FP: Family Portraits
StarStarStar Half

Family Portraits Front Cover   01: Whit's Visitor (FP)
02: Dental Dilemma (FP)
03: The New Kid in Town (FP)
04: No Stupid Questions (FP)
05: You're Not Going to Believe This (FP)
06: My Brother's Keeper (FP)
07: While Dad's Away (FP)
08: The Letter (FP)
09: A Different Kind of Peer Pressure (FP)
10: In Memory of Herman (FP)
11: A Member of the Family I (FP)
12: A Member of the Family II (FP)
13: A Simple Addition (FP)
Focus on the Family's popular radio drama series, "Family Portraits," has captured the hearts and imaginations of listeners - young and old. This heart-warming collection of 13 family-oriented stories follows the continuing adventures of John Avery Whittkaer (Whit) and his friends, residents of the town of Odyssey. Through their everyday foibles and frustrations, these characters illuminate the daily struggles we all face: sibling rivalry, the consequences of lying, the effects of divorce on kids, peer pressure, teen rebelllion and the relationship between children and their parents.
OUSA: Odyssey USA

Odyssey USA Front Cover   001: Whit's Flop
002: The Life of the Party
003: Lights Out at Whit's End
004: Connie Comes to Town
005: Gifts for Madge and Guy
006: The Day After Christmas
007: Promises, Promises
009: Doing Unto Others
010: Nothing to Fear
012: The Tangled Web
013: Bobby's Valentine
014: Missed it by that Much
019: Recollections
"Odyssey USA," Focus on the Family's drama series for young people and their parents, is no longer just for Saturday mornings. Now, fans of John Avery "Whit" Whittaker can hear all the fun and adventure anytime they want. The dramas, which are heard weekly on 200 radio stations across the country, feature Whit and his young friends - and their discoveries at Whit's End, the ice cream parlor and discovery shop located in the town of Odyssey.
LE: The Lost Episodes

The Lost Episodes Front Cover   008: Dental Dilemma
015: My Brother's Keeper
016: No Stupid Questions
022: A Simple Addition
030: Honor Thy Parents
044: It Sure Seems Like It to Me
045: What are we Going to do about Halloween?
055: Auld Lang Syne
116: Isaac the Benevolent
117: The Trouble with Girls
134: Pamela Has a Problem
142: Train Ride
161: Isaac the True Friend
435: A Look Back I
436: A Look Back II
500: 500
501: Inside the Studio
Complete your collection with these classic episodes, most of them never released in a package! Includes bonus booklet and audio features explaining the themes and why certain shows (such as “Pamela has a Problem”) are no longer broadcast. Also included on CD-ROM: an Actor Photo Gallery with pictures of the cast and producers. 17 episodes total!
NA: No Album
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  003: Lights Out at Whit's End
009: Doing Unto Others
011: Addictions Can Be Habit Forming
013: Bobby's Valentine
014: Missed it by that Much
021: The Case of the Missing Train Car
023: The Quality of Mercy
024: Gotcha!
025: Harley Takes the Case I
026: Harley Takes the Case II
070: The Return of Harley I
071: The Return of Harley II
085: You go to School Where?
370: Christmas Around the World I
371: Christmas Around the World II
438b: Telltale Cat
439: B-TV: Grace
442b: Sticks and Stones
444a: Career Moves
These episodes are not included in any albums.
01: The Adventure Begins

The Adventure Begins Front Cover   001: Whit's Flop
002: The Life of the Party
004: Connie Comes to Town
005: Gifts for Madge and Guy
006: The Day After Christmas
007: Promises, Promises
010: Nothing to Fear
012: The Tangled Web
017: A Member of the Family I
018: A Member of the Family II
019: Recollections
027: A Change of Hart
These twelve shows laid the groundwork for the imaginative writing, lively characters, and heartwarming stories that are the hallmark of “Odyssey.” If you are an “Odyssey” veteran, then sit back and relive a bit of history. If you’ve only recently started listening to the series, these early shows will be a real treat. Previously released as The Early Classics.
02: Stormy Weather
StarStarStarStar Half

Stormy Weather Front Cover   031: Family Vacation I
032: Family Vacation II
033: The Day Independence Came
034: Stormy Weather
035: V.B.S. Blues
036: Kid's Radio
037: Camp What-A-Nut I
038: Camp What-A-Nut II
039: The Case of the Secret Room I
040: The Case of the Secret Room II
041: Return to the Bible Room
042: The Last Great Adventure of the Summer
Sunny and mild little Odyssey is about to get hit by a downpour of disasters. From a violent tornado to a blowout visit with Jonah, the climate is always right for learning lessons through the trials. Previously released as Grins, Grabbers, Great Getaways.
03: Heroes
StarStarStarStar Half

Heroes Front Cover   020: Mike Makes Right
029: Rumor Has It
043: Back to School
046: The Shepard and the Giant
047: A Single Vote
048: Heroes
049: Thank You, God
050: Karen
051: Connie I
052: Connie II
053: The Sacred Trust
054: Peace on Earth
The kids from Odyssey manage to get themselves into – and out of – all kinds of interesting predicaments in these audio adventures. Rumor has it that the new family in town is connected to the Mafia, Odyssey Elementary School is troubled with bullies and Lucy struggles with telling a secret who vowed to keep. With a little prodding from Mr. Whitaker, they learn how God can help them deal with anything. Previously released as Secrets, Surprises and Sensational Secrets.
04: FUN-damentals

