News: February, 2004

February 28, 2004
"The Girl in the Sink" is the first of two Bernard stories in a row, as next week we'll get to hear "Bernard and Saul" before taking a month and a half break from new shows. After listening to the episode (which is up at Oneplace), feel free to read my usual review. And head over to The Town Hall to discuss the latest episode.

February 27, 2004
Since the AIOHQ has posted a news item on their main page regarding "The Odyssey Scrapbook", I'd figure I'd give it another plug for visitors coming here from that site. Inside you'll find over a hundred photos along with a journal of my time down in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Or, as I like to call it: Odyssey.

The Odyssey Scrapbook

And come back tomorrow morning for my review of "The Girl in the Sink". Provided of course Oneplace gets the episode up this weekend.

February 26, 2004
Another 36 episodes have had their list of characters added to the database. These episodes come from the albums "A Time of Discovery", "A Journey of Choices", and "Wish You Were Here". And with that, I am halfway finished the character additions. From there, the actor database will be compiled... and I think we're all looking forward to that. In the meantime, if you haven't already done so, please send in your submissions for your favorite AIO moments! I'm still compiling the new feature and would like to get everyone's favorite scenes in there. For more information, see February 24's update.

Also, The Official Site seems to have done a bit of shuffling! When you click on "Soda Shop" and then "The Odyssey Scoop", you now get the latest article of the Odyssey Scoop. This means "The Odyssey Times" is now the page to visit to get the latest breaking news, instead of the fictional newspaper that used to be there.

February 25, 2004
It seems everyone and their dog is getting in on the phenomenon known as Fan Written Reviews! Starting the trend years ago was the AIOHQ, recently with sites such as Dave's AIO Site and The Odyssey Scoop following suit. Thankfully you won't find a feature like that here (mainly because the AIO internet market is too small to handle it!), however I do have something a little different. A guest reviewer has joined me at the Soda Fountain named Luke Asove, who has submitted 39 reviews for your consideration. (cue Twilife Zone music). So I've added them to the Episode Guide. Feel free to browse the years 1987 and 1988 for the reviews, or head over to Luke Asove's Review Index and take a look for yourself. Luke will continue to provide reviews for the next little while and I'll be adding them to the site over time. So if you fancy some light reading, then check them out!

And on one final note, "Frank's Breakfast Inn" has started an Episode Guide as well. I guess everyone and their dog is getting in on that too. :o)

February 24, 2004
So aside from the ongoing additions to the Episode Guide (which I've added characters from the albums "It All Started When" and "Darkness Before Dawn"), I've also begun work on another feature for the site. But I'm going to need your help for this one! I'm looking for your favorite moments of AIO. Is there a moment that particular touched you? You thought was hilariously funny? Or that put you in such great suspense you couldn't wait to hear the next part? Well, I'm looking for submissions! Nothing fancy, just send me the episode title (if you know it... if not, don't worry I can figure it out) and a few words to indicate which scene is your favorite. Have more then one? Then send them all in! I'm compiling the "50 Greatest Odyssey Moments", and while I've compiled a list of 25 of my own, I'd like to add 25 fan submissions. So please, feel free to send them in! It's going to be a month long feature, with clips and everything else... the more submissions the better!

February 22, 2004
Well technically it's late Saturday night, but I figured I'd put the review in this update. Oneplace still doesn't have the episode up, but again, try and check out one of the live webcasts as I did or tune into your local radio station. "Called on in Class" seems to be dividing fans everywhere... but I stand by my review. We all have different opinions of episodes... not right or wrong, but different. So listen for yourself and find out whether or not this episode is something you'd enjoy! I've also added a link on the right for "The Odyssey Scrapbook" so people can easily access my journal from my time down in Colorado.

February 21, 2004
Remember a long time ago when Oneplace wouldn't post the new episode on time? And fans everywhere were left without a show? Those times are once again upon us (at least as of this posting). You can listen to "Called on in Class" on the radio if your city happens to carry it... but alas, until Oneplace puts the episode up I'm afraid your humble webmaster won't be able to post a review. After all, I can't review something I haven't heard! :o) Hopefully the episode will be uploaded soon and when it is, I'll get that review up for you ASAP. In the meantime, why not check out "The Odyssey Scrapbook" which debuted yesterday! It's a huge hit!

UPDATE: Still no episode at Oneplace, but JoyElectric has compiled a list at The Town Hall if you'd like to hear the episode live from a streaming webcast! I'll be catching up on sleep for most of the morning, so the review will be available later this evening.

February 20, 2004
It's been 501 days since I returned from Colorado Springs (wow I can't believe it's been that long!) Along with a journal and behind the scenes information, you'll find over 100 pictures taken from my time down in the States! If you'd like to see an image in more detail, just click on the image and a larger version will appear. So without further ado... click away! And after checking that out, head over to The Official Site for a brand new 49 second clip of "Called on in Class"... all I can say is the preview makes this episode sound very interesting. Just click on the link provided on the bottom right of the main page at The Official Site to hear it. And as the episode is airing tomorrow, you'll also be able to find my review here.

February 17, 2004
Not much news today. I went and added AIOInfo into the links section, as the webmaster updated her site the other day with new content. Also be sure to check out other AIO websites out there such as FBI which has some pretty cool stuff including reviews of all the latest episodes.

Oh and I watched "Race to Freedom" last night, the 4th video in the new series for AIO. Let's just say I'm glad I don't review the videos on this website... as "Race to Freedom" would have received a solid "No Star" rating. Just terrible.

February 16, 2004
I've uploaded "1990" and "1991" with the complete list of characters that appear in the episodes for those years. I believe I'm missing only three episodes, which I'll add... when I can find my tapes ;o) This is an ongoing section that I'll hopefully complete by the end of the month. Also by Friday expect the "Odyssey Scrapbook" to be uploaded. I'm finally nearing completion :o)

February 14, 2004
Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! Yay.

