating whether or not I should reveal what it is before the countdown expires, but I think there's an element of suspense if I leave it to the very second it ticks off. We'll see! :o)

February 18, 2006
"A Cheater Cheated" is up on Oneplace and I imagine you'll be able to find it on your favorite Christian radio station at some point in time this weekend. Overall, I thought it was pretty good and I loved that it had only classic characters like Bart, Tom, Whit, Rodney and Eugene. Now, Broadcast didn't like it as much as I did, but you can check out his full review here and find out why. If you'd like to share your own thoughts of this episode, check out The Town of Odyssey!

February 13, 2006
I have some more information about "The Lost Episodes" for you today. Here is the complete list of episodes that will be included in the album:

8: "Dental Dilemma"
15: "My Brotherís Keeper"
16: "No Stupid Questions"
22: A Simple Addition
30: "Honor Thy Parents"
44: "It Sure Seems Like it to Me"
45: "What Are We Gonna Do About Halloween?"
116: "Isaac the Benevolent"
117: "The Trouble with Girls"
134: "Pamela Has a Problem"
142: "Train Ride"
161: "Isaac the True Friend"

As special features, there will be some behind the scenes features and a full color companion booklet (don't quote me, but I believe this has some pictures of the cast and such). So there you have it! :o) The album will be available January, 2007.

February 11, 2006
Broadcast has come through with his review for "The Poor Rich Guy", which airs on radio stations throughout North America today! Oneplace also has the episode available for your listening pleasure and I hope you enjoy it!

Also, as you may have noticed, the AIOSF countdown clock has re-appeared yet again :o). This countdown clock directly ties into my secret project... keep tuned :o).

February 09, 2006
Huge news today for the avid Adventures in Odyssey collector! If you check out this page at The Official Site, you'll notice they have place holder images for the last three Gold Audio albums. Three you say? Yes, there is only two left, but the third is titled "The Lost Episodes". This album will contain a dozen previously unreleased episodes and will be available January 2007. I also happen to know there are some very special bonus features to be included in this particular album, but I won't spoil you just yet! I'm also going to try and confirm the list of episodes that will be included is still accurate (it's several months old) as well as get permission to post them. So check back soon!

Also on that Official Site page, there's also a clip of an Odyssey Scrapbook feature on goofs, which will be included in one of the final Gold Audio albums to be released.

February 04, 2006
"Dead Ends" airs today, which is a fantastic follow-up to last season's hit "Prisoners of Fear I, II, III". Want to hear the latest developments of Eugene's search? Tune in on Oneplace and then read Broadcast's review here on the Soda Fountain! Also, discuss the episode with other members at The Town of Odyssey. Enjoy!


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