FUN-damentals Front Cover   056: By Faith, Noah
057: The Prodigal, Jimmy
058: A Matter of Obedience
059: A Worker Approved
060: And When You Pray...
061: The Boy Who Didn't Go to Church
062: Let This Mind Be in You
063: A Good and Faithful Servant
064: The Greatest of These
065: Bad Company
068: Choices
069: Go Ye Therefore
At Whit’s End, life often imitates, well, life. Maybe that’s why so many kids sort out their questions about faith there. Prayer, being Christlike and evangelism are recurring themes that make for one unexpected adventure after another. In Odyssey, the kids don’t just learn lessons. They live them! Previously released as Puns, Parables and Perilous Predicaments.
05: Daring Deeds, Sinister Schemes
StarStarStarStarStar Half

Daring Deeds, Sinister Schemes Front Cover   066: The Imagination Station I
067: The Imagination Station II
072: An Encounter with Mrs. Hooper
073: A Bite of Applesauce
074: Connie Goes to Camp I
075: Connie Goes to Camp II
076: Eugene's Dilemma
077: The Nemesis I
078: The Nemesis II
079: Our Best Vacation Ever!
083: The Battle I
084: The Battle II
Evil has a name. And it goes by Dr. Regis Blackgaard. He and Philip Glossman have big plans that could put Whit’s End out of business. And it looks like the bad guys are winning! Eventually, right overcomes might while kids ages 8 and up learn about making smart choices and having integrity.
06: Mission: Accomplished

Mission: Accomplished Front Cover   028: The Price of Freedom
080: A Prisoner for Christ
081: Good Business
082: Heatwave
087: Elijah I
088: Elijah II
089: That's Not Fair!
090: But, You Promised
091: A Mission for Jimmy
092: The Ill Gotten Deed
093: Rescue from Manatugo Point
094: Operation Digout
102: The Treasure of Le Monde!
Everybody in Odyssey is on some kind of mission. Jimmy signs up to help missionaries and ends up in the jungles of Central America! Robyn has to find the Treasure of LeMonde… before it’s too late. And Whit, Connie, and the whole gang learn that forgiveness and faith go a long way! Contains 13 episodes, plus early Focus on the Family dramas “Spare Tire” and “House Guest on MP3, plus behind-the-scenes bonus features. Previously released as Terrific Tales, Mysterious Missions.
07: On Thin Ice
StarStarStarStar Half

On Thin Ice Front Cover   086: Isaac the Insecure
095: The Very Best of Friends
096: The Reluctant Rival
097: Monty's Christmas
098: The Visitors
099: The Barclay Ski Vacation
100: Ice Fishing
101: Scattered Seeds
103: Front Page News
104: Lincoln I
105: Lincoln II
108: Isaac the Courageous
128: One Bad Apple
132: Thanksgiving at Home
As the snow is falls in Odyssey, it’s the season for some unpredictable visits. The Barclays are visited by some unforgettable Christmas guests and everyone in Odyssey learns some tough lessons about friends, bravery, and a whole lot more. Contains 14 episodes, plus bonus features. Previously released as Courageous Characters, Fabulous Friends.
08: Beyond Expectations
StarStarStarStar Half

Beyond Expectations Front Cover   106: By Any Other Name
107: Bad Luck
110: A... Is For Attitude
111: First Love
112: Curious, Isn't It?
113: Suspicious Minds
115: An Act of Mercy
120: Pranks for the Memories
121: Missing Person
122: Castles and Cauldrons I
123: Castles and Cauldrons II
124: The Winning Edge
125: All's Well with Boswell
138: The Adventure of the Adventure
The town of Odyssey is abuzz. Is Curt really giving everyone free ice cream? Who stole $100 from the Whit’s End cash register? And forget all that...is Mr. Whittaker really getting married?!? The kids in Odyssey find the answers in this exciting collection. Contains 13 episodes, plus 1 episode on MP3. Previously released as Cunning Capers, Exciting Escapades.
09: Just In Time
StarStarStarStar Half

Just In Time Front Cover   01: Whit's Visitor (FP)
109: Two Sides to Every Story
114: The Big Broadcast
118: What Happened to the Silver Streak?
119: Better Late than Never
126: Wishful Thinking
127: Have You No Selpurcs?
129: Not One of Us
130: Bernard and Joseph I
131: Bernard and Joseph II
133: Cousin Albert
140: The Vow
141: Over the Airwaves
502: Live at the 25!
Life in Odyssey is never boring! The wacky adventures of the Odyssey gang lead them to learn new lessons in honesty, brotherly love, and helping one another–with the help of John Avery Whittaker, of course! Includes the early Focus on the Family drama “Gone Fishing”! Previously released as Amazing Antics, Dynamic Discoveries.
10: Other Times, Other Places

Other Times, Other Places Front Cover   135: Back to Bethlehem I
136: Back to Bethlehem II
137: Back to Bethlehem III
139: Melanie's Diary
144: Someone to Watch over Me
145: The Second Coming
146: Emotional Baggage
148: Isaac the Procrastinator
155: Waylaid in the Windy City I
156: Waylaid in the Windy City II
157: Last in a Long Line
159: The Homecoming
The kids from Odyssey are at it again! Their latest exploits lead them on an incredible adventure with a most unusual host, a trip in the Imagination Station to witness the miracle of Jesus' birth and onto the track of a surprisingly off-beat mystery. With the help of Whit, they discover some important lessons along the way.
11: It's Another Fine Day...