Ok seriously, no one cares. What is important is that "Stubborn Streaks" airs today! That's right, a brand new episode. So fans of Odyssey everywhere should either tune their radio to their favorite AIO station at the appropriate time, or if you're like me, head over to Oneplace and listen online this instant. Then you can either head back here and check out my review of the show, or just try and imagine what my opinion might have been. Or not... no pressure. :o) Also remember that with the new Episode Guide format, characters are already listed in order of appearance for "Stubborn Streaks", as well as a brief summary and the usual information related to an episode. Sooo... have at 'er!

February 12, 2004
Well I said it would be ready this Friday, but I was wrong. It's ready to go live today! That's right... the Episode Guide section has been completely redone! All episodes now list the Writer, Producer, and Sound Designer involved in the show... and 150 of the episodes currently list the characters involved in order of appearance. There's also a new section to the left titled "Cast-Crew". While I've only begun work on the "Cast" subsection (which means a huge database of characters is on the way as well), the "Crew" subsection is finished with images of the people behind the scenes as well as links to all the episodes they are involved in.

So feel free to browse the new expansive sections. About 70% of the episode descriptions have been rewritten, and many of the episode ratings have been altered. By the end of this month I plan to have all characters listed in the episodes they appear in, and then in March I'll update the "Characters" section to include an alphabetical list of characters and the episodes they appear in, very similar to the AIOHQ's character database. All in all, I feel this site is heading in the right direction and hope you continue to come back frequently for the latest updates. If you don't see anything different on a page, click refresh in the window and everything will load up correctly.

February 11, 2004
Work continues on the big new addition to the site that I'll launch within the next few days. It's so big, it'll require a new side button on the left! So definitely keep coming back until the "Launch Date"! :o)

In other news, the AIOHQ has added a sequel to the infamous "Bizzaro AIO" script that was posted on the web a few years ago. This time, JoyElectric of The Town Hall is the author. It's called "The Abbreviated Novacom Saga", so definitely check it out!

February 09, 2004
Not that big of an update today, but I went and added some flare to these sections:

Imagination Station Episodes
Room of Consequence Episodes
Blackgaard Story Arc
Novacom Story Arc

By "flare", I mean I've added some graphical images. I know I said I was going to avoid using cartoony graphics on this site... but I've changed my stance a tad. I'll use cartoony graphics if I think it will add to the site, and these images I feel make the site more pleasant to look at. So over the month, I may be adding graphics to places that I feel could use a bit of spice. Also, I apologize to those on resolutions lower than 1024 x 768... the new "flare" may make the pages look very weird, and perhaps unreadable. My only advice?

Get with the times. :o)

February 07, 2004
Another Saturday, another brand spanking new Adventures in Odyssey episode! Remember a few months back when The Official Site was letting fans vote on the ending of a future episode? Well that episode, "My Girl Hallie" aired today! Head over to Oneplace so you can listen right away. Then come back and read my review of the episode.

So you want an update on the future of this site? Well, later this week I'll be launching the updated Episode Guide which will include a slightly altered format along with listings for the writers, directors and production engineers. Also, the episode descriptions will all be rewritten and 30% of the episodes will feature the characters in the episode, listed by order of their appearance. Once that's live, I'll continue to add more and more episodes with their character lists and eventually match (and possibly surpass!) the database over at the AIOHQ. You can expect to see all of this before this Friday, though it will probably be sooner as I'm just polishing it up now. So keep checking back, and tell your friends!

UPDATE: The Official Site has posted the alternate ending along with the vote tally for today's episode. Less than 100 votes separated the two endings!

February 04, 2004
Well I've gone and organized the Episode Guide into the different categories below:

Imagination Station Episodes
Room of Consequence Episodes
Holiday Episodes
Kid's Radio / B-TV Episodes
Blackgaard Story Arc
Novacom Story Arc

I've also been working hard on a revamped episode guide which I plan to release very soon. This means I've been a bit slacking when it comes to "The Odyssey Scrapbook", but work does continue on that as well. I've just got a lot of projects on the go to make this a better site. If there's something you'd like to see me add (or change) on this site, let me know and I'll see what I can do for you. Until next time, keep visiting!

February 03, 2004
The Official Site has updated their pages with an exclusive interview with Marshal Younger about the current season! Lots of good info to be found, including the first mention of part one of the season finale "No Way Out" (the second part being "No Way In"). Another title, "Split Ends", was announced which means all titles for the current season have been revealed. There's also teasers up for the next two new episodes... so be sure to check out the interview with Marshal Younger, and much more!

One thing I'd like to mention here is that Marshal mentions a "Last Chance Detectives" radio series that will start up after the current Odyssey season is over. It will feature 12 episodes, including 4 involving Jason Whittaker. Should be interesting... I'll keep you posted when more details are revealed.

Also, I continue to work on the updates to the Episode Guide... I didn't realize how much work it is to organize the episodes into sections! Check back on Wednesday though, and it will definitely be posted.

February 01, 2004
I've gone and redone all of the episode listing in the Episode Guide. Not only did I resize the columns so that information will appear a bit nicer on certain resolutions, but I also changed the way I list two parter and three parter episodes. For example, rather than list:

535 & 536: Living in the Gray I & II

You'll see:

535: Living in the Gray I
536: Living in the Gray II

This change affects all pages that have a numerical index, and should make navigating the year pages slightly less cluttered. Tuesday I'll be putting up several new categories to browse for episodes, including "Imagination Station Episodes", "Holiday Episodes", "Kids Radio/B-TV" and more!


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