News: February, 2002

February 25, 2002
Yay! Canadians won. Anyway, back to AIO... I have added "Whit's Safe" into the links section of this site. It's gone through a huge design change so you should definitely go and give it a few hits :o) And for those who still haven't got a chance to vote for the awards, head over to the "Countermoves 2001 - 2002 Season Awards" and vote for your favorites!

February 24, 2002
This isn't related to Odyssey, but since I'm Canadian it's kind of a law that you have to cheer on the Canadian Men's hockey team. Therefore, I'm wishing the Canadians a victory over the United States of America! GO CANADA! Oh and if you're an American (haha, actually according to the site stats about 98% of you are) than I hope your team does well too. I just hope they don't win :o)

If you haven't already done so, cast your votes for the "Countermoves 2001 - 2002 Season Awards". And for those who are curious, yes... the current writing staff will hear all comments expressed in the poll.

February 23, 2002
The AIOHQ and the Soda Fountain are proud to announce the "Countermoves 2001 - 2002 Season Awards". The awards include all episodes available in the album "Countermoves" as well as including both "Relatively Annoying" and "The Popsicle Kid" (neither of which are yet to be available). Please cast your vote either here or at the AIOHQ and come back March 16 for the results!

February 22, 2002
A new title for the upcoming season has been announced. "The Unraveling" will air on May 11 and will be episode #495 in the Adventures in Odyssey series. For more information on the upcoming season, check out the 2002 episode page. And be sure to check back tomorrow for the "Countermoves 2001 - 2002 Seasons Awards" sponsored by the AIOHQ and the Soda Fountain.

February 21, 2002
Another day, another update. Today you can download a new wallpaper with key words from the Andromeda saga scribbled all over your background. There's also an updated version of the "Soda Fountain" wallpaper. Both can be found in the Wallpapers section of this site. Secondly a major update (at least from the webmaster side of things) in which "Andromeda" has been added to the bar to the left. It is a short cut to the Andromeda Questions and Answers section. Speaking of which, it was brought to my attention yesterday that the death of Arthur Dent's mother's is only in the album version. So I have updated the Novacom section to reflect that. And finally, the Guestbook has now been incorporated into this site so it won't look like you've gone to another location! :o)

February 20, 2002
Well, The Guestbook signatures are now running smoothly so you can drop a line if you haven't already done so :o) But the biggest AIO news today is that the AIOHQ and The Soda Fountain are getting prepared to run our annual awards ceremony for the season that has just passed. Starting with "Shining Armor I & II" and finishing up with "Plan B, IV: Resistance", all the most recent episodes have been nominated. The voting will go live on Saturday, February 23 and will run until the results are posted on March 16 (one week before "Under the Influence I" will air.) I've also added another two questions into the Novacom section. For their answers, click here.

February 19, 2002
Andromeda Questions and Answers has been updated with a few more questions. A special thanks goes out to Jodi for sending them in!

The answers can be found by clicking here. Also, The Guestbook seems to still be acting up but I have looked over the entries sent so far and I just want to let you know that I do in fact have them. For those who haven't yet signed the book, please do.

February 18, 2002
Wow! It's been nearly a year since this place has been updated! But just like the header claims, WE'RE BACK! To kick off the launch of "The Soda Fountain", the site has started a new feature titled "Andromeda Questions and Answers". Have a question about anything related to the current story arc? Than this is the place to check! It's an exhaustive collection of questions and answers that will probably take you a while to wade through. I hope you all enjoy it!

Now, for those of you new to this site or for those who have forgotten about us, here's a quick rundown of what "The Soda Fountain" is. On January 26, 2000, "The Soda Fountain" (then unnamed) opened it's doors to the internet world. Within several months, the popularity of the site rose with each passing week and reached it's highest hit totals during "AIO Survivor" (a game show involving the characters of Odyssey which ran for two months). Ironically, one month after the one year anniversary, "The Soda Fountain" closed down. But, apparently this site runs on some sort of cosmic cycle of one year periods as nearly a year after that the site once again reopened. Which, in case you haven't been following, would be today. So there you go! Feel free to browse the news archives below if you have that nostalgic feeling eating you up, or if you're just curious what news was breaking on May 4, 2000. (Which by the way I just looked up... apparently it was an incredibly exciting date).

