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AIO Survivor
On Saturday July 22, 2000, 16 castaways were dropped off on a deserted tropical island and left to fend for themselves. Odyssey 105 and The Odyssey Times teamed up to put one million dollars on the line for the castaway who proved he or she could live under such conditions for a staggering 71 days! The 16 contestants were divided into two teams of eight: the Tala Neki and Yumnuska Tribes. On day 31, the two teams merged to form one large tribe: The Talnuska.

Then the contestants competed amongst themselves; the winners of the individual challenges granted immunity from being voted off by the fans. The rest of the castaways then proceeded to "Dern's Council", where one of the contestants was sent home. In the final week of voting, there was four contestants left on the island. As the week went on, the contestants were all eliminated until there was only one left. The winner was announced on Saturday, September 30, the day the new fall season began.

If you missed the adventure of the summer, or you would like to relive the memories of AIO Survivor, you can begin by heading over to "Week 1". The biographies of all the castaways can be found here, as well as the voting statistic page here.
Week One >>>

AIO Survivor

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