It's Another Fine Day... Front Cover   143: Muckraker
147: Where There's a Will...
149: By Dawn's Early Light
150: Home is Where the Hurt Is
151: ...The Last Shall Be First
152: The Meaning of Sacrifice
153: Mayor For a Day
154: Coming of Age
158: A Day in the Life
160: A Rathbone of Contention
165: Bernard and Esther I
166: Bernard and Esther II
In Odyssey every day is sure to be an adventure! The Barclays pull the plug on something very near and dear to them...TV. Rodney Rathbone and his father take some shocking shortcuts to open the Electric Palace and Lucy pursues the mystery of Green Dye No. 94. Youngsters will learn the importance of civic responsibility, understanding God's will, the true meaning of sacrifice and more!
12: At Home and Abroad
StarStarStarStar Half

At Home and Abroad Front Cover   163: A Model Child
168: The Curse
169: Hold Up!
170: A Test for Robyn
171: The Cross of Cortes I
172: The Cross of Cortes II
173: A Thanksgiving Carol
174: Where's Your Daddy?
175: East, Winds Raining
176: The Star I
177: The Star II
178: Room Mates
The Odyssey gang is ready to take you to new and fascinating places, including a mysterious trip south of the border and the site of a dramatic attempt to foil a robbery at Whit's End. Each episode is full of exciting action and valuable lessons that are perfect springboards for discussing important issues with your kids.
13: It All Started When...

It All Started When... Front Cover   167: Dobson Comes to Town
179: You Gotta Be Wise
180: Isaac the Pure
181: It Takes Integrity
182: The Scales of Justice
183: Tales of Moderation
184: Isaac the Chivalrous
185: A Question of Loyalty
186: The Conscientious Cross-Guard
187: An Act of Nobility
188: The Courage to Stand
189: No, Honestly!
192: Modesty is the Best Policy
Find out just how far Curt will go to win the student council election, what happens when Donna wears a daring outfit against her father's wishes, how important joining the cheerleading squad really is for Robyn and much more! Special lessons on specific virtues like honesty, purity, loyalty and wisdom.
14: Meanwhile, in Another Part of Town
StarStarStarStar Half

Meanwhile, in Another Part of Town Front Cover   08: The Letter (FP)
162: Peacemaker
164: Sixties-Something
190: Moses: The Passover I
191: Moses: The Passover II
193: A Tongue of Fire
194: A License to Drive
195: Father's Day
196: Harlow Doyle, Private Eye
197: The Midnight Ride
198: Treasure Hunt
200: Feud for Thought
202: Timmy's Cabin
There's always something going on in another part of town when the town is Odyssey! Whether it's Eugene learning how to drive, Bart promoting a "return to the 1960s" movement or Harlow Doyle investigating a crime, there's action, adventure and a valuable lesson in every episode.
15: A Place of Wonder

A Place of Wonder Front Cover   199: The 'No' Factor
201: Fair-Weather Fans
203: Double Trouble
204: Wonderworld
205: Flash Flood
206: Pen Pal
207: The Case of the Candid Camera
208: Pipe Dreams
210: On Solid Ground
215: Caroling, Caroling
217: Rights, Wrongs and Reasons
218: A Class Act
223: Real Time
Let these Odyssey adventures take your youngster's imaginations to places of wonder. Whether it's underground with Charles' assignment to the local division of fluid management, inside a stalled elevator with a ticking time bomb, or door-to-door with Isaac selling fans, each episode is packed with timeless values and fun.
16: Flights of Imagination
StarStarStarStar Half

Flights of Imagination Front Cover   209: Columbus: The Grand Voyage
211: The Mortal Coil I
212: The Mortal Coil II
213: Best Intentions
214: The Living Nativity
216: Like Father, Like Son
219: Treasures of the Heart
220: This is Chad Pearson?
221: It Is Well
226: An Adventures in Bethany I
227: An Adventures in Bethany II
228: A Game of Compassion
Experience high-flying excitement when Whit investigates eternity, Lucy visits Bethany and the Odyssey gang reenacts the nativity. There's lots to be learned and even more to be discovered in these action-filled episodes.
17: On Earth as it is in Heaven

On Earth as it is in Heaven Front Cover   230: Our Father
231: Hallowed Be Thy Name
232: Thy Kingdom Come
233: Thy Will Be Done
234: Our Daily Bread
235: Forgive Us as We Forgive
236: Into Temptation
237: Deliver us from Evil
238: For Thine is the Kingdom
239: The Power
240: And the Glory
241: Forever... Amen
In these incredible episodes, Lawrence joins the Bones of Wrath, Nicky becomes a computer hacker and much more! Along the way, Whit, Connie and the gang explore the true meaning of the Lord's Prayer.
18: A Time of Discovery

A Time of Discovery Front Cover   222: The Jesus Cloth
224: Greater Love
225: Count it All Joy
229: The Marriage Feast
242: Hymn Writers
243: Family Values
244: The Mysterious Stranger I
245: The Mysterious Stranger II
246: My Fair Bernard
247: Why Don't You Grow Up?
248: Terror from the Skies
249: The Case of the Delinquent Disciples
Whit, Lucy, Tom and the rest of the gang will take you on 12 thrilling–and downright unforgettable–journeys. Meet a mysterious stranger, explore an archaeological treasure, experience the Room of Consequences and more.
19: Passport to Adventure

