News: January, 2006

January 28, 2006
Today marks the start of the new Adventures in Odyssey season! "The Champ of the Camp" is scheduled to air on radio stations throughout North America (or you can listen to it at a convenient time on Oneplace). Now, as many of you have noticed, I wasn't been able to keep up with my reviews for the series last season with school and work taking up all of my time. Unfortunately, this season will likely be no different... perhaps even worse, as I have taken on both additional hours at work and an extra class at school. So I have asked Broadcast, a prominent reviewer on the Town of Odyssey to join the Soda Fountain team and provide weekly reviews! Fortunately, Broadcast and I generally agree on everything so while it might not be me speaking, it's probably pretty similar to what I would say. So Broadcast has submitted his review of "The Champ of the Camp" and I hope everyone will have a look! You can read past reviews by Broadcast here at the The Town of Odyssey.

January 24, 2006
If you head over to EugeneForever, you'll get an exclusive look at the back cover art for "Lost and Found". It's worth having a look at, and while you're at it, take a look at some of the other items that have been added on EugeneForever, such as an interview with Kathy Buchanan and some art from the upcoming re-release of the original book series!

And remember, today is the last day to vote in The End of Season Awards so you don't have many opportunities left if you intend to cast your ballot for the deserving winners!

January 20, 2006
There is only a few more days to vote in The End of Season Awards! So if you haven't already done so, please head over to the Town of Odyssey and cast your vote! We need more people! :o)

Also, I've begun a top secret project directly related to the Soda Fountain. I'm not ready to unveil what it is yet, but in the next couple of months, be prepared for a drastic change to this website (a change for the best). I don't want to over hype it like I did for the character/actor database (still sitting at 75% completed after all this time), but the project I have begun will more than make up for it... and since the project is directly tied into a major school assignment, I will be able to spend time on it and not feel guilty about neglecting my studies or work. So stay tuned!

January 15, 2006
Well, today I finally have a decent sized update. I finally found the time to get my Episode Guide up to date. I've added years up to 2009 (no, there is no content on any of the pages past 2006), and have added these episodes to the guide:

"The Champ of the Camp"
"Dead Ends"
"The Poor Rich Guy"
"A Cheater Cheated"
"Bringing Up Dads"
"Broken-Armed and Dangerous"
"The Impossible"

I've also added a description, character list, and rating to all the episodes from this past season. In just a couple of weeks, we're going to be looking at the start of yet another season!

January 14, 2006
Same old story... life is busy and times are tough :o(. The AIOHQ and The Soda Fountain were able to put together our "End of Season Awards" for you though, but we've changed the format and moved them to The Town of Odyssey, where all the action happens. So please, cast your vote for who you feel should take home the awards! The voting will end on January 25 at midnight, so please get your votes in before then. However, in keeping with tradition, we will still be posting our wraps here!


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