Now you might be asking yourself the question "So now that the site's back, what are you offering us the fans?" Well, if that's really the question on all your minds, here's a quick run down of what's been added and updated:

The Episode Guide - The Soda Fountain is one of only two AIO internet fan sites that lay claim to an episode guide and all the episodes have been updated right up until "Box of Miracles". Be sure to check out the guide for most of your Odyssey needs! :o)

Andromeda Questions and Answers - As mentioned above, this is a brand new feature to the site... and when I say feature I mean feature. The database of questions is only bound to get bigger and I'm hoping to keep everything all in one place for those who can't remember what happened, or want possible solutions to questions that have yet to be answered. Each week the database will be updated with the most recent questions/answers.

Albums - Reviews of "The Big Picture", "Danger Signals" and "Countermoves" have all been uploaded to the site. Check them out if you want. And if you don't want to, then I have no idea why you've come to this site because you obviously aren't interested in hearing what I've got to say :o) Then again, you've read this far down the page without getting bored yet... you deserve a cookie or something.

Links - While this site was taking a hiatus, many more internet sites popped up around the internet. The Odyssey Scoop (which we shall affectionately call "The Scoop" here at the Fountain), OdysseyRadio and Blackgaard's Castle have all been added to the link section. If you've got a site that hasn't been added and would like to showcase it to the world... purchase ad time at this year's Winter Olympics and I'm sure you'll attract one or two hits! OR, you could send me the link and I'll do my best to see it gets a rightful place on a page that no one will likely ever even see.

Schedule - Are you one of those people who listen to episodes on the internet because you can't afford a radio? Then this page is really the jackpot for you. Each month, just like the past, the page will be updated with the current month's schedule of episodes airing on a daily basis that can be found by tuning into Oneplace.

AIO Survivor - The most popular interactive game show of ALL time! Well, at least when related to Adventures in Odyssey... and ran by a someone who really had no idea what he had gotten himself into... and hosted at a place called The Soda Fountain. Then yes, claiming AIO Survivor was the hottest thing this side of [insert something funny here on your own, cause I can't think of anything] would not be that much of a stretch! Seriously though, it was really popular and I've gone back and reorganized the entire section for those new to this site or for those who don't know what it is.

Soda Fountain Guestbook - There's a brand spankin' new guestbook here that I'd love you all to sign. If you signed the one that used to be up here, than I ask if you could please sign it again... the other one no longer exists and I can't retrieve any of those signatures. (I love knowing where the fans come from!). Also please note that the server on which the signatures are being hosted seem to be having a few troubles these past few days. If you submit an entry and don't see it added immediately after posting, don't panic. The entry will still be on the master database and will be posted the moment everything is cleared up.

Soda Fountain Search - Look up and to your right and you should see a small white box below the guestbook links. You can type in anything you want and if this site has information about it, then you're going to find it. It should prove to be really handy! :o)

Pheew. There's a lot of other little changes here and there around the site (just to get everything running smoothly again), but they're not really worth mentioning. And I've already been sent a whole slew of emails that I should probably answer because I'm sure there are a lot of you with very similar questions:

Do you plan to have anything new added to your site? - Peter, Age: ??

Yes! That's what the Andromeda Questions and Answers page is. I also plan to add a few other things within the month (such as the reviews I've missed, an updated character page... possibly an entirely new character database much like that at the AIOHQ, and several other cosmetic changes).

Ok, so you shtu down the fountin for an entire year and come back with notehing new to ofer the fans? - Jeff Shultz, Age: 16

This site and it's affiliates had no intention of opening back up (at least not so soon) so I just upgraded everything to Y2K2. Though I'm sure one day down the line the site will go through a design overhaul... I don't want to make promises I can't keep. Besides, the thing I keep hearing is how much people love the look... and as we've learned from "The W.E.", let's not mess things up :o)

What's with all the stupid jokes? You used to be boring and just posted news! PUH-LEEEAAASSEEEEEEEEE keep your sense of humor to yourself because I do not like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - J.J. Crockpot, Age: Between 12 and 16

Well I'm sorry Mr. J.J, but I do not like your excessive use of exclamation points, nor do I appreciate you insulting my humor :o(. Anyway, to answer your question... I have no idea. I guess I got hit by an unfunny joke book and can't control myself any longer. Though don't expect it to to be a trend... I'm just in a good mood.

You actually didn't get any emails did you? These people you're talking to... they're made up!!!! - AREM, Age: Dead

That's how rumors get spread. Shhh.

So stayed tuned to this site (add it to your bookmarks if you haven't already done so). The Soda Fountain is definitely back in business and I hope to once again climb the charts of AIO Internet Fandom!


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