Passport to Adventure Front Cover   250: Pilgrim's Progress Revisited I
251: Pilgrim's Progress Revisted II
252: The Bad Hair Day
253: A Time for Christmas
254: Truth, Trivia & 'Trina
255: The Boy Who Cried 'Destructo!'
256: Aloha, Oy! I
257: Aloha, Oy! II
258: Aloha, Oy! III
259: The Potential in Elliot
260: Naturally, I Assumed...
262: A Prayer for George Barclay
Here's your ticket to fun and character-building excitement! Surprises await the Barclays in Hawaii, Lawrence claims that Harlow Doyle has been kidnapped, Donna and Jimmy pray for their dad to find a job and much more.
20: A Journey of Choices

A Journey of Choices Front Cover   261: Afraid, Not!
263: When Bad Isn't So Good
264: Making the Grade
265: War of the Words
266: It Began with a Rabbit's Foot...
267: ... It Ended with a Handshake
268: Pet Peeves
269: Fences
270: The War Hero
271: The Secret Keys of Discipline
272: Two Brothers... and Bernard I
273: Two Brothers... and Bernard II
Surprises, discoveries and laughs abound as the gang in Odyssey come face-to-face with the consequences of their choices. Sam rebels against always being the nice guy, Jimmy realizes that all that "worthless stuff" in school isn't so worthless after all, and Eugene's relationship with Katrina takes a new turn when Connie witnesses to her.
21: Wish You Were Here
StarStarStarStar Half

Wish You Were Here Front Cover   274: First-Hand Experience
275: Second Thoughts
276: Third Degree
277: It Happened at Four Corners
278: The Fifth House on the Left I
279: The Fifth House on the Left II
280: Gone...
281: ... But Not Forgotten
282: The Fundamentals
283: A Book by its Cover
284: The Election Deception
288: The Twilife Zone
Hit the high road to adventure with the gang from Odyssey! Eugene and Bernard are unlikely travelmates as they journey from Odyssey to California. Meanwhile, Whit is given an exciting opportunity in the Middle East, Jimmy goes to basketball camp and a mysterious talking chicken comes to Kids' Radio.
22: The Changing Times

The Changing Times Front Cover   285: George Under Pressure
286: Tom for Mayor I
287: Tom for Mayor II
289: A Call for Reverend Jimmy
290: A Name, Not a Number I
291: A Name, Not a Number II
292: Siege at Jericho
293: A Code of Honor
294: Unto us a Child is Born
295: Soaplessly Devoted
296: Red Wagons and Pink Flamingos
297: Blackbeard's Treasure
Odyssey seems full of change these days as Tom Riley runs for mayor, George Barclay and his family discover the difficulties of preparing for the ministry, Jason Whittaker arrives amidst international intrigue and Jack uncovers a strange code book in Whit's workshop.
23: Twists and Turns

Twists and Turns Front Cover   298: I Want My B-TV!
299: The Truth about Zachary
300: Preacher's Kid
301: The Good, the Bad, and the Butch
302: Share & Share Alike
303: All the Difference in the World
304: St. Paul: The Man from Tarsus
305: St. Paul: Set Apart by God
306: A Victim of Circumstance
309: The Perfect Witness I
310: The Perfect Witness II
311: The Perfect Witness III
Life can be a bit like a roller coaster–you just never know what’s around the next bend! The folks in Odyssey, young and old alike, are learning some very important things lately: being responsible for yourself, accepting and understanding others, and being a friend even when it isn’t easy. Whether, it’s a peak, a valley or a hairpin curve, you’re guaranteed a fun-filled, action-packed ride with the gang from Odyssey!
24: Risks and Rewards

Risks and Rewards Front Cover   307: Poetry in Slow Motion
308: Subject Yourself
312: Rewards in Full
313: Top This!
314: The Underground Railroad I
315: The Underground Railroad II
316: The Underground Railroad III
317: B-TV: Envy
318: A Touch of Healing I
319: A Touch of Healing II
320: Where Is Thy Sting?
322: The Turning Point
“Take a Chance!” “Go for it!” “You never know unless you try!” Bet you’ve heard those expressions before - and how true they are! As sure as God has a plan for each of us, it’s tough sometimes to see just how everything will fit together. But when we take a step of faith and trust His leading, we may find that what looks risky often yields the greatest rewards. The Odyssey gang has had its share of challenges too, and they’ve made some life-changing discoveries. From a desperate flight for freedom to respecting authority to accepting God’s will, you won’t want to miss a single story!
25: Darkness Before Dawn
StarStarStarStarStar Half

Darkness Before Dawn Front Cover   323: A Little Credit, Please
324: Small Fires, Little Pools
325: Angels Unaware
326: Gathering Thunder
327: Moving Targets
328: Hard Losses
329: The Return
330: The Time Has Come
331: Checkmate
332: Another Chance
333: The Last Resort
334: The Final Conflict
An unprecedented wave of criminal activity has broken over the town, and its citizens are stunned. Thefts, broken windows, graffiti...who on earth is behind this outbreak of lawlessness? It’s up to the crew at Whit’s End to find out. But as Jack, Jason, Eugene and the others set out to uncover the answer, they face a tremendous test of faith, friendship and forgiveness. Will they get through this dark time to see the light of dawn?
26: Back on the Air
StarStarStarStar Half

