News: January, 2004

January 31, 2004
Wow, this is the first review I've written in a year and a half. But nonetheless, the review for "Living in the Gray I & II" is now up! You can access the review by either visiting the "2004 Episode Guide", or click the direct link here. Later this weekend, the AIOHQ will post reviews from fans across North America and you can check out The Odyssey Scoop's review later in the day. And as always, feel free to stop by The Town Hall and let other fans know what you thought of the episode!

January 30, 2004
Tomorrow, "Living in the Gray II" airs. If you can't check out the episode on the radio, then hit Oneplace (or click on "Listen" on the left which will take you directly there), so you can hear what happens to Jimmy in the conclusion of the episode. As well, I'll have my review up of both parts, so if you're interested in hearing my take on the episode, then stop by tomorrow morning and read what I have to say!

January 29, 2004
I was looking around some files from the original Soda Fountain and came across some of the webpages I had been working on before I stopped updating the site. I was working on updating the episode pages so that the characters would display in order that they appeared on the show. I only had up until "The Barclay Ski Vacation" finished, which is just one shy of 100 episodes. I'm going to work on converting all of them to the new format, and then slowly work on getting the other 436 episodes ready for the web... this isn't something that is going to be finished anytime soon, but I thought I'd keep you all posted on just one of the many improvements I'll continue to work on throughout the coming months.

January 27, 2004
So work continues on "The Odyssey Scrapbook" which I'm hoping to release within the next 2 weeks. I've narrowed the pictures I'm going to use for the feature down from the 700+ I took, to 119. The pictures are the easy part however, as the much longer part is the actual diary which I continue to write from notes I took while I was down there. I'm beginning to think it's going to be really boring for a lot of people, but I suppose some of you may find it interesting :o).

And thanks to everyone who has visited the site! I'm very happy with the hit counts so far and it's clear the AIO internet community has grown a lot since the days of the original Soda Fountain. As usual keep checking back for updates... and if not updates, to browse through the Episode Guide or read some of the "Novacom Q and A"!

January 26, 2004
Four years ago to this very day, a little web site opened up that would eventually be called "The Soda Fountain": a popular spot for Adventures in Odyssey related news. The site boasted a comprehensive "Episode Guide" for the more than 500 episodes, a database of "Andromeda Questions and Answers" (now "Novacom Q and A") , two extremely popular interactive AIO Reality shows titled "AIO Survivor" and "AIO Mole", reviews of the latest episodes of the radio series, and well... articles, interviews, wallpapers, and other stuff too numerous too mention. Unfortunately, because of various time consuming commitments, the site was shut down (and brought back) on several different occasions. But today marks the Grand Re-Re-Re-Re-Opening! And to celebrate, your humble webmaster has thrown away the old Soda Fountain look and completely rebuilt the site from scratch.

You thought there was something new about the look didn't you? :o) Now, it may take some getting used to... and I miss those little faces on the left just as much as you do, but I'm going with a different approach this time around. First and foremost, this site isn't for kids. Before you question that, I'll elaborate a little bit. By saying this site isn't for kids, I certainly don't mean you're going to find disturbing images or offensive language or anything like that. Afterall, AIO is a children's radio show. However, I think it's pretty obvious to most people that Odyssey has a very large adult following as well. So where are the sites that are geared towards the older listener? Well, you're looking at it :o). I mean, obviously I want everyone to be able to enjoy the site... young and old alike, but I've done away with a lot of the cartoony characters (I mean, look at the logo!), and the flashy graphics. So I guess the bottom line is this: If you're looking for up to date information on Adventures in Odyssey, fun interviews with the crew, behind the scenes information and clever wit*, you're in the right place. If you're looking for bright, fun, exciting graphics and games... you'll have to keep on surfing :o)

* The author of this webpage neither possess said attribute, nor will make any guarantees you'll find it on this website now, or in the future.

Ok, so now I'll explain a little about the site's contents. Regardless of whether you've been to The Soda Fountain before or not, you should have no problem navigating the site. So let's go over some of the changes.

Updated Episode Information

The vast Episode Guide that this site has is entirely up to date, including Saturday's episode "Living in the Gray I". Starting next Saturday, with the second installment of the episode, I will be starting up my reviews again.. something I haven't done for a couple of years.

Updated Album Information

The Album Guide has been entirely redone, with new ratings and new descriptions for just about every single album available. And as new albums are announced, the section will be updated immediately to keep you informed on what episodes to expect in upcoming collections.


The biggest change is the URL. Everyone remember the whole "members.shaw.ca..." thing? Well, no more! If you're one of the types who doesn't bookmark anything and likes to type in the address each and every time (otherwise called "not so lazy"), it's easy to remember: http://www.aiosf.com. That stands for "Adventures in Odyssey Soda Fountain". If you want, feel free to bookmark the page and that way you still won't have to remember it.


Ok this doesn't really affect anyone but me. The reason it took so long for me to get this site back up and running is that I sat down and modified about 80% of the html on this site. In doing so, it will make it incredibly easier to manage updates, and I'm able to keep the site size smaller. In fact, compared to the original Soda Fountain, this site is 35% of the size! Not that it matters actually, since I have my own hosting and the site could be 80x larger if I needed it to be, but it's definitely more efficient and should be faster loading. This main page probably took a bit longer then I would like, but the rest of the pages are fairly quick and painless... I hope!

So that's it for today, check back tomorrow to see what new stuff I have going on. Now that I've finished the bulk of the site, I'm continuing work on "The Odyssey Scrapbook" which will contain behind the scenes information, over 100 pictures, and stories from my time in Colorado Springs. It should be available within the next two weeks. In the meantime, there will be updates very frequently (every day or so) so keep checking back!

Please let me know what you think of the new site. Do you love it? Hate it? Wish I had included something I may have forgotten? Or maybe there's an error on one of the pages you want to bring to my attention. Email me and let me know your feedback! After all, this site is made for all of you.


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