News: February, 2000

February 28, 2000
AIOHQ has opened a new section on their site titled "In the Know". You can ask them any AIO related questions and get answers from Odyssey Fan himself! Articles now has posted the "Eugene and Katrina" article thanks to Luke.

February 27, 2000
AIOHQ has posted an article on Eugene and Katrina. You should definitely check it out!

February 26, 2000
I have added my own wallpaper to the wallpapers section, and you can download them to use on your computer!

February 25, 2000
I have made a few adjustments to some of the pages around the website. Thanks for coming back again and again to the site :o) Please also stop by the forum and post some messages. Also I have added the new episodes in the "Listen" section for your enjoyment. Remember the new episodes are only 1 week away! Also check out a wallpaper I have uploaded into the Misc section, thanks Tom Pricard!

February 23, 2000
Today is a huge update! Not only does this site have a new name, "The Soda Fountain", I have completed all the album reviews and episode descriptions and posted them for your enjoyment! There still may be some problems with things and if you find anything wrong email me. Now that I have so much more spare time on my hands, I want to create a text version of this site (for those with slower connections), as well as write a bunch of articles. AIOHQ.com has also posted a link on all their albums to my review section! Thank you all for coming, and please spread the word about this site!

February 21, 2000
In the coming days something big will be up on this site, so check back everyday cause you don't wanna miss it!

February 20, 2000
At the bottom of this page you'll notice I added an "Archive" button. This is so this main page won't get too long. So if you want to look at old news you might have missed, you can find it on the archives page.

February 19, 2000
AIOHQ has a great article on "Kidsboro", a new book by Marshal Younger. You can check it out here. Also if you look over at the Official Odyssey Site, they have posted a notice that April 1st will be the opening day for the site.

February 16, 2000
Well I reformatted my computer and I'm finally back online. The episode descriptions are still on track for the end of the month, just in time for the new episodes. Speaking of which, feel free to send me your thoughts on what you think the new season will be like. Just point your cursor here.

February 12, 2000
Forums are back up and looking great! Post as many messages as you would like if you have a question or two. You can visit the forum here. You can also expect the complete episode descriptions up by the end of this month (probably sooner). I'm also working on a new article that will be up next week.

February 10, 2000
The forums are down for now. We were updating and encountered some problems we couldn't fix so for the time being there will be no forum, though when it is back up we will have two new sections: "Passages" and a "New Episodes". Also if you visit the Misc. section you will notice I have included a schedule of the new episodes of AIO coming out. (Thanks to "Ultimate AIO Website" for the information).

February 09, 2000
Check out Jeff's new Passages site over at the "Ultimate AIO Website". Pretty soon his AIO site should be up and running, and looking better than ever!

February 03, 2000
The site seems to be getting great feedback so far! Just a reminder, please fill out the poll, I want as much results as possible to post :o)!

February 02, 2000
I scanned a picture of the first Odyssey USA (OUSA) episode, "Whit's Flop". You can check out this rare picture here :o)! As you can probably see, this tape has seen just about everything! I've had that one (along with a dozen others) since the 80's (including the Harley's).

February 01, 2000
I have added a link to the links section and added two links to message boards in the forum section. I hope to have my own forum up and running this month (as well as releasing all my reviews on the episodes). Stay tuned!


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