Back on the Air Front Cover   321: Hidden In My Heart
335: Love Is in the Air I
336: Love Is in the Air II
337: W-O-R-R-Y
338: Easy Money
339: Do, For a Change
340: Pokenberry Falls, R.F.D. I
341: Pokenberry Falls, R.F.D. II
342: Welcome Home, Mr. Blackgaard
343: The Pretty Good Samaritan
346: St. Paul: Voyage to Rome
347: St. Paul: An Appointment with Caesar
On the heels of Dr. Blackgaard’s demise, those who participated in the treachery are feeling the sting of consequence. Meanwhile, new life in Christ means growth for Zack and his mom, and for Eugene, it also brings about the restoration of a special friendship. And for the Barclays, an intriguing offer finds them seeking God’s will for their future. Lessons about life, love and the importance of following God’s plan are in store for one and all - don’t miss a minute of this exciting series!
27: The Search for Whit
StarStarStarStar Half

The Search for Whit Front Cover   344: Letting Go
345: B-TV: Compassion
348: With a Little Help from My Friends
349: Blessings in Disguise
350: The Time of Our Lives
351: What Are You Gonna Do with Your Life?
352: Memories of Jerry
353: A Question About Tasha
354: Blind Justice
355: The Search for Whit I
356: The Search for Whit II
357: The Search for Whit III
Just when you think you’ve got things figured out, it seems there’s always another surprise waiting for you! Future career opportunities are front and center for Connie, Jason’s relationship has taken a new turn, and Eugene and Bernard have a courtroom experience that shows them the real meaning of justice.
28: Welcome Home!
StarStarStarStar Half

Welcome Home! Front Cover   358: The Secret Weapon
359: The Merchant of Odyssey
360: Three Funerals and a Wedding I
361: Three Funerals and a Wedding II
362: The Right Choice I
363: The Right Choice II
364: Home, Sweet Home
365: Clara
366: Solitary Refinement
367: The Decision
368: The Other Woman
369: It's a Wrap!
When John Avery Whittaker returns from a lengthy stay in the Middle East, the entire town of Odyssey turns out for a joyous homecoming celebration with fanfare and fireworks. But for Jack, Whit’s arrival means an uneasy reunion- and a tough decision about the future. Then, the phrase “fools rush in” takes on new significance for Eugene when he neglects to seek God’s direction in his relationship with Katrina. Where will God’s plan lead them next?
29: Signed, Sealed and Committed
StarStarStarStar Half

Signed, Sealed and Committed Front Cover   372: For Whom The Wedding Bells Toll I
373: For Whom The Wedding Bells Toll II
374: For Whom The Wedding Bells Toll III
375: The Pushover
376: Chores No More
377: Just Say Yes
378: The Painting
379: Best Face Forward
380: The One About Trust I
381: The One About Trust II
382: Viva La Difference
384: Amazing Grace
They’re starry-eyed. They’re headed for the altar. Only one thing - who are “they”? Eugene and Katrina? Jack and Joanne? Whit and - Whit??! Join the fun as a handful of local kids threaten to go on a “chore strike”, city slicker Nick takes up residence with
30: Through Thick and Thin
StarStarStarStar Half

Through Thick and Thin Front Cover   388: Leap of Faith
389: O.T. Action News: Jephthah's Vow
390: No Bones About It
391: The Jokes on You
392: When In Doubt... Pray!
396: Poor Loser
397: Tornado!
398: A Case of Revenge
399: Bernard and Job
400: The Spy Who Bugged Me
401: More Like Alicia
402: Arizona Sunrise
There’s a lot of learning going on in Odyssey these days--from good sportsmanship on the volleyball team to building trust with the Mulligans’ new foster kids. Whether from the Bible or the secret girls’ meeting next door, new discoveries continue to be made about faith, forgiveness and compassion. And it’s not easy either--a destructive tornado touches down in Odyssey, and the Rathbones are up to their old schemes.
31: Days to Remember
StarStarStarStar Half

Days to Remember Front Cover   383: B-TV: Thanks
385: It's a Pokenberry Christmas I
386: It's a Pokenberry Christmas II
387: New Year's Eve Live!
393: Wrapped Around Your Finger
394: Patrick: A Heart Afire I
395: Patrick: A Heart Afire II
403: Faster Than a Speeding Ticket
404: Hide and Seek
405: The Graduate
409: Natural Born Leader
412: A Lesson From Mike
St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving and graduation are all Days To Remember in Adventures in Odyssey’s latest audio album! Look back in time--and into the future--to experience holiday havoc and hilarious happenings with your favorite characters like Eugene at this engagement party, Connie at her graduation, and George Barclay’s life-changing experience. Each exciting episode underlines timeless truths and instills important values such as thankfulness, God’s providence, faith and commitment.
32: Hidden Treasures

Hidden Treasures Front Cover   406: Malachi's Message I
407: Malachi's Message II
408: Malachi's Message III
410: B-TV: Forgiveness
411: In All Things Give Thanks
413: The Devil Made Me Do It
414: Buried Sin
415: Gloobers
416: The Tower
417: Not-So-Trivial Pursuits
420: Telemachus I
421: Telemachus II
Strange things are going on all over Odyssey, and no one—not even Whit—can explain it all! Who’s the mysterious stranger who has come to town, making amazing claims that are so unbelievable? Why are Jared and Dwayne being chased by an army of slimy, blue, giggling Gloobers? And wait until you see what’s been buried behind Whit’s End all these years! But in the midst of all these strange events, you’ll discover hidden treasures about justice, faith, forgiveness and a whole lot more!
33: Virtual Realities

