News: January, 2005

January 29, 2005
Today a really interesting episode called "The Present Long Ago" graces the airwaves. It takes place in the future but tells a story from Trent deWhite's past... it's definitely worth your time to check out, as there's plenty of interesting characters that make an appearance and a few surprises in store. My review is available, but I encourage you to listen to the episode first before reading it (as I hope you do on a regular basis as well). So head over to Oneplace now or tune into your local Christian radio station!

January 27, 2005
Christianbook.com has posted information relating to a sampler CD for the two episodes "No Way Out / No Way In". You or your friends (this is a good way to get them hooked on the show!) can pick it up for the low, low price of $1.99. Unfortunately, Christianbook.com does not have the artwork for the CD... but the Soda Fountain does! The item should be available in March of this year.

January 26, 2005

The Soda Fountain Celebrates 5 Years!!!

Kinda. It was five years ago today that I opened this site for the very first time and despite it's many closures over the years, this year it ran without a hitch. Now, it's usually around this time of year I also announce that the Soda Fountain will be shutting down operation, as my personal life is getting too hectic to keep up. Today will be no different. As of January 31, 2005, this site will cease to operate...

Just kidding! :o) Things are going very well and as a minor celebration of our success, I have answered (drum roll please) 15 Talk to the Paw questions!

January 22, 2005
Rock on Odyssey! "The Coolest Dog" tears up the charts today across the nation. My review is rocking and rolling to the rhythmic beats and if you haven't caught it yet, Oneplace is sure to have it. So what are you waiting for?

January 20, 2005
The Official Site has posted the first scene for "The Coolest Dog" which is a documentary following Marvin in his pursuit to start his own band. Check it out!

Also, in honor of the Fall 2004 End of Season Awards, I've decided to post last season's award winning photo as well. From left to right: Bob Hoose, John Fornof, Glenn Montjoy, and Marshal Younger posing for the camera.

January 19, 2005
What's green and round and brighter than the sun? The new CD art for "Along for the Ride"! Gaudy, blinding, flamboyant, and garish are but a few of the adjectives that come to mind... and I'm not exactly sold on the lack of cover art on the disc (what was wrong with the way things were?), but I guess it's only visible for that brief moment you remove it from the jewel case and place it in the stereo. Your thoughts? Talk about it at The Town Hall.

January 17, 2005
And you thought the Golden Globes was exciting last night! Well, it is my pleasure (as well as the AIOHQ's) to present the results for the Fall 2004 End of Season Awards! All of your favorites are present, strutting their stuff down the red carpet of AIO fame. So without further ado... the envelope please.

UPDATE: I've also added my review for "A Glass Darkly".

January 15, 2005
It's time for the Odyssey season premiere! "A Glass Darkly" is the show to hear, and it can be heard at Oneplace. This episode kicks off what I think will be a terrific season. I haven't written my review yet (I'm a little under the weather), but will try and have that for you tomorrow. Also, the results for the End of Season Awards will be posted in Monday's update.

January 12, 2005
Sorry for the delay, but here are those high-res versions of the "Along for the Ride" artwork. It has been available on Christianbook.com for weeks now, but the quality didn't allow for a good look. As I mentioned in December, the artwork depicts a scene from "A Glass Darkly", which airs this Saturday. (click for larger versions)

(as usual, click on the images to enlarge them)

January 08, 2005
Eugene Forever has updated with reviews for the Odyssey Video Games (as well as several other minor additions) and Frank's Breakfast Inn has once again updated their layout. Also, voting for the End of Season Awards will be wrapping up early next week so we can prepare the results for the 15th... so if you haven't already voted, time is almost up!

January 07, 2005
Very slow these days and I'm sorry for the lack of updates... but there hasn't been much to say! The only new thing I can even track down is that The Official Site has changed the faces on the main page spindle. We get to see what Liz, Aubrey, and Marvin look like... though the cartoony Whit is still exactly the same and doesn't mesh with the others.

I apologize again for how utterly pointless this news brief has been :o)2

January 01, 2005
Happy New Year! Well, now that Christmas is over, it's back to the boring old Soda Fountain logo with the mundane "News" title bar. Oh how I already miss the Christmas season! Anyway, please remember to vote in the AIOHQ and Soda Fountain's End of Season Awards. The winners will be announced in two weeks.


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