Virtual Realities Front Cover   418: Opening Day
419: Another Man's Shoes
424: Blackgaard's Revenge I
425: Blackgaard's Revenge II
426: The Buck Starts Here
427: Something Cliqued Between Us
428a: The Eternal Birthday
428b: Bethany's Imaginary Friend
429: The YAK Problem
430: Blind Girl's Bluff
431a: Where There's Smoke
431b: The Virtual Kid
432: You Win Some, You Lose Some
433a: The Treasure Room
433b: Chain Reaction
Oh no! Dr. Regis Blackgaard is back…in the Imagination Station no less! Is anyone in Odyssey safe from his latest scheme? Come along on the adventure and experience the best birthday ever…that never ends! Join in the biggest mud fight Odyssey has ever seen and hear how the adults are planning a year of NO FUN! This album is your ticket to 14 different adventures in Odyssey—and in your own imagination!
34: In Your Wildest Dreams
StarStarStar Half

In Your Wildest Dreams Front Cover   422: Passages I
423: Passages II
437a: Sunset Bowlawater
437b: Long Way Home
438a: Lyin' Tale
440: I Slap Floor
441a: What Do You Think?
441b: Idol Minds
442a: Two Roads
443: Changing Rodney
444b: The Bad Guy
445: No Boundaries
446a: A Matter of Manners
446b: The Seven Deadly Dwarves
447: Potlucks & Poetry
448: Mandy's Debut
N/A: Bethany's Flood
You’ll never believe it—Eugene has invented a robot version of Whit! And if you think that’s strange, wait until you hear about all the other odd things going on in Odyssey: Eugene and Connie are getting married? Tom is shutting down the Timothy Center so Bart Rathbone can turn it into a space camp? And—most amazing of all—Harlow Doyle actually solves a case? What in the world is going on?
35: The Big Picture
StarStarStarStar Half

The Big Picture Front Cover   449: The Big Deal I
450: The Big Deal II
451: Life Trials of the Rich and Famous
452: Missionary: Impossible
453: The Great Wishy Woz I
454: The Great Wishy Woz II
455: Best Laid Plans
456: Worst Day Ever
457: Opportunity Knocks
458: Red Herring
459: Slumber Party
460: Nova Rising
What's a day in Odyssey... without a sting operation to trace a computer hacker? Or time in prison with a marked man? Or an airborne journey without the plane? As you can see, things are rarely ordinary around Odyssey. But strange as things sometimes get, the truth--and the big picture--always emerge after your radio friends embark on a life-changing adventure. Join them for the fun-filled discoveries as they catch sight of life's larger canvas. Hit play, then step back and admire God's greater design.
36: Danger Signals
StarStarStarStar Half

Danger Signals Front Cover   462: The W.E.
463: Green Eyes and Yellow Tulips
464: The Triangle I
465: The Triangle II
466: Snow Day
467: Broken Window
468: Chains I
469: Chains II
470: Break a Leg
471: Fifteen Minutes
472: Welcoming Wooton
473: Breaking Point
Something sinister is brewing in the quiet town of Odyssey and not even Whit can put his finger on it. The kids are flocking to the hot, new hangout; while back at Whit’s End, the windows are collecting dust—the ones that aren’t being smashed, that is. Things haven’t been the same since media conglomerate Novacom moved in. Even Connie turns to mush whenever Novacom’s new hire, Robert Mitchell, is around. Are the kids losing that small town innocence that always kept them out of harm’s way?
37: Countermoves

Countermoves Front Cover   474: Shining Armor I
475: Shining Armor II
477: O.T. Action News: Battle at the Kishon
478: Strange Boy in a Strange Land
479: Happy Smilers
481: Grand Opening I
482: Grand Opening II
483: Secrets
484: Plan B, I: Missing in Action
485: Plan B, II: Collision Course
486: Plan B, III: Cross-fire
487: Plan B, IV: Resistance
Don’t look now, but is that a camera over there?! As the long awaited opening day of the new Whit’s End approaches, all eyes are on Whit and the gang – including some that are uninvited. Jason’s life is no picnic either: a trip back to war-torn South American lands him in jail! Meanwhile, Mandy and Sarah stumble upon an old friend who vanishes, leaving behind a strange secret message with a warning about “Andromeda”.
38: Battle Lines

Battle Lines Front Cover   488: Under the Influence I
489: Under the Influence II
490: The Black Veil I
491: The Black Veil II
492: Twisting Pathway
493: Sheep's Clothing
494: Box of Miracles
495: The Unraveling
496: Exceptional Circumstances
497: Expect the Worst
498: Exactly as Planned
499: Exit
Is manipulation ever OK—even if good is accomplished? This explosive conclusion to the Novacom saga, Battle Lines, explores that topic. Strange things are going on all around. Both Jason in Alaska and Whit in Odyssey witness miraculous healings and unexplainable violence. What’s more, it appears that it’s all caused by the same source. Also, Whit discovers the shocking truth about the real owner of his new shop in Connellsville—and it’s not pretty. He’s starting to put things together as this shadowy web of deceit unfolds, but will it be too little too late?
39: Friends, Family, and Countrymen

Friends, Family, and Countrymen Front Cover   461: B-TV: Obedience
476: Relatively Annoying
480: The Popsicle Kid
503: Between You and Me
504: Aubrey's Bathrobe
505: The Toy Man
506: For Trying Out Loud
507: The Benefit of the Doubt
508: The American Revelation I
509: The American Revelation II
511: The Pact I
512: The Pact II
Things never slow down around Odyssey. Alex is hoping to survive a long weekend with his grandparents, but things get interesting when he sees his grandfather dig up a strange wooden box in the woods. More adventure unfolds as Marvin Washington takes his first trip back in time on the Imagination Station and lands in the middle of the American Revolutionary War.
40: Out of Control
StarStarStarStar Half

Out of Control Front Cover   510: For the Fun of It
514: Room Enough for Two
515: B-TV: Behind the Scenes
516: Bassett Hounds
517: It's All About Me
518: The Case of the Disappearing Hortons
519: The Defining Moment
520: The Mystery at Tin Flat
522: All Things to All People
523: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow? I
524: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow? II
525: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow? III
Stand by for chaos! Connie and the gang think they’re doing another safe, scripted BTV program. But that’s before the fire, the okra incident and the renegade nose. Meanwhile, Liz’s brother Mark just got engaged. How’s she supposed to fit in now that she’s second fiddle? Missing families, missing identities and missing the point all figure prominently in the 40th installment of “Adventures in Odyssey.”
41: In Hot Pursuit
StarStarStarStar Half

In Hot Pursuit Front Cover   513: Do or Diet
521: Hindsight
526: Seeing Red
527: Black Clouds
528: The Taming of the Two
529: The Mailman Cometh
530: Silver Lining
531: Teacher's Pest
532: Pink is Not My Color
533: Something Blue I
534: Something Blue II
537: My Girl Hallie
He loves me, he loves me not? Love—even life itself—is on the line as Connie drives all the way to Washington, D.C. to mend fences with Mitch. But his cool reception matches the frigid water that nearly cost Connie her life during a stopover in West Virginia. A sudden job opportunity abroad creates yet another crisis for their relationship. Meanwhile, Odyssey’s master of mispronunciation Bart Rathbone decides to sponsor—what else?—a Shakespeare festival. But he ends up with more theatrics behind stage than on it. Throughout these and other conflict-solving stories, kids ages 8 and up will learn that running away from a problem only makes matters worse.
42: No Way Out
StarStarStarStar Half

No Way Out Front Cover   535: Living in the Gray I
536: Living in the Gray II
538: Stubborn Streaks
539: Called on in Class
540: The Girl in the Sink
541: Bernard and Saul
542: Eggshells
543: Nothing But the Half Truth
544: Split Ends
545: Somethings Got to Change
546: No Way Out
547: No Way In
Everybody’s looking for a way out, but it won’t be easy. Whit finds himself trapped in a room with no doors and no windows. How will he break free? This exciting collection answers questions about fear, sacrifice and loyalty.
43: Along for the Ride
StarStarStarStar Half

Along for the Ride Front Cover   548: Sounds Like a Mystery
549: Think on These Things
550: Fairy Tal-e-vision
551: Stars in Our Eyes
552: Sunday Morning Scramble
553: Potential Possibilities
554: Call Me if You Care
555: True Calling
556: And That's the Truth
557: A Lamb's Tale
558: A Glass Darkly
559: The Coolest Dog
It’s never a smooth ride in Odyssey… A national treasure comes to town and is promptly stolen. The Washington family tries desperately to get to church on time. And a young boy is desperate to chase down a toy lamb? Exciting, heart-warming shows highlight lessons on telling the truth, God’s gifts, and family togetherness. Come along—it could be the ride of your life!
44: Eugene Returns!

Eugene Returns! Front Cover   560: The Present Long Ago
561: Lost By a Nose
562: The Last 'I Do'
563: Tuesdays with Wooton
564: A Most Intriguing Question
565: A Most Surprising Answer
566: A Most Extraordinary Conclusion
567: Two Friends and a Truck
568: The Power of One
569: The Invisible Dog
570: For Better or For Worse I
571: For Better or For Worse II
From Eugene’s exciting reappearance to his hilarious wedding, this collection brings you full circle! This 4-CD (or 6-cassette) set includes all 12 episodes from A Most Surprising Return and A Most Amazing Event – plus bonus features.
45: Lost & Found
StarStarStarStar Half

Lost & Found Front Cover   572: Odyssey Sings!
573: Back to Abnormal
574: Prisoners of Fear I
575: Prisoners of Fear II
576: Prisoners of Fear III
577: The Business of Busyness
578: All-Star Witness
579: Always
580: Tales of a Small-Town Thug
581: A Christmas Conundrum
582: Silent Night
583: The Champ of the Camp
From Eugene and Katrina’s search for the truth in Africa, to the comedic talent show judged by Bryan Dern, Lost & Found has it all! This 4-CD (or 6-cassette) set includes all 12 episodes from The Mystery of the Lost Village and Odditions – plus over 15 minutes of behind-the-scenes features on the creation of “Odyssey Sings”!
46: A Date with Dad (and Other Calamities)
StarStarStarStar Half

A Date with Dad (and Other Calamities) Front Cover   584: Dead Ends
585: The Poor Rich Guy
586: A Cheater Cheated
587: Bringing Up Dads
588: Broken-Armed and Dangerous
589: The Impossible
590: Three O'Clock Call
591: Switch
592: Now More than Ever
593: Around the Block
594: A Time for Action I
595: A Time for Action II
Tamika is growing up, but Ed’s the last to get it. How would you like to drive around in a life-size hot dog? With your dad?! Meanwhile, the newest wordsmith in town — that would be Connie — may not get published at all if she can’t beat a bad case of writer’s block. Check out small-town living at its zaniest as Adventures in Odyssey’s A Date with Dad (and Other Calamities) explores responsibility, growing up and other themes.
47: Into the Light
StarStarStarStar Half

Into the Light Front Cover   596: Cover of Darkness
597: Out of Our Hands
598: My Favorite Thing
599: Blood, Sweat, and Fears
600: The Nudge
601: Bernard and Jeremiah
602: Mum's the Word
603: The Family Next Door
604: Like Father, Like Wooton
605: The Chosen One I
606: The Chosen One II
607: The Undeniable Truth
Eugene’s long-awaited reunion with his father fizzles when a ruthless archeologist shows up – and Leonard Meltsner disappears again! Meanwhile, Mandy schemes to get her parents back and Connie goes undercover (as a clown!) at Odyssey’s annual carnival. From a birthday party that turns disastrous to amazing Bible stories, Adventures in Odyssey’s Into the Light entertains the whole family with memorable characters and values that matter!
48: Moment of Truth
StarStarStarStar Half

Moment of Truth Front Cover   434: B-TV: Redeeming the Season
608: Run-of-the-Mill Miracle
609: Prequels of Love
610: Hear Me, Hear Me
611: The Top Floor I
612: The Top Floor II
613: The Top Floor III
614: Best of Enemies
615: Only By His Grace
616: The Other Side of the Glass I
617: The Other Side of the Glass II
618: The Other Side of the Glass III
Everyone in Odyssey is searching for the truth. Grady discovers more about God, thanks to the Imagination Station. Eugene and his father must uncover the truth about a sinister archeologist, so they can finally bring him to justice. And comic mailman Wooton stumbles into a mystery... is someone covertly crying for help? In these 12 newest stories, small-town Odyssey has big adventure, big laughs and big truths in store!
49: The Sky's the Limit

The Sky's the Limit Front Cover   619: A New Era I
620: A New Era II
621: A New Era III
623: BTV: Temptation
623: Buddy Guard
624: Wooing Wooton
625: Something Significant
626: Life, in the Third Person I
627: Life, in the Third Person II
628: The Highest Stakes I
629: The Highest Stakes II
630: Chip off the Shoulder
After a year of action-adventure and intrigue, it's a season of new discoveries in Odyssey! Wooton falls in love with a young lady, who's not all that she appears. When Eugene learns the heart-wrenching events of his birth, his response inspires his dad Leonard to do something drastic. And, in stories that emphasize hope and relying on God, the family situations of Mandy and Grady come full circle. The Sky’s the Limit when you have an adventure in Odyssey!
50: The Best Small Town

The Best Small Town Front Cover   631: A Capsule Comes to Town
632: Suspicious Finds
633: License to Deprive
634: Accidental Dilemma I
635: Accidental Dilemma II
636: A Class Reenactment
637: The Forgotten Deed
638: The Triangled Web I
639: The Triangled Web II
640: Rights, Wrongs, and Winners
641: The Imagination Station, Revisted I
642: The Imagination Station, Revisted II
It’s time for the annual “Best Small Town in America” national competition… and Odyssey’s in the running! This special occasion brings together a hometown reunion of long-lost friends, like the Barclay family, Lucy Cunningham-Schultz and Edwin Blackgaard. But who knows how far everyone will go to take the title? Your family won’t want to miss these brand-new stories with plenty of good old-fashioned fun—Odyssey style!

FP: Family Portraits
OUSA: Odyssey USA
LE: The Lost Episodes
NA: No Album
01: The Adventure Begins
02: Stormy Weather
03: Heroes
04: FUN-damentals
05: Daring Deeds, Sinister Schemes
06: Mission: Accomplished
07: On Thin Ice
08: Beyond Expectations
09: Just In Time
10: Other Times, Other Places
11: It's Another Fine Day...
12: At Home and Abroad
13: It All Started When...
14: Meanwhile, in Another Part of Town
15: A Place of Wonder
16: Flights of Imagination
17: On Earth as it is in Heaven
18: A Time of Discovery
19: Passport to Adventure
20: A Journey of Choices
21: Wish You Were Here
22: The Changing Times
23: Twists and Turns
24: Risks and Rewards
25: Darkness Before Dawn
26: Back on the Air
27: The Search for Whit
28: Welcome Home!
29: Signed, Sealed and Committed
30: Through Thick and Thin
31: Days to Remember
32: Hidden Treasures
33: Virtual Realities
34: In Your Wildest Dreams
35: The Big Picture
36: Danger Signals
37: Countermoves
38: Battle Lines
39: Friends, Family, and Countrymen
40: Out of Control
41: In Hot Pursuit
42: No Way Out
43: Along for the Ride
44: Eugene Returns!
45: Lost & Found
46: A Date with Dad (and Other Calamities)
47: Into the Light
48: Moment of Truth
49: The Sky's the Limit
50: The Best Small Town

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